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Best Escape Rooms In The Bay Area – San Fransisco

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With a unique sense of adventure and a great source of fun puzzles, the escape room has become a staple for great evenings out with friends. Not all escape rooms are equal, so making sure you found the best one is key.

Searching for escape rooms sounds easy, but it can be misleading. While a Google search will give you the escape rooms with the highest SEO content or size, it may not give you quality.

Let’s break down some of the best Bay Area escape rooms and help you find a puzzle night you’ll never forget!

Escape Room Bay Area
Escape Room Bay Area

Finding the Best Escape Room

In case you might have missed it, escape rooms are a business where you and a group of friends attempt to solve a series of puzzle challenges. In there, you need to solve the puzzle to figure out a way to get out of the current room and onto the next.

Let’s dive into the big names in the Bay Area and see what they have to offer.

1. The Escape Game

Located in San Fransisco, The Escape Game is an escape room with its eye on the pure quality of puzzles and intense storytelling.

Their signature game is Prison Break, where you must solve intense puzzles to get out of Alcatraz without getting caught! They have several other scenarios including a pure puzzle playground to solve the most puzzles in the given time.

For intense puzzles with some straightforward narratives, The Escape Game is a solid choice.

2. Palace Games

The famous Harry Houdini was a master of mystifying the public. His designs for escape rooms are now at Palace Games in San Fransisco.

Rated as the highest in overall quality in the nation, Palace Games has hidden passages, secret panels, and all manner of technical wizardry. They are expensive, but you will be taking in a piece of puzzle history!

3. Off the Couch

For a sense of scale and imagination, Off the Couch doesn’t hold back. The Santa Clara escape room features one of the few 2-hour long escape rooms, themed around investigating the disappearance of King Arthur’s knights!

They have 2 other rooms, with more on their way, from a secret inheritance from Nikola Tesla to a vast criminal conspiracy.

For a heaping of imagination and fun, Off the Couch is a great choice.

4. Omescape

For a bit more light-hearted fun and adventure, Omescape has a wide variety to choose from. Their Kingdom of Cats takes in the cat lover in all of us to find the wisest cat in the land.

They have more difficult rooms, such as playing with magic in the Sorcerer’s Sanctum and finding a cure in Pandemic Zoo.

Omescape is a fun and creative group of escape rooms, with multiple locations across the Bay Area.

5. Zscape Games in San Ramon CA

Zscape Games, based in San Ramon, CA Is one of the best Bay Area Escape Rooms in the area. Creator Zac Turner really put some effort into designing and building the space himself.

They have three regular escape rooms; The Toy Box Escape Room, Prison Break Escape Room and the The Ritual (Scary Room Coming Soon!). You can book a game and have it private or you can solve the puzzle with friends and strangers. These Escape Games are a blast and I will def be doing these again.

They have also put in VR escape Rooms. The two Virtual Reality Escape rooms they offer; Space Heroes – VR Escape & Mad Mind – VR Escape.

2110 Omega Rd Suite E – San Ramon, California – Call (925) 808-8869

Discovering the Wild World Out There

With a great escape room, you’ll have a night of laughs, interesting puzzles, and a rewarding feeling of accomplishment with your friends. This is why good, honest research can do wonders for your social life.

To get the right research, you need to find a structure that works for you. If you have a business of your own that you wish to showcase or have an interest in how these dynamics work, contact me today for more information!

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