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By - Craig Mullins

Luxury Homes In Livermore California

Nestled between the most inland border of the East Bay of California and the hilly pass to the Central Valley, sits Livermore, CA; a luxurious family friendly town surrounded by the award winning Livermore Valley Wine Country. Whether you’re looking for a full-time luxury property in Livermore or weekend spot among the Livermore luxury condos, let Craig Mullins be your

By - Craig Mullins

Lead Paint Testing – Old Houses Are Still Dangerous

The Dangerous Side of Dealing With Old Houses: the Woodwork Can Harm You and Your Children Although paint made with lead in it is obsolete, it still remains a matter of concern for both sellers and real estate professionals. Lead was used as a paint additive for well over a century before it was linked to health problems in approximately

By - Craig Mullins

Home Remodeling: Where to Get the Most Mileage out of Your Dollar

Home Remodeling: Where to Get the Most Mileage out of Your Dollar Remodeling seems to be an inborn instinct, the great American pastime. Sometimes it seems, though, that it gets delayed until the homeowner starts thinking about selling. “Why didn’t I get around to doing this earlier?” Regardless of whether you are going ahead with it for your own use

By - Craig Mullins

What Exactly Is PITI? Real Estate Finance Glossary

Real Estate Finance Glossary: What Exactly Is PITI? Regardless of whether you’re selling or buying real estate, there are many terms that come up. There are hundreds of these terms and it’s not practical for the average buyer or seller to learn them all. It’s not too difficult, really, particularly if you have an agent who can keep you up

By - Craig Mullins

Tips for Finding the Best Livermore Movers

Tips for Finding the Best Livermore Movers Most people have heard, or worse yet experienced, moving horror stories in which things get damaged, disappear, or end up stuck in a warehouse for months on end. When you are ready to move, whether it’s just around the block or across the country, one of the first decisions you will make is

By - Craig Mullins

Questions to Ask About School Quality – Livermore Pleasanton Dublin

Questions to Ask About School Quality If your family includes kids of school age and you’re thinking about moving to a new area, the schools are be among your most important concerns. Does the neighborhood or city have good schools? Are the teachers and staff well enough equipped to teach your children? Is there a good PTA that deals with

By - Craig Mullins

Avoid These Mistakes Selling Your Home In Livermore

Avoid These Mistakes Selling Your Home In Livermore Getting ready for the sale of a home can be a grueling experience. Though it doesn’t seem to matter how ready you are to move, it still leads to moving on from part of your history. Selling a home is even more difficult if it is forced as the result of difficult