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By - Craig Mullins

Homemade Christmas Decorations – Christmas Decoration Ideas

Cranberry Christmas Wreath

What You’ll Need:
Styrofoam Wreath
2-3 Packages Of Cranberries
Red Spray Paint
Hot Glue Gun

1. Spray paint the Styrofoam wreath red. Allow to dry.

  1. Glue the cranberries to the wreath, making sure they are spread out evenly. Allow to dry overnight.

  2. To help keep the cranberries affixed to the wreath, spray it with a clear sealant.

  3. Hang your wreath on the door and enjoy.

Cranberry wreaths can be made in an assortment of sizes. Make a few smaller wreaths and place them on your table with a holiday pillar candle in the center.

Christmas Lampshade

What You’ll Need:
Plain White Lampshade
Hole Punch
Small Wire Ornament Hangers
Miniature Ball Ornaments
Decorative Rickrack Or Trim
Fabric Glue

1. Create holes about 3 inches apart around the base of the lampshade using the hole punch.

  1. Hook an ornament hanger on each small ornament then thread a hanger through each hole. Squeeze the hanger to close the loop.

  2. Use the fabric glue to attach the rickrack or decorative trim around the lampshade, just above the punched holes. Secure the trim in place while it dries with clothespins.

homemade christmas decorations


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