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By - Craig Mullins

Hiring a Realtor: Five Mistakes to Avoid

Get a Realtor: Five Mistakes to Avoid

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Regardless of whether you are in the real estate market to buy or to sell, getting a Realtor is a good beginning step in the process. Having the right Realtor as your agent makes it easier for you to find that perfect place to make your home or getting someone to buy your home. In whichever situation you find yourself, it’s that process of acquisition and selection that facilitates a successful completion. Some people seem to think it is too difficult to get just exactly the right Realtor to help them with their buying or selling needs. Here are some considerations, to make it go a little easier.

1. Thinking That Only Large Realty Companies Have Really Good Agents

Some people who are searching for a Realtor may think that only the large real estate companies will have the experienced real estate agents. Although they may have excellent people working for them, evaluate smaller real estate firms as well as larger ones when shopping around for someone you will feel comfortable with.

2. Being Afraid to Find out What Compensation the Agent Will Receive

Be sure to find out about what the Realtor expects to receive in the way of compensation for the work. An agent engaged by the seller will charge an agreed percentage of the ultimate sale price. The fee is usually negotiable, and it is best to get the matter out in the open early. It might seem odd, but a fee that is well below what other agents or firms in the area are getting can be trouble as well; in a world where you get what you pay for, a lowball fee offer will likely leave you short when it comes to getting it all taken care of. The buyer’s representative, on the other hand, is paid from the proceeds of the sale, out of the overall commission set by the seller. For this reason, if you are a buyer, there is no extra cost for having an agent represent you.

3. Failing to Find out About The Agent’s Qualifications and Experience

It is a good idea to ask the Realtor questions concerning their experience and accomplishments in the business. Answers pertaining to how long in the real estate business, length of time with the particular firm and any type of realty specialties they may have under their belt are all good ones. Most good Realtors will have professional awards or certifications they have achieved in the business, and there is usually a reason for high competitive rankings within a geographical area such as national, state or city, or even the local level.

4. Deciding on a Realtor Too Quickly

Another mistake to avoid is selecting the first Realtor you find. People can be so anxious to buy or sell that they hear a name and then go with that one without looking into other possibilities. This is a common mistake. It may seem to be the easy way, and it might work in some situations, but without some honest effort on your part to do a little refining, that first impression can turn sour pretty quickly.

5. Ask Questions

The final mistake Realtor shoppers should steer clear of is having any hesitation at all to ask the ones they are interviewing enough questions. Some people think that they are being too much trouble and do not want to bombard the candidate Realtors with a lot of questions about fees, procedures, and other aspects of the potential relationship. After starting with the positive recommendation or whatever brought you to the Realtor, asking questions is the only way to be sure that you’ve found the one you can best work with.