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E-commerce PPC Management

People love the convenience of online shopping. This love for shopping online provides a great opportunity to incorporate pay-per-click (PPC) advertising into your marketing campaign. Why is this? These PPC ads can help get your business’s products and services discovered and, ultimately, purchased.

Implementing e-commerce PPC management services to your business’s campaign can help your online store drive traffic and increase sales. Our effective and affordable e-commerce PPC management services are specifically designed to fit the needs and objectives of your business. We offer custom-made solutions because we understand that every business is different – what works for one may not work for the other.

In providing these features, along with other functions, we’re able to drive more targeted traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Our E-commerce PPC Management Services

 You’re going to want a turnkey solution if you’re looking to establish e-commerce PPC management. You’re going to want to find an effective agency to conduct this e-commerce PPC management for your business.

You don’t want to bounce between different agencies, as these agencies are going to struggle to coordinate your specific strategies and remember the responsibilities that these managers need to uphold.

That’s why you need a trusted, professional, and dedicated agency for all of your business’s e-commerce PPC campaigns. We are that agency. With us, you receive everything you’re ever going to need in a PPC provider. Our e-commerce PPC management services include:

Google Shopping

 With us, you gain the ability to have a prime spot in Google Shopping ads. With these Google Shopping ads, your business has the opportunity to promote your products to users who are ready to make a purchase.

We provide you with a dedicated account manager who is going to develop, create, launch, and manage all of your Google Shopping ads. Your dedicated account manager is going to help you leverage every one of your drive orders. It doesn’t matter if you want Showcase Shopping ads, Product Shopping ads, or anything in-between – we have got you covered.

 Google Ads

 Use our effective e-commerce PPC strategies to maximize your real estate in search results by using Google ads. You can advertise your business’s products and brand to achieve your goals relating to building your brand awareness while increasing your sales. In addition to this, Google ads can be used as a remedy against shopping cart abandonment.

Bing Ads

 You can advertise your business beyond just Google by using Bing ads. This is now known as Microsoft Advertising and is a brilliant way to widen the audience you wish to approach through e-commerce PPC services.

By using Bing ads, you’re able to capitalize on your competitors who ignore the benefits of using Bing ads. You hold the ability to gain this with a dedicated campaign involving the Bing platform. In establishing a competitive and targeted campaign for your business’s ad network, you can earn sales, build brand awareness, as well as encourage customers to check out after they have abandoned their shopping carts.


 Our team of experts can help you adopt a proactive approach when users visit your business’s website without making a purchase. You can use remarketing to advertise your business to users who have left your website without purchasing one of your products. Your business and dedicated account manager are able to get shoppers back to your website and purchase your products by using these specific remarketing ads.


 When using our e-commerce PPC management services, you hold the ability to make the day-to-day running of your PPC advertising exceptionally effortless, thanks to GoDataFeed management. Allow your dedicated and experienced account manager to manage all of the components involved in your GoDataFeed.

Doing this allows you to primarily focus on growing your business, restocking inventory, and processing orders. In addition to this, our GoDataFeed feature in our e-commerce PPC management service is also equipped with DataFeedWatch.

The benefit of using any of these e-commerce PPC management services is that once implemented, you gain immediate results. This type of advertising allows you to increase your business’s website’s performance in a short amount of time while maximizing and maintaining sales. However, this can only be provided if a professional and experienced agency is conducting your e-commerce PPC management like us.

What We Offer You

 We design all of our e-commerce PPC management services with efficiency in mind. Due to our objective of offering top-notch services, we provide a number of features in our services. These include:


 After choosing us as your e-commerce PPC management service provider, we establish a customized approach specific to your unique business when creating your campaign and strategy. To align with these motives, you conduct extensive research on your business, competitors, and industry while understanding your audience, brand, and business objectives.


 After effectively conducting this research, we then outline and compile your business’s e-commerce PPC strategy. Included in your strategy is targeting, which involves your audience and keywords, along with your ad copy, landing pages, and ad groups. Being a full-service agency, we offer everything that is needed for your ads to succeed.


 Once you have looked through and approved your business’s ad creatives, we are going to launch your campaign. After your campaign has been established, we then constantly monitor its performance.

In monitoring your campaign, we’re able to make small adjustments to ensure these strategies are working to achieve the best click-through rate and conversions while ensuring an improved return on ad spend.


 We develop an easy-to-read report each month that’s specifically detailing the performance of your business’s campaign and strategies. Your dedicated account manager then analyzes this report with you being present.

This meeting involves answering your questions and understanding changes in your business. Doing this provides your team with a suggested roadmap that can be followed for the upcoming month.


 Your dedicated account manager uses data from your past campaign to implement the most effective updates to your ads. The goal of doing this is to boost your PPC advertising performance and enhance your business’s sales and website visits.

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