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By - Craig Mullins

What Are Plant Rooters?


Lately, we are witnessing improvements in farming just like in any other field. Research has shown that more and more people are adapting to new farming techniques and technology no matter the size of the field or the scale of production. Plant rooters have become familiar to many people especially to homeowners who are looking to make their homes beautiful with life flowers. The best thing about plant rooters is that you do not need soil.

Well, if you are looking to know more about plant rooters, then this short article is for you.

Why Have Plant Rooters?

Plant Rooters are the perfect carefree and stylish way to grow different plants in water. You could grow plants like begonias, basil, rosemary, spider plants, ivy among others they do not need soil to grow. Keep in mind that water, light, and air is enough for them.

How To Make A Plant Rooter Wire

This imaginative craft depends on the tastes and preferences of the maker. Most crafts start with attaching the end wire to the glass vessel bottom using hot glue. Charms and beads are then used around the wire to make it look attractive. The wire can be curled using a small cylindrical object like a pen or pencil to bring out a spiral shape that looks fancier.

The crafter should know that not all roots take the same time to grow. Each plant takes its own time meaning some plants can even take months before growing. The water in glass vessels should regularly be changed to avoid the roots from drying up.

Advantages Of Plant Rooters

  • Dirt, Bugs And Pest Free

The best part about doing rooter gardening is that you will never be bothered by dirt, bugs, pests, in fact, the only maintenance that is needed is checking the water level a couple of times in a month. It is impossible to mess up, and many gardeners recommend a change of water once in a year along with trimming your plants’ roots to ensure they are healthy.

  • Decoration And Home Improvement

The best thing about this planting, it is the view they give your home, especially during the summer. When you hang them on your window, they will bust with both life and color usually they add a pinch of elegance and art in any room they are placed.

  • Creativity And Beautiful Vases (A Creative Art)

Many designers have come up with beautiful, creative vases to hang your plant rooters and bring the art into your home. Most of these vases have beautiful plant hangers are designed to last for many years since they are made of copper. They are also made in different sizes, and they come with stained glass.

At the same time, the joy and curiosity rooters bring to people’s homes is amazing. Well, it is interesting to see plants grow. Just by the way roots intertwine by itself, is a breathtaking view.


Well, technology is something that keeps on changing every day. When it comes to plant rooters, nothing gets better than this. They are easy to not only make but also to maintain. They are quite popular in homes and for those who are looking to improve their house to feel like a home.

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