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How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

French bulldogs are one of the most beloved dog breeds. How much do French Bulldogs cost? Here’s everything you need to know about paying for your Frenchie!

You’ve seen them everywhere. From the dog groomers to the dog park, it seems everyone has a French Bulldog. Maybe you should do some research and see if they’re the right choice for you and your family.

If you’re wondering how much do French Bulldogs cost, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn all about the French bulldog and why a French Bulldog puppy cost is so high.

Popular and Playful

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dogs today. From its cute face and ears to its miniature size and low maintenance short fur, the French bulldog is a favorite among many. It seems everyone has one these days, from Jeremy Renner to your great Aunt Gertrude, their popularity is surging.

Most French bulldogs have an easy-going and playful attitude. They are apt for both an afternoon in the park or an evening on the couch. This makes them a great pet as they are amenable to your schedule and activity levels.

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?
How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

Are French Bulldogs Good Pets?

From families to city slickers, the French bulldog appeals to a large market. Overall, the French Bulldog makes for a great pet. They tolerate being left alone for long periods of time, so if you work long hours, this is a plus. They are very affectionate and great with kids making them a great option for families.

Your French bulldog won’t overly bark at the mailman but they can be territorial. So they will let you know when a stranger is approaching. Once you assure them someone new in your house is a friend, expect your French bulldog to be as congenial with them as they are with you.

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

The French bulldog price can range depending on the location of your breeder as well as each litter’s distinct characteristics. A champion pedigree, such as the Lilac Life Frenchies in the Sacramento / Elk Grose area, will ensure you’re getting a quality puppy.

It is very expensive to raise French bulldog puppies, making their cost quite expensive. French bulldog price range can vary from $2,000 up to $6,000. And certain colors and breed lines can range up to $10,000 per puppy.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

The French bulldog is expensive because they are unable to naturally reproduce. Therefore, breeders need to use artificial insemination to breed each litter. Additionally, the majority of litters are usually delivered via C-section. Their cute big heads make it very difficult to deliver considering grown adults are not very big and their hips are unusually narrow.

French bulldogs do have special veterinary care as they can suffer from hip dysplasia. Also, due to their flat face, they can have breathing problems. This means that strenuous exercise is not good for them.

Your Next Best Friend

So, is the French bulldog the best breed for you? If you’re raising a young family or living downtown and working long hours, then yes, the french bulldog would make a great choice to be your next furry best friend.

So, stop wondering how much do french bulldogs cost and start enjoying this fun breed today. For more information on getting a French Bulldog for yourself, reach out to us today.

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