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By - Craig Mullins

Shaklee product Use Guide

 The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

This is a very helpful guide for people who use Shaklee’s all-natural products! Enjoy!


NOTE: ALL programs should begin with the following three items:
1) Shaklee Vita-Lea 2) Soy Protein 3) Optiflora

THEN: ADD the three items listed first when dealing with the ailments listed below.

1. WATER: drink adequate purified water for proper internal fluid exchange
2. ALFALFA: aids in cleansing the blood; mild antibiotic effect toward pathogenic bacteria
3. ZINC: promotes infection prevention & decreases acne scars
4. HERB-LAX: reduces body bacterial count
5. LECITHIN: accommodates better absorption of fatty acids
6. CAROTOMAX: nourishes epithelial skin tissue to resist infection
7. VITAMIN C: promotes immune function
8. GARLIC: anti-bacterial
9. B COMPLEX: improves blood flow to surface of skin
10. OMEGAGUARD: helps repair damaged cells; keeps skin soft & smooth

ALLERGIES: (Purify the air you breathe – AirSource recommended)
1. REMOVE ALL KNOWN FOOD ALLERGIES (milk, eggs, wheat, corn, sugar, dyes?)
2. ALFALFA: natural anti-inflammatory; natural anti-histamine
3. VITAMIN C: reduces histamine release; anti-inflammatory
4. ZINC: a powerful immune system booster
5. SHAKLEE DR: a powerful herbal immune booster. Use only on a rotation basis 4 days on / 3 days off (use Monday through Thursday then stay off for the weekend: Friday through Sunday)
6. GARLIC: helps normalize & stabilize the immune system
7. OSTEOMATRIX: helps reduce the body stress from allergies
8. CAROTOMAX: stimulates immune response
9. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: necessary for proper immune function

1. EXTRA INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: hemoglobin is 95% protein
2. B COMPLEX: essential in red blood cell production
3. IRON: an essential component of red blood cells
4. VITAMIN C: enhances the body’s use of iron
5. OPTIFLORA: increases mineral absorption

1. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: increases blood flow; helps prevent blood clotting; increases oxygen available to all tissue
2. LECITHIN: emulsifies fat & lowers cholesterol
3. CoEnyzmeQ10: Energizes heart muscle and relaxes/dilates blood vessels
4. CHOLESTEROL REGLUATING COMPLEX: to reduce cholesterol
5. OSTEOMATRIX: muscle relaxant
6. GLA OR EPA: improves circulation; reduces work demand on heart
7. B COMPLEX: helps prevent clotting; dilates or opens blood vessels; regulates heartbeat & heart elasticity; improves electrical conduction in the heart
8. VITAMIN C: helps lower serum cholesterol; essential for formation & repair of connective tissue
9. GARLIC: dilates small blood vessels which helps prevent clotting

1. ALFALFA: anti-inflammatory; high in chlorophyll; helps reduce uric acid; anti-stiffness factor
2. VITAMIN C: anti-inflammatory; important for strong cartilage; anti-stress; assists mineral absorption
3. JOINT HEALTH COMPLEX: glucosamine hydrochloride to repair cartilage
4. OSTEOMATRIX: essential for strong cartilage; anti-stress from arthritic pain
5. HERB-LAX: reduces toxins & inflammation
6. B COMPLEX: helps body deal with the stress from pain
7. GLA: anti-inflammatory: reduces joint tenderness, swelling & stiffness
8. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: inhibits formation of free radicals which can damage the joints
9. GARLIC: anti-inflammatory; inhibits formation of free radicals which can damage the joints
10. CAROTOMAX: promotes healing in the epithelial tissue; free radical inhibitor
11. ZINC: promotes healing in connective tissue repair

ASTHMA: (remove all known food allergies & purify the air you breathe – choose AirSource)
1. CAROTOMAX: essential for tissues repair & immunity
2. GLA: acts like a natural steroid
3. VITAMIN C: anti-inflammatory; improves immune system strength; natural anti-histamine effect
4. NUTRIFERON: (especially for environmental allergies)
5. ZINC: improves healing; strengthens immune system
6. B COMPLEX: strengthens the immune system; anti-stress
7. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: strengthens the immune system; promotes healing
8. LECITHIN: soothes the bronchial tubes & lungs
9. GARLIC: anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system

