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FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod ASIC Miner

The FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod ASIC Miner is the first compact, Wi-fi enabled and high-efficiency ASIC miner for SCRYPT. This modern device is a script ASIC miner that allows you to take the mining operation away from your own computer or other power-hungry machines and do it in a centralized way. FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod acts as a centralized farm, allowing you to mine your favorite cryptocurrency in safety.

Before looking in depth at the features of the FutureBit Apollo, let’s take a quick glance at what ASIC miners are and how they work.

What is an ASIC Miner?

Cryptocurrency mining was designed as an activity that everyone can do on their personal computers. However, in 2019, the most effective way to mine cryptocurrencies is by using a specific hardware unit called an ASIC miner.

ASIC stands for application specific integrated circuits. It is a piece of hardware made of custom circuits. The circuits work together to mine bitcoins, DASH, litecoin, and a plethora of other cryptocurrencies.

The chips that make up an ASIC miner range from audio processors to electricity providers. They are a single, standalone unit designed for cryptocurrency mining. You cannot use an ASIC miner for any other purpose except for virtual currency mining.

What does an ASIC Miner Do?

An ASIC Miner, such as the well-famed FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod ASIC Miner, runs complicated calculations to find specific numbers. Like any other mining hardware such as a GPU mining rig, the ASIC runs through zillions of calculation to find numbers that can convert to SCRYPT. The first system to find the right number gets a reward, which is around 12 bitcoins, or $71k.

Miners can earn more by having a faster hardware. With an ASIC miner, you have the highest chance possible to earn bitcoins or other virtual currencies. The investment almost always pays off in a few weeks, maximum two months.

Because each cryptocurrency comes with its own type of algorithm, an ASIC mining system mines using specific algorithms used by specific cryptocurrencies. You can use one of these units to mine almost any type of cryptocurrency available on the market.

Why is an ASIC Miner Better than CPU Mining Systems?

ASIC miners are much more advanced than CPU or graphics cards. CPUs or graphics cards do more things at once, while ASIC miners are dedicated systems that mine cryptocurrencies. If the cryptocurrency you are mining is worth more than the ASIC miner and the electricity, then you have made a great deal.

Running an ASIC miner can be very costly from an energetic point of view. However, a powerful system that consumes a low amount of energy and allows you to mine high valuable currencies is worth the cost. The great news is that some ASIC miners, such as the FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod, consume less energy than a CPU or graphics card.

An advanced ASIC miner is designed from the ground up to perform all the necessary calculations without wasting too much energy. Thus, it can help you mine more bitcoins in a shorter amount of time, with a lower associated cost.

Introducing the FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod ASIC Miner

The FutureBit Apollo is a modern, cost-efficient ASIC miner that is the culmination project of several years of engineering. This advanced unit draws its inspiration the successful Apollo landing on the moon. This unit is a reliable cryptocurrency miner that can be used by any residential users, both at home or at the office.

FutureBit Apollo comes with an advanced ARM-based controller. Its quad-core processor is standalone, so it requires no external computer to work. You can manage it over a standard Wi-fi or Hotspot connection. Moreover, thanks to the embedded software, the manufacturer can released frequent updates, so you can enjoy extended functionality and better performance in the years to come.

To cool the unit, the engineers from FutureBit have come with an ingenious idea. They have created a custom-made aluminum pin heatsink forged at sub-zero temperatures. It manages to deliver extreme cooling potential with low fan speed and no noise whatsoever. In other words, you’ll be able to enjoy your new mining unit without even hearing it. FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod is the quietest ASIC miner available today on the market.

You can use this unit to compete with farm miners and large farms. Thanks to the high-end capacity of this unit, you can mine 24/7 with minimum electricity investment and no noise whatsoever. This ASIC miner can stay cool for a very long period of time thank to the aluminum pin heatsink.

Another excellent feature of this ASIC miner is the integrated controller. It makes it super easy for you to use the unit. Setting it up and starting to mine is a breeze.

In a world of expendable and low quality miners, the guys from FutureBit have spared no expense in creating a top-notch, high-quality, durable ASIC miner. FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod offers a large range of operation, allowing you to stay profitable.

To top it all, you can use the same fan, heatsink, board, controller or platform for future ASIC miners released by FutureBit. This is a winning combination you don’t want to miss. This gorgeous unit is 100% made in the USA, with USA-made parts and using USA technology. You couldn’t ask for anything better in terms of crypto mining.

Features of the FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod Miner

  • Compact design

  • Extremely easy to carry around

  • Powered by a powerful quad core processor

  • Can run without a desktop connection

  • Extremely easy to set up

  • Has 2 modes: ECO and Turbo

  • In ECO mode, the Apollo miner is the most silent ASIC miner in 2019

  • Custom pin heatsink that provides exceptional thermal performance and cooling capabilities

Order the FutureBit Apollo LTC Pod Miner now and start making real money mining cryptocurrencies. Don’t miss out on one of the best ASIC miners available.

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