By - Craig Mullins

Bitmain Antminer S11

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that set this arena ablaze and captured the attention of everyone from massive data centers to regular people with a strong computer. Almost everyone knows about Bitcoin. It’s still one of the most popular currencies around, but it’s become harder to mine as the blockchains get larger and larger.

If you’re looking to enter this market or mine one of the Bitcoin hard forks, then you’ll want to consider our Antminer S11. It’s a lightweight miner that very powerful, flexible, and requires relatively little power. Mining is getting harder all the time, but you can even the odds by getting the strongest hardware like our S11 miner.

Algorithm and Cryptocurrencies

The Antminer S11 processes the SHA256 crypto algorithm. Experienced users know exactly what this is. SHA256 is the algorithm used to mine Bitcoin and it’s one of the most private and secure algorithms available. It’s a tough encryption to crack and many have put their trust in this algorithm.

In this case, The S11 uses SHA256 so that you can mine both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Both of these are very popular and miners have their eye on getting as much as possible. Bitcoin has the highest value of any other cryptocurrency, so it’s understandable why so many people want this currency. Not only that, but it’s very tradable. Many online marketplaces (and even some physical ones) take this currency outright without it being traded for fiat.

Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the Bitcoin protocol. This means that it functions relatively the same and has many of the same benefits of Bitcoin proper in terms of privacy and tradability. However, it’s a different currency with a different value.

Bitcoin Cash is currently worth less than Bitcoin, but there’s actually a benefit to this. It makes it easier to mine and the blockchains are smaller, which is good if you’re new to the market and want to start mining this currency. It’s a good way to get a valuable and popular currency without the hassle of mining Bitcoin proper.

Regardless of which you choose, the Antminer S11 has the power and features you’re looking for to increase your market share in these areas. It’s all about power and the S11 is a great miner to either get you started or to add to your current network.

Hash Rate and Power Requirements

These are the most important factors when it comes to choosing a miner. Hash rate refers to how quickly the miner can run and how much data it can process. Power requirements refer to how much power the machine needs to draw in order to operate. A stronger hash rate allows you to mine more Bitcoin in a shorter amount of time, but it must be balanced against operating costs. The power requirements determine how much the machine costs to run, so you must consider the two when purchasing a miner.

The Antiminer S11 can run in two different modes: high-performance and energy-efficient. The former priorities speed with a slightly higher power requirement while the latter is slower but requires less power. Switching between the two is simple, but it does have a large impact on how the miner runs.

If you’re running the machine on high-performance, which is the preferred mode for most users, then you’ll find that the S11 runs at 19 TH/s and requires 1349 W. That’s an astounding speed with little power when compared to other similar units.

If you run the miner in energy-efficient mode, then the hash rate is around 15.5 to 17 TH/s with a power requirement ranging from 992 to 1088 W. This is still very fast and will ensure that you get a good amount of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Please be aware that the S11 ships without a power cord. It has the power supply attached to it, but you’ll need to use a 220V power cord for the S11 to work.

Dimensions and Weight

A smaller miner is obviously better than a larger one because it allows you to pack several together and get the best processing power possible. Whether you’re looking to start a mining farm or you don’t want to dedicate a large amount of room for the miner, you’ll find that the Antminer S11 to be small and lightweight.

The Antminer S11 weighs about 10kg and the measurements are 254x176x297mm. If you’re curious about the innards, you’ll be happy to know that there are three hash boards here and 252 hash chips. The networking port is an RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M, ensuring easy installation and fast speeds.

Ordering Through Bitmain

We request that all buyers only buy their Antminer S11 units through us directly. Bitmain doesn’t recruit any resellers or sales representatives to sell indirectly. We will not compensate you if the third-party seller scams you or sells a fake unit.

Purchasing through Bitmain directly ensures that we are there with you the whole time. You will receive a full warranty whenever you buy with us and we will be responsible for the miner from beginning to end.

Some of Antminer S11’s best features:

  • Has a hash rate of 19 TH/s when running in high-performance mode with a power requirement of 1349 W

  • You can use energy-efficient mode so that you use less power, but still mine Bitcoin at a hash rate of 15.5 to 17 TH/s

  • Weighs only 10kg and is relatively small, making it simple to add to a mining farm or alongside other hardware

  • Used to mine both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on the SHA256 algorithm

  • Relatively quiet at just 76db, which is good for miners of this size and power

If you’re looking for a powerful and flexible miner that allows you to mine both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, then our Antminer S11 is ideal. It’s easy to install, you can switch to different modes that prioritize either power or energy consumption, and it’s lightweight. If you’re looking to enter the Bitcoin arena, you need strong hardware. Our miner is a great first step towards getting your foot in the door or increasing your Bitcoin stash.

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