1. WATER: Drink adequate purified water
2. OPTIFLORA: provides necessary “friendly” bacteria
3. DEFEND & RESIST: powerful immune system booster (use for 7 to 15 days only)
4. GARLIC: natural antibiotic
5. VITAMIN C: anti-bacterial; immune system booster

1. VITAMIN C: immune system booster; natural decongestant; thins mucous
2. GARLIC: natural antibiotic; anti-infection; anti-viral; natural decongestant
3. CAROTOMAX: protective to lung tissue; healing of all tissue
4. HERB-LAX: reduces body bacterial count
5. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improved breathing; healing for tissue; powerful free radical scavenger
6. ZINC: healing for tissues; immune system strengthener

CANCER: (purify the air you breathe. AirSource is recommended)
1. VITAMIN C: increases production & stimulation of T-killer cells which destroy cancer cells
2. CAROTOMAX: strengthens immune system; greatly reduces risk of epithelial tissue cancer
3. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: powerful free radical scavenger
4. NUTRIFERON: strengthens the immune system
5. ZINC: strengthens the thymus gland for a stronger immune system
6. GARLIC: enhances the immune system: causes T-killer cells to be more active
7. GLA: immune system strengthener / slows down cellular multiplication
8. B COMPLEX: increases speed of the immune system response
9. HERB-LAX: reduces body toxins
10. OPTIFLORA: increases “friendly” bacteria
11. CoEnzymeQ10: energizes the healing power in each cell
12. LECITHIN: strengthens neurotransmitters which allows communication to the nervous system
13. LIVER DTX: Reduce the toxin load in the body
14. ALFALFA: blood purifier and mineral smorgasbord
15. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: contains anti-cancer components

CANDIDA: (avoid sugar, fruit juices, alcohol, caffeine, white flour, uncultured dairy products – also, colonic irrigation is a good idea)
1. GARLIC: destroys overgrowth of yeast
2. OPTIFLORA: replaces “friendly” bacteria
3. VITAMIN C: strengthens the immune system
4. B COMPLEX: increases absorption (candida prevents absorption of nutrients)
5. ZINC: strengthens the immune system
6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: strengthens the immune system
7. CAROTOMAX: strengthens the immune system
8. NUTRIFERON: to strengthen the weakened immune system

1. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: essential to provide amino acid L-Lysine
2. B COMPLEX: immune function & healing
3. OPTIFLORA: provides “friendly” bacteria
4. VITAMIN C: healing, immune function; anti-bacterial
5. GARLIC: natural antibiotic
6. ZINC: healing properties
7. CAROTOMAX: speed healing

1. ZINC: healing & connective tissue repair; immune system booster
2. VITAMIN C: antioxidant properties to prevent tissue damage
3. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: powerful free radical scavenger
4. CAROTOMAX: deficiency has been linked to poor vision & cataract formation
5. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: import for lens repair
6. B COMPLEX: essential for intracellular eye metabolism
7. OMEGAGUARD: tissue membrane health
8. CoEnzymeQ10: energize healing

CHOLESTEROL (HIGH) (eat cabbage, oatmeal, apples, etc. for soluble fiber)
1. SOLUBLE FIBER (e.g.. Fiber Plan, Daily Crunch): prevents fat absorption; reduces stress on heart by minimizing fat accumulation
2. LECITHIN: converts serum cholesterol to good HDL
3. CHOLESTEROL REGULATING COMPLEX: to reduce cholesterol
4. CoEnzymeQ10: Reduces LDL oxidation
5. GLUCOSE REGULATING COMPLEX: reduce formation of cholesterol
6. ALFALFA: has natural chelating affect in arteries
7. GARLIC: prevents clotting; dilates small blood vessels; dissolves fatty deposits & thins blood
8. OPTIFLORA: helps normalize blood lipids
9. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: natural blood vessel dilator/ reduces LDL oxidation
10. LIVER DTX: makes a healthier liver (a dirty liver produces excess cholesterol in the bile)
11. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: clinically tested to aid in cholesterol reduction
12. B COMPLEX: reduces homocysteine level

