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By - Craig Mullins

Feng Shui Colors in Your Home Design

Feng Shui Colors in Your Home Design

Feng Shui Paint Colors

Even if you don’t know anything about colors that go together and interior decorating, you’ve most likely heard or read the term “Feng Shui” in the popular media or in a magazine. Feng Shui is a growing trend in interior decorating, and still it is based on reverence for natural processes and energy flow. Feng Shui, in selecting colors as well as in rules of arrangement and positioning, involves creating a purposeful feeling within your living space by allowing things to flow together harmoniously. The use of appropriate colors is a key factor in a Feng Shui plan. However, it is a sensible idea to know what each color is expected to bring. Here are the main colors you can use and what each represents in Feng Shui.


In order to foster good health, place yellow objects and decorations in the center of your living space. Yellow helps you feel better, increasing your overall good health. It also can contribute to feelings of more warmness, but too much can heighten tension.


The western part of your living space is the place for any white decorations. For many cultures, the color white symbolizes innocence. As a result, white is used to bring the joy of children.


To help in bringing success and happiness to your relationship, place pink decorations in the southwest area of your living space. In the Feng Shui color vocabulary, pink stands for a strengthening of love.


Putting dark blue objects in the northeastern section of your living space is said to improve knowledge and wisdom. The color has been used since ancient times to represent wisdom in many cultures. Lighter blues, however, are known for a peaceful and calming effect as they remind us of the sky.


Having purple objects and decorations in the northwestern area of your living space denotes wealth, and people in your life who will be able to be helpful. This color has been used in many ancient cultures to represent dignity because only members of royalty could have the dyes used to make it. In some versions of Feng Shui, purple additionally signifies spiritual awareness.


Red decorations that are put in the southern area of your living space are reputed to bring you recognition. This association runs deep in Chinese culture. Red is also known as the color of confidence. It is said that those who use it tend to be more outgoing and lucky.


In order to encourage the enjoyment of a good family life, place green-colored objects and decorations in the eastern section of your living space. Green represents vigor, fertility and life, but it also has a balancing effect on your living space as it represents the fullness of nature and your surroundings.


Black does indeed have its place in Feng Shui. Placing black decorations in the northern part of your living space will bring you a successful career. Black represents protection, especially when used with metal.

Of course this is only an elementary description of what the most significant Feng Shui colors symbolize. There are many more aspects of this respected and ancient art form, and many more methods that you can apply. You can find dozens, if not hundreds of books written on this particular aspect of subject. Use these tips to give yourself a quick start on making your living space and home a Feng Shui area.