By - Craig Mullins

Bitmain Antminer T15

Bitmain brings the strongest miners to market, and we have another unit to add to our lineup. The Antminer T15 is one of our most powerful miners and it’s more affordable that you might think. Our T15 miner not only runs at a high hash rate, but there are also several other features and design choices that make this the ideal miner for beginners and advanced users alike.

It all comes down to ROI and you want to get the largest market share possible of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular crypto. Entering this market is tough if you don’t have the right equipment. In fact, it’s practically impossible to mine Bitcoin at all unless you have an exceptionally powerful machine on your side. The T15 helps you get your foot in the door or to help improve your market share. Let’s talk about why our Antiminer T15 is the right machine for your needs.

Token Information

Bitcoin is by far the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It experienced a huge market boom and is also the most valuable crypto you can currently mine. This comes with numerous advantages and some drawbacks. The best advantage is that Bitcoin has become readily accepted by many marketplaces.

Many other cryptos must be traded for Bitcoin or other useful cryptos, but not Bitcoin. You can use Bitcoin as is at many online and physical retailers, or you can trade it for fiat currency. It’s a simple transfer that many other cryptos don’t enjoy.

Bitcoin is the king of crypto, but this has led to a lot of people attempting to mine it. As with any other crypto, the more mining that occurs, the harder the future blocks are to complete. That’s the disadvantage of Bitcoin. You need power to enter this market, and lots of it.

Attempting to mine Bitcoin with a CPU or even a strong GPU will leave you in the red. A strong ASIC miner like our Antminer T15 will help you reap the most rewards possible. While there is always a gamble when you mine crypto, our machine has the power you’re looking for to process lots of data and get through those block chains.

Hash Rate and Power Requirements

Aside from the cost of the miner itself, hash rate and power consumption are two of the most important factors when it comes to determining if a miner is worth investing in. A stronger hash rate means that the miner can process more data at a higher speed, ensuring that you collect as many coins as possible. Power consumption is directly tied to operating costs. The less power that’s needed, the more affordable the miner is to run.

Like many of our other miners, you can select whether you want to run the miner is a high-performance mode or to decrease power for lower speed along with lower power and operating costs. It’s up to you and it’s easy to switch between them.

At high power, the T15 is capable of running at slightly over 23 TH/s, which is a tremendous amount of power. This will help you get through block chains quickly. Despite the high hash rate, you’ll be happy to know that the power requirement is only 1541 W, which is low when you consider how fast the miner runs.

You can drop the hash rate if you’d like for even less power usage. You can drop the hash rate to between 17.5 to 21 TH/s, which also drops the power requirement to about 1050 to 1260 W.

While the miner will come with a power supply, please be aware that we ship the unit without a power cord. You will need to buy your own to run the unit. You should have no problem buying this from any local electronics store.

Size and Weight

Another important factor when purchasing a miner is consider its size and weight. This determines whether you can fit other units together and helps you create a whole network to improve your processing power.

When it comes to size, the Antminer T15 measures out to 220x178x296mm, which is very small when compared to other miners of similar power. Plus, it only weighs 10kg. This means you should have little issue with moving it around and lifting it, so you can set it up high if needed.

The miner itself has three hash boards and 180 hash chips. Installation is simple and all you need is an RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M cable.

Noise Level

Many newer crypto miners don’t think about the noise level of their machines and buy the strongest one on the market. While mining rigs aren’t quiet, you don’t want to buy a machine that is deafening. It will be hard to run without getting complaints or covering your ears.

The Antminer T15 is similar to many of our other miners and runs at around 75db, which is quiet for a miner of this size and power. You’ll hear it running, but it won’t be annoying or incredibly loud.

Some of the Antminer T15’s best features are:

  • Comes with a high hash rate of 23 TH/s and a low power requirement of 1541 W, this means low operating costs and strong processing

  • You can change the hash rate and power consumption to lower operating costs even more

  • The unit is relatively small and light, making it easy to maneuver or create a whole network

  • Relatively quiet at 75db, ensuring you can run one or multiple units without covering your ears

  • Ideal for mining Bitcoin and getting the largest market share possible

If you’re looking to get into the Bitcoin arena, then you need strong hardware with high processing power. Our Antminer T15 will help you get there, whether you’re running a single unit or multiple ones. Not only that, but it’s easy to install and is small enough so that you can put several units together, even in small rooms. Give it a try and you’ll see why Bitmain is a leader in the miner market.

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