By - Craig Mullins


Our Obelisk DCR1 is here to help you mine one of the most decentralized and democratic cryptocurrencies available. Many cryptos start out decentralized, but they become centralized as certain power users hold more currency than others. These users then have more power in the whole system. Some cryptocurrencies have sought to fix these issues, but few have done as well as Decred.

Decred is a unique cryptocurrency with a hybrid proof-of-work and proof-of-stake system that gives you multiple ways to mine. It also has a specific cap to ensure that the currency doesn’t go out of control. If you’re looking to claim your portion of the money, then our Obelisk DCR1 miners are the way to do it. Read on to find out more about Decred and why our DCR1 miners are the best.

Token Details

Many people have favorably compared Decred to Bitcoinand and there’s a reason why. This was created by Bitcoin enthusiasts and with Bitcoin users in mind. Whether you’re a long-time miner or you’re just starting, Bitcoin had many issues before that people would complain about, but it was hard to have a voice in the community. Only top users were really heard.

Those with any power were users who had mined the majority of the currency. There existed a hierarchy at the top and other users had to scramble for power and representation. While several hard forks have attempted to correct these and other issues, few have been happy with the results.

Decred is born from these issues. It’s a democratic system where every user has a vote on how the cryptocurrency evolves and changes. Community input is a priority with this currency. Not only that, but Decred does its best to remain decentralized and autonomous.

Another unique aspect of Decred is that there are two ways to mine: proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. The stake system allows you to buy a ticket to show your stake in the block. There are 20 tickets per block. After validating 256 blocks, which is usually around 20 hours, your ticket gets added to a lottery which picks a ticket at random. Those who have their ticket chosen get their ticket price back and a stake bonus for validating the block.

There is a 99.5% chance that your ticket will get picked before it expires in four months. It’s a safe bet that gets you some extra money with relatively little effort.

Also, to cap the power of users and ensure that everyone has an equal say in how the currency evolves into the future, the supply has been limited to 21 million. It’s best to get started as soon as possible so that you get your fair share of the cryptocurrency. While everyone might have their voices heard, it’s always a race to the top and our DCR1 is the best way to get there.

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that holds governance as its main priority and aims to strengthen and acknowledge its user base, then Decred is the best for you. Decentralization doesn’t have to come at the price of disorganization. This is ideal for users who want to have a voice, not only a stash of currency.

Miner Details

The Obelisk DCR1 miner comes in two different form factors and each type has two models to pick from. This allows you to choose the size, strength, and power requirements that best match your needs. Whether you want a single unit or to start a crypto mining farm, the DCR1 will be a useful investment.

The first generation of DCR1 miners have a traditional form factor that is somewhat larger than the other model. This comes in a two-board version with a speed of 900 to 1,200 GH/s and a power requirement of 400 to 500 W. There’s also a three-board variant with a speed rating of 1,350 to 1,800 GH/s and a power requirement of 600 to 750 W.

The second generation of DCR1 miners are slim models decreased in size to make it easier to generate farms. It’s also to fit it around other hardware that you have. The first version is one-board with a speed rating of 1,000 to 1,300 GH/s and power requirement of 400 to 500 W. The other version is two-board with speeds reaching 2,000 to 2,600 GH/s and a power requirement of 800 to 900 W.

Crypto miners aren’t known for being quiet, but the DCR1 won’t force you to cover your ears or soundproof the room. You can expect the sound to be around 65db, which is very low for miners of this strength. You might hear the miner as it runs, but it won’t dominate the room.

All these are relatively simple to install, especially if you’re used to connecting other miners. You should have no problem setting up the miner and connecting it to your network. Get everything connected, turn it on and you’re good to go. We’ve made it as simple and painless as possible so that you can do what’s important: mine as much cryptocurrency as humanly possible.

Some of Obelisk DCR1’s best features:

  • Runs at tremendous speeds of up to 2,600 GH/s, ensuring you get lots of Decred in your digital wallet

  • Relatively low power requirements with a maximum of 900 W to keep more money in your pocket

  • Simple to install and setup, whether it’s one unit or you’re making a whole network

  • Gives you premium access to Decred, a cryptocurrency that values every user and their input

  • One of the fastest miners you can get in the Decred sector

Decred is a unique cryptocurrency that gives you access to govern and route the evolution of the currency throughout the years. This is rare within the crypto world and it gives you some power to guide the future so that it’s best for you and everyone else in the community. Our Obelisk DCR1 miner will help you mine as much Decred as possible while using little power, ensuring you keep as much as possible in your wallet. Try it out and you’ll see why Obelisk is the top crypto miner manufacturer.

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