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By - Craig Mullins

Shaklee Distributor 24 Hour Checklist

Begin working on these steps AS SOON AS you join Shaklee – complete them within your first 24 HOURS!!!!

o Register with Shaklee as a GOLD AMBASSADOR
o Your Sponsor’s PWS, fax or call 800-SHAKLEE
o Learn how to fill out and submit applications to Shaklee
o Any questions? Call Shaklee Field Support at 925-734-3636

o Set up your online access
o Check your email for your “Activation Email” – it has your ‘Activation Key’
? Follow directions on that email – or – Go to and click on “Haven’t received Activation Email”
o Become familiar with your “Back Office”. How to place orders there, learn about Incentives, and download product information
o Click on “My Website” and set up your Personal Website (PWS)
o Submit your email address to to get on email Distribution
? Please send exactly in this format: Bob Smith (
? Also include your upline Business Leaders name

o Set some initial GOALS
o What are your business objectives for 30 days, 90 days, 6 mo, 1 year, 5 years? What results would get you EXCITED? What results would inspire you to WORK?!

o List of names
o Create a list of 30-50 names (working toward 100) – NO PREJUDGING!
o Pick the top 15 you would like to share Shaklee’s Business and Products with
o Work with your Sponsor to determine HOW you will share the Business/Products with these first 15
? 1) Opportunity Meeting 2) In-home 3) DVD 4) Online 5) Private meeting

o Set your Business Hours
o Schedule your week to attend Opportunity Meetings, Business Training, Conference Calls, Web casts

o Determine and COMMIT to your monthly Activity Level
o Part-Time: A minimum of 2-4 people per week
? Objective: At LEAST 15 NEW people each month seeing the business
o Full-Time: A minimum of 6-10 people per week
? Objective: AT LEAST 30 NEW people each month seeing the business

o Communication & Accountability
o Set the time where you will have a conversation with you Sponsor or Upline EVERY DAY for the first 30 days