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Baby Milestone Cards

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Your children will grow up faster than you expect, and you’ll be left wondering where the time went. You’ll never forget those milestones, though, and what better way to keep them forever than to get some baby milestone cards to treasure?

Baby Milestone Cards
Baby Milestone Cards

If you’re unsure exactly what they are, you’re in luck. We’re here to explain all about baby milestone cards and why you might want them. Keep reading for more info.

Recording Milestones

Whether it’s their first tooth, a first smile, first family pet, or trying food for the first time, you’ll want to look back on these memories for years to come, and see the date on which your little one reached each important milestone.

Baby Milestone Cards

Let’s imagine it’s your child’s first birthday. You look through your milestone cards and there’s a card with that design. Write the date on it and give it to the birthday boy or girl to hold – snap a picture, and you’ve got a keepsake forever.

They can be personalized too, as many will come with a blank space for you to write your own words in. Baby’s first word? Write it in and note down the date and you’re done!

What About Books?

Either alongside or in place of cards, many parents fill in baby milestone books. With so many on the market today, you’re sure to find the best baby milestone book for you, with just what you’re looking for inside. Going forward in chronological order, you can start before birth and often continue until your child is into their toddler years.

Most books have little envelopes for locks of hair, hospital wristbands and other physical treasures. There might be blank pages for your family’s own personal milestones, and all sorts of pages to fill in. The finished product is a great keepsake that your child will enjoy looking through by the time they fly the nest and start college.

Going Digital

Keeping track of your baby’s milestones? There’s an app for that. When you use a milestone card app, you get digital milestone cards and can use your phone’s camera to take photos to go with them.

You might not have the physical product there, but whether your baby age milestone cards are on an app or not, they’re just as meaningful.

Other Options

As well as simple cards and books, there are even more products available that fulfil the same purpose. Perhaps you’d like a milestone blanket – they come with various numbers so you can simply lie your baby on the blanket and highlight the applicable number matching the milestone.

Similarly, you can find wooden building blocks that mark milestones and double as a toy, too. Even headbands and banners are available – the possibilities are almost endless!

Getting Started

You’ll need to ask yourself which product is right for you and your baby. If you go down the traditional route of baby milestone cards, there’s plenty of choice online so you just need to start browsing and looking around!

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