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By - Craig Mullins

Upgrade Your Kitchen at a Reasonable Cost

Tips on Sprucing up Your Kitchen at a Reasonable Cost

kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is where you and the family spend a good percentage of your time together. You cook, hang out, and probably eat there too. For such an important center of everyday activity, it is important to ensure it is the focal point of the home. Freshening up can be one of the most highly satisfying experiences of owning a home. Getting the kitchen to look and function the way you want it can be a gift you can give the entire family. However, many times people find that, a kitchen remodel can involve spending more than you can afford. Unless your family name happens to be Gates and your first name is Bill, you could likely benefit from some ideas to save money on the project. After all, why should you drain your resources on the kitchen, when you could just as well conserve and have enough for something else too? Hey, after all when you’re done with the work and worry you will probably be able to use a vacation to take a break.

Here are a few tips to consider when you’ve decided to remodel the kitchen on the cheap.

  1. Find a handyman. Make contact with a person that can do various kinds of work himself (or herself) instead of hiring out each task. If you hire a cabinet specialist to do the new cabinets, a painter to do the painting, and a floor installer to do the flooring, you will probably pay more than you planned on paying. A good handyman can do it all and will generally charge you less for the work. Many times a friend can recommend someone they know. A competent handyman will be able to help you get the required local permits. Getting a reliable handyman is a great way to keep costs under control.

  2. Do a lot of research and shop around. Materials for your kitchen remodel can be inexpensive or terribly expensive. Depending on what kinds of things you settle on, you could pay pretty much whatever you want. For example, you can find a basic variety of ceramic tile for under $1 per square foot, or you could find one for 50 times that amount. Once you decide what quality of materials you want, shop around at some stores that specialize in what you want. Contrary to popular belief, if you go to a store that has sales associates who work on a commission basis you are golden, comparatively speaking. Salesmen on commission have to sell in order to get paid. In most specialty shops they probably spend a lot of idle time waiting for a serious prospect. That is why they really want to sell you something if you come into the store. With a little effort, you can make this work for you. Go around and get some quotes from other sources. Use them as leverage. Specialty places such as flooring stores usually have a good profit margin that they can work with, and they can be motivated to do whatever they can to make the sale. Don’t give in easily and they will usually give you some significant savings.

  3. Consider buying used appliances. Brand new appliances can run up the expenses really quickly. Instead of going out to the store and picking out the most expensive appliances, why not get some that have been gently used? You really can’t tell the difference, but you could save big.

Whatever money you save in doing your remodeling job is money that can be useful for all those more rewarding things in your life — so be smart and enrich your quality of life in more than just that part of your home. After all, there’s more to life.