By - Craig Mullins


Grin is one of the newest cryptos to hit the market and it has a ton of attention because of all its wonderful features. If you’re looking to hit the market with your feet running, or if you want to increase your existing market share, then you’ll love our INNOSILICON Grin Miner. This helps you dominate the market with tons of speed but very low operating costs.

We’ll cover all the major benefits of Grin and how or INNOSILICON Grin Miner can help you get the most coins possible in this market.

Token Details

Grin is a newer crypto that launched in early 2019 and is one of the best in terms of privacy, scalability, and usability. That’s because Grin is based on MimbleWimble and has many of the same benefits.

The biggest benefit that people love is that Grin emphasizes privacy. While other cryptos claim to do this, many users have complained about how Bitcoin and other existing cryptocurrencies don’t do enough to keep users and their transactions private. Grin goes the extra step to ensure you’re kept anonymous.

This crypto will erase much of the transactional code whenever it’s used or traded. This makes it practically invisible for those who are trying to track the coin. Another huge privacy benefit is that all transactions get routed through the network to make it even harder to track. This ensures complete privacy regardless of how you use Grin.

One thing that many altcoin adopters appreciate about Grin is that it’s a completely open-source project. There is no real leader, there wasn’t a pre-mining period, and no ICO. The developers get paid through donations from the Grin community, but everything is voluntary. Despite these hurdles, Grin has grown dramatically and is taking over the market because it’s one of the most unique cryptos available.

Grin is also highly scalable with an inflation rate that ensures the coin remains unlimited. This ensures that users can always mine a new coin, but the speed at which you can mine determines your overall market share in this community. That’s why you need an ASIC miner built on the Cuckoo architecture, Grin’s premier algorithm, that will ensure the highest speeds with consistent usage.

It’s easy to see why so many people want to learn more about Grin. Few cryptos can guarantee the level of privacy and scalability that Grin offers. While time will tell where this crypto goes, the market has a very good outlook for this currency. It’s proven to be a powerful force that people believe in.


Our INNOSILICON Grin Miner promises to be one of the strongest miners on the market for this crypto. It’s lightweight in terms of size and power consumption. Operating costs are the devil for crypto miners because they prevent you from profiting off your mining, so we worked to keep the power consumption to a minimum to maximize your profit.

Our Grin Miner promises to be one of the strongest on the market and exponentially stronger than the best GPU miners on the market. We do this by using ASIC architecture. This locks your miner into Grin and ensures that it’s made for that crypto while giving you the highest speed possible. We use Grin’s newest algorithm to also boost the speed even further.

What about power consumption? How does 500W sound? That’s exceptionally low for any ASIC miner. We dare you to look around and find a miner of similar strength that only needs 500W. This is a low figure that ensures you can run the miner all day without expecting high operating costs.

Weight and Size

We developed the INNOSILICON Grin Miner to be exceptionally light and a good size for home users or those who only have small spaces for new miners. Our miner will be able to fit almost anywhere as long as you have some extra space on your desk, a counter, or in your data center with your other miners.

Experienced users will love the size of our hardware because you can create a whole farm of them. Newer users will love how these miners can fit anywhere without difficulty.

The weight is also good for any users. Our miner weighs only 5kg. You can lift it with one hand, and just like with the size, it’s easy to place anywhere without worrying about the shelf bending or breaking. Some miners weight 20kg or more, but ours is exceptionally powerful without requiring a lot of room.

Installation and Noise

As you might expect from all the other features, we care about ease of use with the INNOSILICON Grin Miner. This extends even to the installation of the miner. All you need is an Ethernet cable and you can install at configure the miner within minutes. This is so simple that anyone can do this, even if this is your first miner and you have no previous experience.

We’ve also done our best to keep the miner as cool and quiet as possible so that it can run in the background without interfering with your life. It reaches a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and is so quiet that you might forget it’s there. It sounds like a soft computer running in the background, which many people find soothing.

Some of the INNOSILICON Grin Miner’s best features:

  • One of the strongest Grin miners on the planet, far stronger than GPU mining

  • Only weighs 5kg, making it simple to move around

  • Requires 500W, ensuring low operating costs

  • Low noise and a cool exterior

  • ASIC technology ensures highest mining speeds

When you’re looking to mine Grin at the best speeds possible, then you need our INNOSILICON Grin Miner. This is a highly capable, versatile, and powerful miner that you can fit almost anywhere. Whether you have size constraints or you want to setup a huge mining farm, you’ll find that our miner is the best for your needs.

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