1. B COMPLEX: releases energy from food; increases immune cell activity
2. CAROTOMAX: has a powerful effect on some specific immune system functions
3. CoEnzymeQ10: Energizes every cell
4. NUTRIFERON: to strengthen the immune system
5. VITAMIN C: has as powerful anti-viral effect
6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: greatly enhances the ability of the body to produce powerful antibodies
7. ZINC: dramatically promotes all types of T-cell (immune systems) production & aggressiveness
8. GARLIC: immune booster
9. FITNESS OR PHYSIQUE: excellent for muscle tissue recovery
10. OMEGAGUARD: essential for tissue membrane recovery
11. CorENERGY (Ginseng/Cordyceps): strengthen and replenish the adrenals
12. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: nourishment for a stressed nervous system

COLITIS: (AVOID the foods you are allergic to!)
1. SOLUBLE FIBER (e.g.. Fiber Plan, Daily Crunch): to provide soft bulk & reduce frequent stools
2. OPTIFLORA: to repopulate the bowel lining with “friendly” bacteria
3. CAROTOMAX: provides healing to the epithelial bowel tissue
4. ZINC: promotes healing
5. ALFALFA: provides vitamin K for healing; overcomes mineral deficiencies due to frequent elimination; anti-inflammatory
6. GARLIC: anti-inflammatory
7. B COMPLEX: anti-stress
8. OSTEOMATRIX: anti-stress; helps reduce risk of bowel cancer
9. VITAMIN C: promotes healing of mucous membranes; strengthens immune system
10. CoEnzymeQ10: to enhance healing energy
11. STRESS RECOVERY COMPLEX: nourishment for a stressed nervous system

1. OPTIFLORA: to repopulate the bowel lining with “friendly” bacteria
2. SOLUBLE FIBER (e.g.. Fiber Plan, Daily Crunch): to provide soft bulk & reduce frequent stools
3. ALFALFA: anti-inflammatory; high mineral content promotes healing; promotes cleansing of bowel irritants
4. ZINC: promotes healing
5. B COMPLEX: anti-stress; increases absorption
6. CAROTOMAX: aids in controlling infection; promotes healing of bowel lining
7. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: aids healing
8. OMEGAGUARD: essential for tissue healing

DEPRESSION: (investigate hormonal imbalance – estrogen dominance? progesterone deficiency? etc.)
1. B COMPLEX: nourishes the central nervous system
2. LECITHIN: insulates the central nervous system; nourishes brain cells; essential for nerve transmission
3. ST. JOHN’S WORT COMPLEX: stimulates serotonin production
4. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: provides amino acids to increase serotonin levels
5. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee Clarity): improves oxygen/hormone/nutrient availability to the brain
6. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: nourishes the central nervous system
7. CorENERGY (Ginseng/Cordyceps): strengthen & replenish the glands
8. OPTIFLORA: reduce toxin load

DIABETES: (increase fiber in diet to prevent drastic shifts in blood sugar levels & avoid white flour products. Follow the Calorie/Carbohydrate Ratio Diet)
1. GLUCOSE REGULATING COMPLEX: helps manage blood sugar
2. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: helps reduce risk of retinopathy; neuropathy, gangrene, & circulatory problems
3. B COMPLEX: helps reduce risk of neuropathy; increases glucose utilization; strengthens pancreas
4. ALFALFA: replaces minerals lost by frequent urination; strengthens kidneys
5. ZINC: promotes healing
6. LECITHIN: reduces risk of cardiovascular disease; reduces neuropathy problems; increases circulation
7. VITAMIN C: strengthens pancreas; essential in healing; reduces risk of retinopathy; reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
8. CoEnzymeQ10: energizes the pancreas

DIVERTICULITIS: (soluble fiber like Fiber Plan, Daily Crunch is advantageous; oatmeal recommended)
1. HERB-LAX: promotes cleansing of bowel irritants; stool softening
2. ALFALFA: bowel cleanser; promotes healing
3. OPTIFLORA: repopulate bowel with “friendly” bacteria
4. LECITHIN: lubricates & heals bowel lining
5. ZINC: promotes healing
6. B COMPLEX: anti-stress
7. CAROTOMAX: strengthens bowel muscles & mucous membranes

1. HERB-LAX: promotes detoxification
2. ALFALFA: promotes cleansing of the blood; strengthens the elimination ability of kidneys; contain chlorophyll which aids in skin healing
3. OPTIFLORA: increase good bacteria levels
4. ZINC: promotes healing
6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improves circulation
7. OMEGAGUARD: for tissue healing
8. VITAMIN C: promotes healing
9. CAROTOMAX: promotes tissue healing

