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What are the Top Bitcoin Faucets?

Looking for a better understanding of bitcoin and bitcoin faucets? Read all about the top bitcoin faucets in the cryptocurrency world here.

Bitcoin might be experiencing ups and downs in 2019, but it’s still pretty hard to get your own BTC without buying some first, leaving you at the risk of the markets.

The days of easily mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are long gone, but there are other ways to dip your toes into the crypto waters if you’re curious to try with bitcoin faucets.

A bitcoin faucet will pay users to do little microtasks, like watching an ad video or sharing a link. You get a little bit of BTC without having to risk your own cash.

Sound good to you? Here’s a rundown of the top bitcoin faucets for you to use in 2019.

Top Bitcoin Faucets
Top Bitcoin Faucets


If you want to get started with the best bitcoin faucets, you should give BTCClicks a go. It started out in 2013 and has been in the faucet game ever since.

BTCClicks pays users each time a BTCClicks link is clicked, usually to watch video ads where you’re given a reward.

You’ll need a little bit of marketing knowledge if you want to expand your income. Referrals will net you around 80% in commission payments, but if that doesn’t interest you, standard rewards are up to 0.00039 mBTC (or 39 satoshis).

Alien Run

Even the best bitcoin faucet isn’t going to hand over a cool 1 BTC. That’s why satoshis, the measurement for smaller amounts of micro BTC, exists. It’s also why Alien Run is a good faucet to consider, as it’s got a great regular payout.

It’s a mobile game with a faucet element to it. There are hundreds of levels to this fairly basic level running game, but the best part is the free BTC.

The app is free to install and use on both iOS and Android, with rewards sent out every hour.

Free Bitcoin

Another good faucet with an hourly payout is Free Bitcoin, by the same makers of Alien Run.

Instead of an alien-styled running game, FreeBitcoin offers more generic casino-style rewards. It’s simple to use, although you’re expected to have at least 20k satoshi in a bitcoin wallet before you can play.

Like Alien Run, you can win big with Free Bitcoin, with rewards up to 1,000,000 satoshis (or 0.1 BTC).


Worried about the kids? If you want a faucet that’s family friendly, the well-named FamilyBTC faucet is worth a go.

Rewards are offered every 15 minutes, and there’s a varied selection of earning methods to try, including video ads.

The platform has been tailored for safety in mind to help you introduce crypto to your kids without the cost, but also without the risk.

Moon Bitcoin

If you don’t fancy waiting around for hours (or even 15 minutes), then Moon Bitcoin should be on your list of faucets to try out. Payouts take place every five minutes, so you don’t have to wait too long for winnings to hit your wallet.

You’re also not limited with Moon Bitcoin, either. You can grab BTC every few minutes, with smaller amounts paid out, or several times a day for larger payouts.

You can also increase your payouts by completing surveys or viewing video ads.

Bonus Bitcoin

Does the idea of 5,000 satoshis every 15 minutes sound good to you, with a bonus at midnight every day? Bonus Bitcoin is worth trying if that’s the case.

It’s a simple faucet payout, with no skill or gaming involved. You don’t get payouts to your own wallet, but payments are made instantly to a CoinPot account.

There’s also a lifetime referral program, where you can increase your payouts with commission payments when you refer other users to the faucet.

Satoshi Quiz

Quiz lovers and those with an impressive knowledge of popular culture are going to want to give Satoshi Quiz a try. It’s a quiz game with satoshi payouts, meaning you can earn BTC for answering questions.

The catch? You have to be one of the fastest three to earn a payout, so be quick off the blocks if you decide to give this faucet a go. You’ll get 60% if you’re the first to answer, 30% if you’re the second, but only 10% if you’re the third.

It’s a unique player in the faucet market and ideal for those with a big trivia background.


Who doesn’t want a little bit of a challenge when they’re looking to score some free satoshis? Rather than earning small fry, you can earn big (compared to other faucets) with Cointiply.

You earn satoshi with various site tasks, videos, and surveys, which you can then roll over into a “multiplier”. You’re also able to earn interest on your Cointiply balance and gain a loyalty bonus every day you log in.

It’s a polished faucet with a strong community feel.

Another polished perform is It’s been up for less than a year, with a simple roll-the-dice premise to generate your rewards.

The real surprise is the potential payout. Very lucky players could earn a maximum of $300 worth of BTC if the dice roll goes their way.

You don’t need to worry about your balance if you win, either. Payouts are instant, as long as you’ve won at least $1 worth of BTC at the current rate.

Use Bitcoin Faucets to Start Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Bitcoin faucets won’t make you rich, and they certainly won’t take you “to the moon” but they will help you get started if you’ve never held any cryptocurrency.

After all, your crypto portfolio has to start somewhere. A few hundred satoshis in your bitcoin wallet might inspire you to begin investing in crypto full time or start building your own crypto farm.

Don’t be afraid of risk, but only risk what you can afford. Check out our other investment and cryptocurrency articles for some new ideas.

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