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By - Craig Mullins

Bad Credit And Purchasing A Home

Having Bad Credit Does Not Always Mean You Are out of a Home Purchase

bad credit

These days, many would-be homebuyers are having to work through rejections of loan applications because of a weak credit experience. It’s a good idea to look at the available options. Even during this economically shaky time and even with the threat of job cuts plus your weak credit, you can buy a home.

By now you know the drill – look around for the best lending firm, shop for competitive interest and amount of the down payment, and ask upfront to get the total of all the charges that will become part of the actual cost of the home. Many people have jumped into bad deals and ended up losing their homes so you have to be thorough and particular when choosing a lending firm.

With weak credit riding your back, you may still be able to buy a home. It can cost double, though, to take out a loan from mainstream mortgage lending firms. Instead of looking to mainstream mortgage lending firms, you can find one that is rent-to-own. However, you have to be realistic about what you can afford and avoid taking on too much because even for a rent-to-own situation paying too much for your housing if you are tight on resources can backfire.

Since most mortgage lenders won’t put time into risking money on you because you have weak credit, you might want to try one of the rent-to-own home plans that are gaining in favor these days, and for good reason. First, they are more affordable and secondly you can repair your credit rating if you pay the rent on time including the rent credit that is part of the total monthly expense of the home.

Special Programs and Ways to Buy a Home

Not many years ago, the standard advice would have been to deal with sub-prime lenders. They catered to clients with weak credit who could provide the down payment for the homes, even if only that much. Since the serious problems grew out of too many of these loans, there aren’t many such lenders around anymore, and all lenders are being more cautious. There still may be some lenders who specialize in troubled credit home loans, though. You can look for established mortgage lenders on the Internet and conveniently compare terms and rates. One convenient thing with online lenders, you don’t have to visit an office just for inquiries. Applications are processed faster than at traditional lenders.

Programs for assisting homebuyers can tend to be changed over time, but different kinds of opportunities or programs can always be found if you look around seriously enough. There are Housing and Urban Development (HUD) homes, for example. They don’t charge closing costs, or you could find a home that has been foreclosed in your area for a low price. You can find these HUD homes in Internet listings and once you qualify, you can check out the possibilities of Federal financing help. In order to qualify for a HUD deal, you must show that you can pay off your loan, though the loan terms are often easier to qualify for than with regular programs.

Another thing you could try is to go around town and look for unoccupied houses. Chances are the owners are in nursing homes or have moved and their estate would rather sell it quickly than deal with keeping it up. You might be able to get a home in this situation inexpensively so it would be easy to qualify for a loan for a very affordable home – and with troubled credit, this is a good start for you to buy your dream home. It takes determination, skill and a lot of research to do it, but if you really put in the effort, even in this changing economy, you can do it.

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