1. SHAKLEE DR: natural antibiotic; powerful immune system booster
2. VITAMIN C: fights viral infections by increasing blood interferons; reduces length of fever
3. GARLIC: natural antibiotic; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral, anti-bacterial
4. OPTIFLORA: increase good bacteria
5. LECITHIN: coats red blood cells, thereby providing protection against invasion of virus or bacteria
6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: protects red blood cell membranes; increases circulation
a. If candida is one of the causes it must be dealt with – see candida
b. Caffeine must be avoided
c. Natural progesterone hormonal cream is highly recommended

  1. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: reduces hormonal storms
  2. GLA: minimizes fluctuations in hormonal imbalance
  3. B COMPLEX: promotes hormonal balance; promotes blood cell productivity; assists in water balance
  4. OPTIFLORA: reduces yeast proliferation
  5. VITAMIN C: important for healing process
  6. OSTEOMATRIX: reduces vascular & muscular tension
  7. ZINC: essential for healing
  8. CorENERGY: reduces pain; helps bring balance in hormonal system

1. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: to provide essential amino acids for brain function
2. LECITHIN/GLA: improves brain circulation
3. B COMPLEX: nourishes the central nervous system
4. OSTEOMATRIX: important for proper nerve transmission
5. ZINC: needed for connective tissue repair
6. ALFALFA: for necessary mineral balance
7. CAROTOMAX: an important antioxidant that aids in protecting brain function
8. VITAMIN C: vital to functioning of the adrenal gland
9. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: aids circulation & immunity

1. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: extremely important for antioxidant purposes
2. GLA: minimizes fluctuations in hormone imbalance
3. LIVER DTX: liver detoxification
4. B COMPLEX: important in fluid retention & hormonal regulation
5. APPETITE REDUCING SPRAY: for detoxification
6. CAROTOMAX: necessary for mucous membranes of the breast’s ductal system
7. VITAMIN C: strengthens the adrenal glands, necessary for hormone production & balance
8. CorENERGY: acts as an adaptogen to bring about hormonal balance
9. OPTIFLORA: reduces toxin load
10. HERB LAX: reduces toxin load

1. VITAMIN C: strengthens the integrity of connective tissue
2. CoEnzymeQ10: increases cellular energy
3. NUTRIFERON: strengthens the immune system
4. LECITHIN/GLA: insulates the fibrous sheath of the nerve bundles
5. OSTEOMATRIX: muscle relaxant
6. OPTIFLORA: increase good bacteria
7. FITNESS or PHYSIQUE: muscle tissue recovery
8. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improves oxygenation of cells
9. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee Clarity): improves blood flow throughout the body
10. GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX: relaxes muscles so they can heal; encourages body to make more cortisone for healing

1. OPTIFLORA: supplies “friendly” bacteria that are deficient in fungus in infections
2. GARLIC: neutralizes most fungi
3. SHAKLEE DR: 7 days on/4days off for several cycles to boost the body’s immunity
4. VITAMIN C: to boost the body’s immunity
5. CAROTOMAX: boosts body’s immunity; aids in healing of the skin tissue
6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: to strengthen immune system

1. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: increases circulation to the eye; powerful free radical scavenger
2. CAROTOMAX: necessary to heal & remove pressure from behind the eye
3. GLA: involved in the regulation of circulation to the eye; anti-inflammatory
4. VITAMIN C: prevents tearing of capillaries; detoxifies free radicals; anti-inflammatory
5. OPTIFLORA: reduce toxin load
6. ALFALFA: mineral content relaxes arterial muscles; anti-inflammatory
7. HERB-LAX: detoxifies body tissues
8. LIVER DTX: reduce toxin load
9. CoEnzymeQ10: powerful antioxidant
10. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee Clarity): increase blood flow to the eyes

1. ALFALFA: produces alkaline reaction in the blood; excellent source of potassium
2. VITAMIN C: lowers serum uric acid
3. LIVER DTX: reduce toxin load
4. B COMPLEX: essential for improved metabolism
5. HERB-LAX: reduce toxin load
6. ZINC: critical for protein metabolism & tissue repair
7. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improves circulation & neutralizes free radicals

