By - Craig Mullins


The Obelisk GRN1 aims to be one of the strongest miners for the Grin blockchain. Based on Mimblewimble and viable for a number of years, this emerging cryptocurrency promises enhanced privacy and prioritizes spending over hoarding. This makes it easier to buy the good and supplies you want without someone looking over your shoulder.

As with all cryptos, your stake in the blockchain all comes down to hardware. Grin has the best scalability, privacy, and fair distribution, but you need a machine with the right combination of strong processing and low power usage to get the most from your time and money. The Obelisk GRN1 is perfect for Grin mining and will help you get the most coins possible.

Grin has two algorithms, one of which is ASIC-resistant and the other is ASIC-friendly. It’s currently believed that the full blockchain will be mined by January 2021 and that the first ASIC-friendly algorithm, Cuckatoo 31+, will be the dominant algorithm until at least April 2020. The sooner you get started the better, as this will result in easier mining with a larger share going towards your digital wallet.

Grin Benefits

Grin is already lauded as one of the best new cryptocurrencies primarily for its innate privacy protection. While all cryptos have privacy to a point, Grin has made this a priority. They ensure that you can buy whatever you want or transfer funds without someone looking over your shoulder.

This is good for miners of all types. If you’re looking for a currency that you can mine and use, not just exchange for some other type of currency that people are using, then you’ll love Grin. If you only want to mine cryptocurrency that is viable and has long-term prospects, then Grin is a great option.

Miner Details

The GRN1 Cuckatoo 31+ design should be finished by March 2019 and shipped out around October 2019. This gives you a significant amount of mining time. For those who don’t know, ASIC mining has largely taken over both CPU and GPU mining as the fastest method. While it is proprietary and made for a certain blockchain, ASIC results in faster speeds and is more consistent than other hardware mining.

This is largely because of how ASIC works. While CPUs and GPUs are technically faster in terms of processing power and ability, ASIC’s goal is to go with the shortest route. This means that the processes don’t have to go as far as with other hardware piece, which results in significantly faster mining. Not only that, but ASIC has another benefit that CPUs and GPUs can’t beat.

When a crypto goes down in value, you’ll often see that GPU mining also slows down. This makes it harder to get your final share of the currency and will making mining quickly unviable unless the value picks back up again. ASIC is relatively consistent throughout the mining process, regardless of whether the currency is thriving or holding steady. This ensures you get the most out of Grin and Mimblewimble.

Power and Specifications

We have run many preliminary tests on our GRN1 miner and are confident about the results, but we do want to remind you that this is an early estimate. In late March, when the design is complete and more ASIC simulations can run, we will release a more accurate estimate of power and mining ability.

Based on current designs, the Obelisk GRN1 can reach speeds of 100 GPS at only 800 W. For a better look at how powerful this is, let’s compare it to the NVDIA RTX2080 Ti, one of the leading GPU chips in the GPU mining sector. The RTX2080 Ti only reaches 2 GPS at 250 W. It’s viable for hardware mining, but there’s no comparison between the two.
You’re getting 40x the mining power and at only 3.2x more energy consumption. Do the math, you’re saving a massive amount of time and money by using the right hardware for the job. Energy consumption is the bane of all professional and hobbyist miners because this eats into your profits. While 800 W is more than small mining rigs, the processing power more than makes up for it. This ensures better profitability compared to those with lower mining power.

Again, these results are preliminary, but we’ll be releasing full estimates soon based on true usage and processing power. We don’t expect them to stray far from our current estimates.


Whether you’re completely new to mining crypto or have any questions about the upcoming GRN1, how to implement it, or questions about any of our other machines, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can email us at or join our Discord channel about GRN1 and other upcoming projects.

Our Support Center includes a wealth of information related to this miner and many others. Look around and see if we can answer your question over there. If not, we’ll be glad to speak with you and answer any question you have.

Just some of our Obelisk GRN1 features:

  • Expected mining capabilities of around 100 GPS at only 800 W, ensures fast mining at minimal power usage

  • Uses ASIC-friendly hardware for Grin, built on the Cuckatoo 31+ algorithm

  • Fast and consistent mining speeds regardless of how Grin is performing at that moment

  • Gives you access to one of the most scalable and private cryptocurrencies invented

  • Expected market dominance until at least April 2020, giving you a large share of this currency

Obelisk is proud to bring you the fastest and most reliable crypto miners ever made. Our Obelisk GRN1 is perfect for the newest Mimblewimble blockchain Grin and ensures rapid mining speeds and ASIC-friendly dominance of the market. If you’re looking to stake your claim into this cryptocurrency, then this machine is the ideal way to do it. It’s strong, fast, and best of all, uses little power so you get nothing but profit.

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