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By - Craig Mullins

Factors To Consider Before Your Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is commonly known as nose job. This is a process that targets at modifying, reforming or reinstating the nose purposes. There are many reasons, both medial and cosmetic, why one would decide to go for a nose job. The nose is one of the most prominent features. This in turn has made many people consider nose jobs. One may decide to have a nose job due to a strayed septum which makes breathing difficult. This can be surgically amended by the doctor execution septoplasty. Most people are born with a swerved septum while others are involved in some type of mishap instigating the internal gristle in their nose to shift. Some people may have bumps they would love to smoothen, or in some cases reduce or increase the size of the nose.

Factors to consider

  1. Before deciding to go into rhinoplasty, it is important to first acknowledge the fact that there is no perfect nose. It is possible that after the procedure you will still find faults on it. It is therefore imperative to know that you are going to improve and not perfect. A nose job might make it more difficult to breath than it used to be. It is possible you will not feel pain during and after the procedure especially if you are keen on your medication, but there are side effects like being tired, nauseous and possibly have an irritating muffled accent to your voice.

  2. You need to establish whether you are a good applicant for the procedure. If you feel that the size of your nose does not go well with the rest of your facial features, then you are a candidate. There are other problems like depression or humps that are quite visible. Difficulty in breathing is another reason why one should consider the procedure. It is important to get your doctors opinion on whether you are right or not. You should also consult to know which procedure is right for you. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the existing cartilage and bone and the skin.

  3. Rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure to perform; statistics show that 1 in every 10 patients report the need for secondary rhinoplasty for correction or further refinement. Before going for a nose job it is advised that one should look for a surgeon who is board certified. One should research the surgeon’s credentials.

  4. The sort of the procedure is important to consider. The duration which the procedure takes and how long it takes to heal is important to keep in mind. A complex procedure may require follow up or revision surgery, or if one sustains injury if it important to go back and have it fixed.

A good nose job is vital since it will help in raising one’s self esteem. It makes one feel more confident in the way they look. Having this procedure will have an impact on your daily routine. The procedure bears many risks, even the best surgeons run in to complication every once in a while.

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