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By - Craig Mullins

FEMA Test Answers for IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100

Looking for the FEMA test answers? Here’s a full introduction to the Incident Command System that will get you test-ready.

FEMA course IS-100.C is an introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS). The ICS is an essential structure to understand if you are in first response or disaster planning. IS-100.C is your overview of the ICS approach to command, control, and coordination in the event of a disaster.

FEMA Test Answers for IS-100.C
FEMA Test Answers for IS-100.C

This article provides an overview of the ICS, training course, and FEMA test answers. Learn how to register for the course, complete the curriculum, and what the final exam covers.

ICS is a management hierarchy and procedural system for dealing with temporary disaster incidents. The incident can be localized, regional, or national. The procedures of the ICS demand a pre-establishment of sanctioned participating entities.

The IS-100 FEMA Test is mandatory for any participating authority with FEMA.

Read below for sample questions and FEMA test answers.

ICS 100: Introduction to the Incident Command System

The ICS’ development was inter-agency between the governmental agencies of California and Arizona. Originally, ICS addressed the response protocol and command structure during wildfires. Since its development, ICS has been adopted by the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

The National Incident Management System plays a key role in all FEMA response events and hazard-situations. Therefore, ICS is the command protocol for any HazMat situation, active shooter response, or other temporary incidents.

The ICS command response is designed for flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. It provides the structure to enable seamless managerial shifts and adaptation across any department. It prevents redundancy of efforts and a clear authority hierarchy in an emergency situation.

FEMA describes an incident, as ICS is involved, as “unplanned situations necessitating a response”. For example, a hostage crisis’, wildfires, hazardous material spills, disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, and search-and-rescue operations adhere to the ICS structure.

The ICS describes an “Event” as a situation that was planned for. Such events include concerts, parades, fairs, political appearances, and others.

IS-100.C FEMA Test Answers

FEMA IS-100.C is a comprehensive introduction and overview of the Incident Command System or ICS. It is a critical course for those in emergency planning and response on the local, state, and federal levels.

This course provides a foundation on which to build through the succeeding levels of ICS training courses.

What Does it Cover?

In this course, you learn about the history, features, principles, and organizational structure of the ICS. It also teaches you how ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) work together in practice.

The IS-100.C curriculum is created in partnership with the National Wildlife Coordinating Group (NWCG), United States Department of Agriculture, and the United States Fire Administration’s National Fire Program Branch.

Students that pass the course can describe the basic ICS structure and main principles. The exam tests your knowledge of the foundational NIMS principles as well.

You must prove that you understand the functional area’s of the ICS and the command structure. Describe the role between the Incident Commander and the Command Staff, as well as the functions of each staff position.

How to Take the Course

The course is in an interactive web-based classroom and takes about two hours to complete. The IS-100.C FEMA test contains about 50 questions.

In order to complete the final exam online, you need to register for FEMA SID. Once you have your FEMA SID you can register for other classes on the full FEMA course list.

You can transfer your FEMA credits to count toward a college degree. FEMA credits are perfect for those seeking a degree in emergency management, disaster recovery, and humanitarian affairs.

Sample FEMA Test Answers: IS-100.C

Here is a selection of sample answers to FEMA test IS-100.C. These questions give you a clear picture of the multiple choice questions found on the real test. The wording and question sequence will differ, but the knowledge it tests remains the same.


Final Thoughts

Use these FEMA test answers for the IS-100.C exam as a study aid. You can go back through your course material at any point to prepare for your final test on the ICS course. Passing this test means that you have a solid foundation of knowledge on NIMS and the ICS structure.

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