HAIR (Loss of): (use Shaklee’s ProSante hair products)
1. B COMPLEX: nourishes the hair shaft
2. ZINC: critically important in rapid cell growth
3. ALFALFA: overcome trace mineral deficiencies
4. LECITHIN: absorptive aid for all fat soluble nutrients essential for health hair shaft
5. CoEnzymeQ10: increase cellular energy
6. OPTIFLORA: reduce toxin load
7. VITAMIN C: improve scalp circulation/antioxidant for hair follicle
8. PERFORMANCE: increase potassium levels
9. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee Clarity): increases blood flow to brain

HEADACHES (see headache manual for specific details on treating the 5 main types of headaches … investigate hormonal deficiencies – enhance toxin elimination from body):
1. ALFALFA: overcome trace mineral deficiencies; anti-inflammatory especially for sinus pressure
2. B COMPLEX: brings balance to hormonal fluctuations
4. OSTEOMATRIX: reduces vascular tension
5. LECITHIN: absorptive aid for all fat soluble nutrients
6. VITAMIN E: increases capillary blood flow

1. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: increases capillary blood flow; vassal dilator; prevents clotting
2. LECITHIN: fat emulsifier; reduces cholesterol
3. CoEnyzmeQ10: energize heart muscle
4. CHOLESTEROL REGULATING COMPLEX: to regulate cholesterol
5. ALFALFA: high mineral content promotes natural chelating; reduces tissue water retention; provides potassium & magnesium to relax arterial muscles
6. OSTEOMATRIX: regulates heart rhythm; relaxes muscle tension
7. GARLIC: anti-hypertensive; dilates small blood vessels; prevents clotting; dissolves fat deposits and thins blood
8. SOLUBLE FIBER (Fiber Plan, Daily Crunch): reduce excessive cholesterol & toxins
9. VITAMIN C: maintains connective tissue integrity; prevents tearing of capillaries
10. B COMPLEX: anti-stress

HEARTBURN: (drink peppermint/ginger tea)
1. BIFIDUS (in OPTIFLORA): deduces reflux reaction
2. OSTEOMATRIX: neutralizes stomach acid
3. ALFALFA: possess three classes of enzymes for proteins, fats & carbohydrates to overcome digestive disorders
4. EZ-GEST: digestive enzymes

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: (drink adequate water for kidney health)
1. OMEGAGUARD: reduces work demand on heart; increases HDL; improves liver metabolism of fats; increase flow rate in small blood vessels
2. CoEnzymeQ10: regulates circulatory system
3. GARLIC: dilates small blood vessels; prevents clotting; dissolves fatty deposits & thinks blood
4. OPTIFLORA: anti-stress: detoxifies neuro-toxins for a healthier nervous system; helps normalize blood lipids
5. HERB-LAX: provides from proper elimination of fats before they are reabsorbed
6. LECITHIN: emulsifies blood fats, improves liver function; lower blood pressure
7. ALFALFA: strengthens the kidneys which make a hormone that regulates blood pressure; natural diuretic
8. OSTEOMATRIX: a deficiency in calcium has been linked to high blood pressure
9. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improves heart function; vassal dilator

2. B COMPLEX: regulates the central nervous system
3. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: provides essential amino acids for appropriate serotonin production
4. OSTEOMATRIX: nature’s tranquilizer, calming effect
5. HERB-LAX: detoxifies body poisons
6. LECITHIN: insulates nerve bundles
7. ALFALFA: overcomes mineral deficiencies
8. GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX: herbal calming remedy; promotes deeper sleep

HYPOGLYCEMIA: (several small meals throughout the day)
1. EXTRA INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: regulates blood sugar; strengthens glandular functions
2. ALFALFA: helps regulate glandular functions
3. B COMPLEX: allows adrenal-pancreas-liver balance of blood sugar
4. ZINC: strengthens glandular functions; hair analyses reveals that most hypoglycemics are deficient
5. VITAMIN C: for adrenal glandular insufficiency
6. CorENERGY (Shaklee Ginseng/Cordeceps): glandular benefits
7. CoEnzymeQ10: energizes adrenals
8. CHROMIUM: critical for glucose metabolism

INSOMINIA: (investigate estrogen dominance AND/OR hypoglycemia)
1. LECITHIN: assist neuro-transmitter production in brain
2. OSTEOMATRIX: nature’s tranquilizers; muscle relaxant
4. GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX: restores relaxed state to central nervous system
5. VITAMIN C: deals with stress response-calms nerves
6. OPTIFLORA: displaces many neuro-toxins

1. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee Clarity): improves blood flow
2. OSTEOMATRIX: provides proper building blocks for bones
3. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improves limb circulation by increasing capillary blood flow
4. OPTIFLORA: reduces nutrient malabsorption
5. ALFALFA: overcomes trace mineral deficiency

1. LIVER DTX: detoxify the liver
2. HERB-LAX: detoxifies & prevents accumulation of metabolic waster products
3. SOLUBLE FIBER (e.g.. Fiber Plan, Daily Crunch): helps remove the toxic load on the liver
4. LECITHIN: prevents fat build-up or fatty liver
6. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies many chemicals
7. VITAMIN C: neutralizes toxic substances & boosts immune system
8. ALFALFA: detoxifies liver by stimulating bile flow
9. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: prevents oxidized fat accumulation & free radical damage
10. CAROTOMAX: anti-oxidant effect on free radicals
11. GARLIC: speeds liver healing; detoxifier

1. GLA: nature’s steroid – VERY IMPORTANT FOR LUPUS
2. VITAMIN C: antioxidant; also anti-inflammatory
3. B COMPLEX: strengthens glandular functions; reduces malabsorption; nourishes nervous system
4. ALFALFA: anti-inflammatory; strengthens kidneys (alfalfa leaf powder tablets ___NOT SPROUTS)
5. OPTIFLORA: for the immune system
6. ZINC: protects skin & organs; promotes healing
7. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: helps the body use oxygen more efficiently; promotes healing
8. CAROTOMAX: powerful antioxidant
9. GARLIC: immune system enhancer; protects enzyme systems

1. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: large amounts of essential amino acids
2. B COMPLEX: makes a healthy nervous system; nourishes neuro-transmitters
3. ST. JOHN’S WORT (Shaklee MoodLift): enhance serotonin levels HASH(0x11aa6cb4)
5. ZINC: protects brain cells
6. LECITHIN: insulates nerve bundles; improves brain circulation
7. ALFALFA: mineral imbalance can cause depression
8. GLA: important for improved cerebral circulation
9. VITAMIN C: a powerful immunostimulant
10. CoEnzymeQ10: energize each cell
[From Shirley Koritnik:
11. GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX: helpful to bring down high manic state, especially in a 1:1 ration with LECITHIN, given every 20 minutes as needed up to 4-8 servings over 24 hrs.]

MENOPAUSE: (investigate natural progesterone cream)
1. MENOPAUSE REGULATION COMPLEX: for hormonal stability; reduces hot flashes
2. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: helps balance hormones
3. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: prevents hormonal storms
4. GLA: helps balance hormones
5. VITAMIN C: promotes glandular health; assists mineral absorption
6. B-COMPLEX: minimizes water retention, hot flashes & nervous disorders; anti-stress; increases glandular health
7. OSTEOMATRIX: maintain bone integrity
9. CAROTOMAX: promotes healthy mucous membranes in the vaginal area; anti-oxidant

MENSTRUAL DIFFICULTIES: (investigate estrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency)
1. B COMPLEX: reduces stress; helps regain hormonal imbalance; reduces water retention
2. GLA: regains hormonal imbalance by minimizing fluctuations due to nutrient deficiency
3. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: prevents hormonal storms
4. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: manufactures hormones
5. ALFALFA: reduces tissue water retention
6. OSTEOMATRIX: reduces cramping by providing for proper muscle relaxation

MEMORY IMPROVEMENT: (investigate estrogen dominance)
1. LECITHIN/OMEGAGUARD: improves brain circulation; nourishes brain cells
2. B COMPLEX: nourishes neuro-transmitters
3. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee Clarity): improves oxygen/hormones/nutrient availability to the brain
4. HERB-LAX: detoxifies body toxins
5. LIVER DTX: reduce toxin load
6. OPTIFLORA: reduce toxin load
7. CoEnzymeQ10: energize every cell
8. ALFALFA: mineral smorgasbord
10. CorENERGY (Ginseng/Cordeceps): Increase oxygen availability to cells

