By - Craig Mullins


We at Obelisk are always trying to bring the newest, strongest miners to market to ensure the highest profitability mining for our clients. Not only is our mining hardware powerful, but our miners are perfect for some of the most useful and profitable cryptocurrencies currently available. If you’re looking for a future proof miner that will be as useful now as it is years in the future, then our Obelisk SC1 is the perfect machine.

Made to mine Siacoins from the famous Sia network, this currency is immediately usable. You can also exchange it for other cryptocurrencies to hold or change for fiat currency. Not only that, but Sia has all the decentralized and privacy benefits that many miners are looking for.

We’ll explain more about Siacoins and why our Obelisk SC1 is one of the best miners you can get. It’s fast, reliable, relatively quiet, and has low operating costs so that you keep the most profit.

Token Details

Nearly all cryptocurrencies hold a monetary value based on the current market conditions. You can use some cryptocurrencies can in place of cash or credit cards at certain marketplaces. You can also use many of them to exchange for other cryptocurrencies or hold them until their value increases. You’ll find that most cryptocurrencies have to get exchanged for Bitcoin to be useful, which shouldn’t be a requirement.

Siacoin is different. While you can certainly exchange this crypto for another, You can also use Siacoins directly at Sia for cloud hosting services. Unlike traditional hosts, Sia is a decentralized service that uses the spare power from other users who join their service. Anyone from people with personal computers to huge data centers can sign up and rent out some spare room on their hard drive. This is a highly accessible, redundant, and flexible network that can host files and websites with ease.

Sia is also much stronger than other hosts. There’s no main data center to worry about. You never have to worry about natural disasters or other issues because the data center spreads out around the world, across every user who joins to offer some of their hard drive space to Sia.

Not only that, but there are no sign ups, third parties, or servers to deal with. Best of all, Sia is more affordable than other hosts if you have a good miner on your side. This will ensure that you can mine all the coins you need to host your files and website.

Siacoin is inflationary, so the blockchain will never run out unlike some other cryptocurrencies. Siacoin will always be there, so you can mine it to your heart’s content. It’s mined via the Blake2b-Sia algorithm, which is incredibly secure. If you’re looking for a currency you can actually use or easily trade, then Siacoin is ideal.

Miner Details

The Obelisk SC1 miner is one of the strongest on the market for Siacoins. It comes in several different form factors of varying sizes, speeds, and power requirements. Our miners are also highly durable, ensuring that you can use them for many years and really reap the rewards of consistent mining.

We currently have two generations of our SC1 and each comes in two different variants. The first-generation miners have a larger, traditional form factor and comes in either two-board or three-board variants. The two-board model reaches speeds of 500-700 GH/s and has a power requirement of 400-500 W. The three-board model reaches speeds of 750-1,050 GH/s and requires 600-750 W of power.

The second-generation miner is a slim form factor comes in one-board and two-board models. The one-board model runs at 500-700 GH/s and needs 400-500 W while the two-board model runs at 1,000-1,400 GH/s and needs 800-900 W.

Heat is always an issue with big miners because they are running at full speed, as fast as possible, and you need to ensure that the miner remains cool or the heat could damage the chips. Every Obelisk SC1 comes with two fans that keep the unit at a cool, comfortable temperature so that they can run indefinitely.

Most big miners aren’t what you would consider quiet, but the SC1 is relatively low noise and should fit right in with your other hardware. At loudest, the SC1 will generate about 75db of noise, which is good when you compare it to the speed and strength of the unit. It’s perfect if you have sensitive ears or don’t want a loud miner.

No matter which one you choose, these are high speeds that will ensure you get a massive number of Siacoins. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies that are impossible to mine, Siacoins shouldn’t require too much time to mine. You’ll find that our SC1 miners are strong enough whether you’re a hobbyist looking to step up your game, or a professional user looking to add some extra power to your setup.

If you’re used to setting up crypto miners, then you’ll find that the Obelisk SC1 is incredibly easy to install. Within a short time, you’ll have the miner all prepared and ready to run automatically. Get one to start or buy a bunch to create a huge network and generate massive amounts of crypto income.

Some of Obelisk SC1’s best features are:

  • Strong hash rates ranging from a low of 500 GH/s to a maximum of 1,400 GH/s, depending on model

  • Relatively low power requirements, ensuring more profit and lower costs

  • Durable miners that can easily run for years, you’ll love how hands-off they are

  • Comes in a traditional and slim form factor based on how much space you have

  • Mines Siacoins, one of the most useful and trusted cryptocurrencies on the Internet

If you’re looking for a duable miner that can help you generate a massive amount of cryptocurrency, has a strong hash rate, and requires relatively little power, then the Obelisk SC1 is for you. It’s a trustworthy miner that will help get all the Siacoins you need to host your files or websites, or you can even host your own website. In either case, this is a machine that will help you mine at a profit.

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