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Avoid These Mistakes Selling Your Home In Livermore

Avoid These Mistakes Selling Your Home In Livermore

selling your home

Getting ready for the sale of a home can be a grueling experience. Though it doesn’t seem to matter how ready you are to move, it still leads to moving on from part of your history. Selling a home is even more difficult if it is forced as the result of difficult or possibly even tragic circumstances, such as divorce, a change in jobs, or a shift in a family’s economic circumstances.

Let’s examine common mistakes that that are made by homeowners who want to put their home on the market and how to avoid making them.

Not Being Accessible

When it finally happens that someone wants to view your listing, they will want to view it while it’s on their mind, or at least very quickly. Making a buyer wait even a single day will cause them to forget about wanting to see your home. Since the Realtor will not want you at home while your house is being shown, it’s good to have a list of places you can go or things you can do at a moment’s notice. This could be going to a friend’s home, library, movie theater, grocery store, etc.

Setting Too High a Price

Often it seems sellers think they should start out asking for the highest price in the range of possible prices. After all, if it doesn’t sell, they can just come down on the price, isn’t that right? Although opening prices can always be reduced, by the time that happens, the house has “gone cold.” People who dismissed your house as too expensive or above their price range as they skimmed through listings won’t know to come back and give your home a second look now that the listed price has been reduced. If you start off by asking a fair price, you’re much more likely to complete the deal quickly and satisfactorily. Considering that your time is valuable and the monetary and personal expense of holding your home available on the market, it is likely that the right price differential could make months of difference in time on the market before the transaction is made.

Not Being in Showing Condition

A key point when you are selling a home is that your house must always be open, inviting, and attractive. You can never know when a Realtor will call and say they’re around the corner with a client who wants to view the listing. It has to bring to mind the buyer’s best image of themselves, the way they would like to see themselves living a beautiful, carefree life. It won’t help your case if a potential buyer should walk in and find a couple of weeks’ worth of unwashed clothes, a untidy toilet, or dusty, cluttered bed rooms that look more appropriate for a bad day at a garage sale than for the uncluttered, relaxed everyday lifestyle that is be the ideal.

Not Being Thorough With Disclosures and Listing of Material Facts

Sellers are required by law to disclose any defects and material or significant facts relating to the condition of home. According to, most real estate professionals will advise you it’s better to disclose too much about material facts than to disclose too little. It can be a real problem if the buyer becomes aware of flaws or material facts that you knew about, they could walk away from the deal or sue you for damages.

Failing to Fulfill Your Agreements

When you enter into the contract, you may agree as a condition of contract to do several things, such as make certain repairs to your home or do something to fix up the outside of your home or something else that you overlooked in your fixing up for sale. Be sure to complete whatever you agreed to do before the closing date, or the buyer could walk away from the sale.

If you are careful in avoiding these five common home seller mistakes, it will increase the odds that you will sell your home easily and quickly.