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By - Craig Mullins

Network Marketing Millionaire Business Plan Daily Steps

Our business is a sorting business, not a selling business. The Law of Large Numbers MUST work in your favor. We need to keep our IPA’s up (Income Producing Activities). I got these number a while back and they are probably pretty close to true. Now, you will probably BUILD toward the “Millionaire” activity level while you still have another occupation, etc. Give it time to get there! Wouldn’t it be worth talking to lots of people to create a MILLION DOLLAR business????

Hours worked each week
Average: 6
Successful: 12
Millionaire: 25

Phone dials per day
Average: 5
Successful: 15
Millionaire: 50

People talked to per day
Average: 1
Successful: 7
Millionaire: 15

Presentations per Week (phone or face-to-face)

Average: 2
Successful: 8
Millionaire: 20

Followups per day
Average: 1
Successful: 4
Millionaire: 10

Number of “No’s” per week
Average: 2
Successful: 10
Millionaire: 25

Conference calls with guests each week

Average: 0
Successful: 2
Millionaire: 5

Number of new reps each week

Average: 0
Successful: 1
Millionaire: 4

Where is your activity level??