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By - Craig Mullins

Luxury Homes In Livermore California

Nestled between the most inland border of the East Bay of California and the hilly pass to the Central Valley, sits Livermore, CA; a luxurious family friendly town surrounded by the award winning Livermore Valley Wine Country.

Luxury Homes livermore

Whether you’re looking for a full-time luxury property in Livermore or weekend spot among the Livermore luxury condos, let Craig Mullins be your guide to luxury homes in Livermore.

Craig has lived in this area over 40 years and over that time has watched the small farming town grow and blossom into a booming city. If you’re in the market for Livermore luxury homes for sale, turn to Craig Mullins for all your purchasing needs.

Livermore luxury properties for sale come in all shapes and sizes. Taking into account your specific desires – large kitchen, multiple fireplaces, built-in swimming pool, a half dozen bedrooms, etc – Craig will find the Livermore luxury property for sale that best meets your needs.

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