1. B COMPLEX: makes a healthy nervous system; nourishes neuro-transmitters
2. LECITHIN/OMEGAGUARD: insulates nerve bundles; improves brain circulation
3. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: detoxifies many neuro-toxins
4. OSTEOMATRIX: nature’s calmer
5. OPTIFLORA: reduce toxin load
6. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: additional amino acids for repair

OSTEOPOROSIS: (make sure progesterone levels are optimal & do weight-bearing exercise)
1. OSTEOMATRIX with VITAMIN D: necessary for bone integrity
2. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: bones are 65% protein
3. VITAMIN C: necessary to build adequate connective tissue; assists mineral absorption
4. OPTIFLORA: increases availability of many trace nutrients
5. ALFALFA: mineral smorgasbord
6. EZ-GEST: to enhance absorption of nutrients

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS) (investigate estrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency – natural progesterone creams are often required)
1. GLA: regains hormonal imbalance by minimizing fluctuations due to nutrient deficiency
2. B COMPLEX: helps regain hormonal imbalance; reduces stress; reduces water retention
3. PERFORMANCE: helps regulate electrolytes
4. ALFALFA: reduce trace mineral deficiencies; reduces water retention
5. LECITHIN: insulates nerve bundles
6. VITAMIN C: increase glandular health
7. OSTEOMATRIX: reduces cramps; reduces insomnia

PROSTRATE TROUBLE: (avoid alcohol and caffeine)
1. SAW PALMETTO: herbal remedy which reduces prostate inflammation
2. ZINC: promotes healthy prostate
3. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: reduces DHT formation
4. VITAMIN C: anti-inflammatory; strengthens gland
5. CAROTOMAX: anti-inflammatory; anti-oxidant effect on free radicals
6. ALFALFA: anti-inflammatory; increases kidney filtration rate
7. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: reduces degeneration
8. LECITHIN/OMEGAGUARD: for prostate cellular protection
9. B COMPLEX: anti-cancer properties
10. OSTEOMATRIX: reduces vascular tension
11. OPTIFLORA: reduce toxin load
12. LIVER DTX: reduce toxin load

PSORIASIS: (drink adequate water for proper detoxification of skin, bowels & kidneys)
1. ALFALFA: blood purifier & cleanser; strengthens & cleanses kidneys
2. GLA: IMPORTANT for all skin disorders
3. HERB-LAX: detoxifies toxins from the body
4. LIVER DTX: reduce toxin load
5. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: to relieve stress related root causes
6. CAROTOMAX: reduces effects of UV light from the sun; nourishes epithelium skin tissue
7. VITAMIN C: speeds tissue healing; detoxifies sensitizing substances; boosts immune system
8. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: promotes healing of skin; increases circulation
9. APPETITE REDUCTION SPRAY: to reduce toxins
10. ZINC: needed for connective tissue repair in scar tissue
11. B COMPLEX: improved nutrient absorption
12. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies many chemicals
13. GARLIC: detoxification; increases capillary circulation; speeds tissue healing

1. VITAMIN C: immune support; speeds up healing
2. B COMPLEX: provides nutrients needed for healing the nerve damage
3. ZINC: needed for healing of connective tissue
5. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: immune support; speeds up healing
6. CAROTOMAX: immune support; heals epithelial tissue
7. CoEnzymeQ10: increases healing energy
8. OPTIFLORA: strengthens immune system; reduce toxin load
9. GARLIC: for the immune system
10. LIVER DTX: reduce toxin load

SINUSITIS: (purify the air you breathe ___ AirSource is recommended)
1. VITAMIN C: anti-inflammatory; thins mucous; decongestant; reduces histamine release
2. ALFALFA: reduces the effect of inflammatory endorphins; natural anti-histamine
3. GARLIC: reduces inflammation; natural sinus & nasal decongestant
4. OPTIFLORA: build the immune system
5. NUTRIFERON: to strengthen the immune system
6. CAROTOMAX: promotes healing of mucous membranes after infection
7. ZINC: promotes healing of mucous lining

1. STRESS RECOVERY COMPLEX: works in 20 to 30 minutes
2. B COMPLEX: nourishes the central nervous system; builds the adrenal glands
3. VITAMIN C: boosts body energy; calms nerves as a result of a stress response, builds adrenal glands
4. OSTEOMATRIX: calcium needs increase 5x under stress
5. GARLIC: anti-stress food
6. LECITHIN: nerve bundle insulator; relaxes nervous system; increase brain function
7. ALFALFA: provides for additional trace mineral needs due to stress
8. CAROTOMAX: increased immune protection
9. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: increased immune protection; for a healthy heart
10. GENTLE SLEEP COMPLEX: encourages better sleep patterns; body makes more cortisone during sleep
11. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: protein levels increase when stressed

1. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: prevents clot formation; increases capillary blood flow; vassal dilator
2. LECITHIN: emulsifies fat; reduces cholesterol
3. GARLIC: prevents clot formation; thins blood; dissolves fatty deposits; dilates small blood vessels
4. CoEnzymeQ10: reduces blood clotting, relaxes blood vessel walls
6. HERB-LAX: provides for adequate elimination of fats in waste
7. GINKGO BILOBA: increase blood flow
8. OSTEOMATRIX: relaxes blood vessel walls
9. SOLUBLE FIBER (e.g.. Fiber Plan, Daily Crunch): absorbs blood fats & takes away in waste

THYROID: Hypothyroidism (investigate progesterone deficiency)
1. ALFALFA: good source of balanced iodine
2. LECITHIN: essential for thyroid hormone production
3. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: essential for the formation of hormones; builds glandular strength
4. VITAMIN C: essential for glandular health; speeds tissue healing & connective tissue integrity
6. ZINC: essential for glandular health
7. B COMPLEX: essential for glandular health
8. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: powerful free radical scavenger
9. CorENERGY (Ginseng/Cordeceps): for energy
10. CoEnzymeQ10: energize every cell
11. OPTIFLORA: for immune health

THYROID: Hyperthyroidism
1. INSTANT OR ENERGIZING SOY: essential for hormonal balance
2. B COMLEX: essential to nourish the hypothalamus gland
3. VITAMIN C: reduces degeneration of cellular tissue in gland
4. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: powerful free radical scavenger – reduces degeneration of cellular tissue
5. GARLIC: anti-oxidant for immune support; anti-inflammatory
6. CAROTOMAX: immune support
7. GLA: anti-inflammatory; immune support, aids hormone imbalance
8. OPTIFLORA: for immune health

ULCERS: (check for helicobacter pylori bacterium – if you have it, use Pepto Bismol, garlic, Optiflora)
1. CAROTOMAX: needed for healing; protects the mucous membranes of the stomach & intestine
2. ZINC: needed for healing
3. ALFALFA: heals damaged mucous forming cells in stomach
4. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: aids in reducing stomach acid
5. B COMPLEX: reduces the effects of stress; increases nutrient metabolism
6. GARLIC: reduces the effects of stress; speeds tissue healing
7. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies many neuro-toxins to reduce anxiety
8. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: many ulcers are due to stress

VARICOSE VEINS: (use Epic Boots)
1. HERB-LAX: reduces back pressure in the portals of the circulatory system
2. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improves the efficiency of heart muscle; vassal dilator
3. LIVER DTX: detoxify the liver to reduce pressure in arteries
4. GARLIC: dilates blood vessels; increases circulation
5. VITAMIN C: increases capillary strength; reduces blood clotting; promotes healing; prevents bruising
6. B COMPLEX: increases nutrient metabolism
7. GINKGO BILOBA (Shaklee MENTAL ACUITY): increases blood flow
8. CoEnzymeQ10: relaxes blood vessel walls

This accumulation of information from sharing among Shaklee distributors is meant to inform and educate but is not intended as a prescription or a substitution for health care by a professional. However, a person has a Constitutional right to prescribe for him- or herself, and rightfully assumes responsibility for his or her own health. Neither the sender of this information, Shaklee, nor Shaklee distributors can assume any responsibility for any results obtained from the correct or incorrect application of the therapeutic approaches described here.

The reality is that a food-based approach is backed up by thousands of success stories over many, many years, in many different countries, and that a food-based approach is a conservative one, close to nature. It’s also an approach that individuals have access to and control of. Shaklee products fit in because they are total food supplements, processed naturally from quality food sources to use when you’re not getting enough of, or the right kind of, food for good health.

Shaklee has been in business since 1956, with original research by Dr. Shaklee going back to the early 1900s, and there are millions of satisfied Shaklee customers over the span of 85+ years (since Dr. Shaklee’s products have been available) who have dealt with a myriad of health concerns. With Shaklee’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.