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By - Craig Mullins

Shaklee World Headquarters Training Event Pleasanton, CA

Everybody Take a few minutes and think…

Who do you know in northern California???

Who do you know that might know some people

out there??? Shawn & Pat are gonna ROCK

this KICK OFF EVENT Next Tuesday !!!

Let’s ALL get a Guest to this thing and Kick off the FALL TOUR in STYLE!!!!

Here’s the skinny:


Shaklee World Headquarters

(click for map)


Opportunity Prez by: SHAWN GRAY

Vision by: PAT HINTZE

And appearances by SHAKLEE CORPORATE EXEC’s such as:

Dr Jamie McManus !!!!

maybe even Super-Vice Prez: Cindy Latham…?!?!?

And possibly even: OWNER & CEO Roger Barnett!!!!!

(who knows! The meeting is just downstairs from his office!!!)

russ widger jr