By - Craig Mullins

Attorney SEO: Get The Best Deal Today!

Are you an attorney-at-law looking to get your name out there but don’t know how? Depending on your jurisdiction, there are thousands upon thousands of potential clients who need legal representation. However, you also have to compete with other attorneys in your area.

Practicing law is already difficult enough with documents and court appearances. It’s even more difficult when you’re trying to look for would-be clients without a well-known name. How do clients find you without spending too much money on advertisements? The good news is there is a way you can generate more business than usual. Consider what we can do for you.

Here is how we can help you and your practice of law. We provide SEO services that can get your name across the front page on Google. When potential clients have cases and are looking for representation, they likely turn to Google as a search engine. For example, they might type “attorneys in the (X) area.” With our SEO, we can make sure it’s your name that comes up. With our current strategies, we can discuss ways to improve your overall Internet presence.

What is SEO?

The term SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. The most efficient way to advertise yourself is through search results. In a previous example, we mentioned someone looking up attorneys near their location. Once they type this question on a search engine, whether it’s Google, Bing, or Yahoo, results come up. What they get depends on the keywords they use.

Here is what happens when you try to look up anything on the Internet. Let’s say you type in the keywords “attorneys near me.” A web crawler, also known as a spider bot, looks over the entire web to find information that matches the keywords. In this case, the crawler looks up often-visited websites that get traffic based on multiple ranking factors. These factors include comparing the keywords with the relevant subject matter and paid advertisements. The top results you get for “attorneys near me” are typically paid advertisements.

However, with our SEO service, you don’t have to rely solely on the high costs of advertisements. Our search optimization can get you to the top of the first page through organic means and high-quality leads. As an attorney, there are several cases out there, but first, you need to get noticed. You can do so with our services, which take advantage of web crawlers, so your name comes up more often.

Create an SEO Website Just For You

We implement an SEO marketing strategy based on calculated algorithms. In layman’s terms, we build your presence online by fixing your website. Potential clients need to look up your website to take action and seek legal representation. However, in order to generate more attention, we take certain keywords, so when people type them, it’s your website that shows up in the search results. A few examples of keywords would be “negligence” and “car accidents.”

Here is what you do. Please give us a list of keywords that define your practice, along with a helpful description of what services you provide. We write the website for you, making sure to type the keywords a certain number of times. In the previous example, we mentioned the keywords “car accidents.” If the city you live in is prone to these types of cases, let us know to include it among your keywords. It certainly boosts the clientele you’re looking for.

You can also provide us internal links to other websites. These typically include statistical data on certain types of cases, like car accidents in your area. It lets your clients know you mean business, and you understand what you’re talking about.

Our services also include adding meta descriptions at the end of the articles. Meta descriptions are an HTML element that summarizes your entire business in a few sentences. Using keywords with a meta description is a surefire way to bring your rankings up on search results.

We write comprehensive articles for your website. Our SEO service ensures when clients look it up, they fully understand what you’re all about. Make sure to give us the following information:

  • Summary of what you’re trying to sell
  • Specific keywords
  • Internal links
  • Meta description

Get the Best Traffic Results

Using an SEO-friendly website, you can promote yourself with both the quality and quantity of traffic results. Quality refers to search results that are only intended for those who are interested in your services. Quantity refers to getting enough people to click on your website through the search engine. We combine both these aspects, so your business receives exponential growth in searches.

Attorneys often fight one another when they compete for clients. It can also be costly paying for advertisements like they do. There is no need to worry about that, however. With SEO, the quality and quantity of your searches allow for more organic results. Organic search results are ones you don’t have to pay for. While your competitors pay extra costs to advertise themselves, you can use our SEO as a cost-effective measure. You still get front page results for your law firm at an affordable rate. Stay one step ahead with our services.

Increase Your Clients

As an attorney, you can significantly increase your overall clientele by using our SEO. We optimize your search results for potential clients to see your name on the very first page. Give us select keywords, and we can build a website to attract more customers for your business.

We understand top searches tend to be a result of paid advertisements. Our SEO provides organic results to counteract this – you don’t have to pay high costs to achieve the same results. With our SEO, you can become a top-ranked attorney in search engines when potential clients look up law firms. You are guaranteed to see better results, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call, and we can make you a hot prospect among attorneys in your area.

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