By - Craig Mullins

Spondoolies SPx36

You’ve just found the best Dash ASIC miner on the planet. Not only does the Spondoolies SPx36 have a tremendous amount of power, but the hardware architecture is superb. You’ll love every aspect of our miner. This gives you the processing power you’ve been dreaming of, ensuring you start grabbing Dash coins in the fastest times possible.

Not only that, but our Spondoolies SPx36 runs at low power when compared to miners of similar strength, ensuring that you don’t have to spend much money for operating costs. When you want Dash, you want the SPx36 to back you up.

Coin Information

There are thousands of cryptos out there and the vast majority make big promises but offer little results. Or, they fail to capture the hearts of the crypto market. This results in crypto that has little or no value and even less liquidity. Or, some cryptos are so prohibitively heavy or slow that they can’t be used in rapid environments, which is another big issue that many coins face.

Dash is currently one of the best on the market as it solves many of the problems faced by bigger coins while also having a very dedicated user base. Made in 2014, Dash has gone through a few name changes but has remained largely the same in terms of intent and dedication. It started off as XCoin, then became Darkcoin and was recently changed again to its (likely final) name of Dash. This is a combination of the words Digital Cash and it’s the best way to explain Dash.

Dash’s creator, Evan Duffield, saw Bitcoin and was impressed with the technology. However, like many other users, he noticed two main problems. Bitcoin is very slow and requires a high transactional cost. These are problems that many other users have griped about, but Duffield made his own coin that solved this issue.

Dash is one of the fastest and lightest cryptos around. The transaction cost is 0.0002 Dash per kB and the coin itself works so quickly that it could viably work in stores and other physical areas of business. This in theory makes it much more practical than Bitcoin.

Another big difference is that Dash allows power users to stabilize the market while also earning interest. Those with 1,000 Dash are capable of makingMasternodes. These nodes perform and validate Dash sending requests and they also have the ability to vote on governance changes. This prevents Sybil attacks where hackers make hundreds or thousands of accounts in an attempt to destabilize the currency. One account must have 1,000 Dash, which is prohibitive for all but the most dedicated hackers. Masternode users receive 45% of the blockchain reward.

You’ll also like that Dash is a limited coin with only 18 million coins to ever be made. They will run out in 2300, long after we are all gone, but this ensures that there is ample supply left for everyone. Not only that, but their small size makes them easier to mine. However, having the best hardware on your side means you’ll have an even easier time getting Dash and setting up Masternodes.

Processing Power and Wattage

You want a miner to have power and lots of it. Our Spondoolies SPx36 has a tremendous 540 GH/s processing power, which is able to quickly mine Dash at record rates. This is one of the strongest Dash ASIC miners on the planet, ensuring that you get a good market share of this crypto. We dare you to find a stronger mining rig.

With strong processing power comes high wattage needs, but we’ve done our best to keep this at an absolute minimum with superb hardware architecture. The SPx36 requires 4,400 W, which might sound like a lot until you remember how strong the processing rate is. You get an amazing efficiency rate of 8.1 J/GHs, which is almost nothing.

This comes with 150 ASICs made specifically for Dash and the x11 algorithm. This ensures you get the highest speeds that are stable and remain consistent over time.

Ease of Installation

You might expect a huge miner like this to be incredibly complicated and hard to install. Like how Dash is light and easy to use, we’ve done our best to streamline the installation and configuration process so that you can get up and running as fast as possible.

Whether this is your first miner or you’ve installed a bunch before, you’ll love how fast the configuration is. Once you get the miner in the right place and get the cables connected, you can often get started within minutes. It’s a simple process and you’ll have no problem mining Dash. All you need is a little tech savvy and the ability to follow instructions.


With all its power you’d expect the Spondoolies SPx36 to be huge, but it’s actually relatively small. This makes it easy to fit in even cramped areas an you’ll have no problems setting up a huge farm if you want to capitalize on Dash and get the most possible.

The Spondoolies SPx36 measures out to 560x434x88mm on its own, or 595x434x88mm with the PSU handles. It only weighs 19kg, so you should be able to lift this with only moderate effort. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Some of the Spondoolies SPx36’s best features:

  • Tremendous processing power of 540 GH/s, you can’t get much stronger than this

  • Only requires 4,400 W, which is close to nothing when compared to the processing power

  • Relatively small and only weighs 19kg

  • Installation is simple whether you’re an experienced crypto miner or not

  • Perfect for Dash, which has proven to be a stable crypto throughout its life

When you’re looking to mine Dash, you need our Spondoolies SPx36. Not only is it the strongest miner on the planet, but it’s also easy to install, small, and requires very little power. This will help you make the most of your investment so that you can climb the ranks and get as much Dash as possible.

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