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Best Rust Server Dedicated Hosting Game Servers

You’ve spent the day in the world of RUST, collecting resources and building your base. Everything seems quiet in-game, so you take a break to make food.

And other players raid your camp, stealing everything.

Tired of feeling nervous every time you take a break from the game?  Dedicated server hosting capabilities give you the power to control how and with whom you play RUST. Here’s why you need a personal server and the best options available.

1. Security Features

While you’re playing RUST, you connect with other users through open domains around the world. These are great for meeting folks, but leave your sensitive information ripe for the picking.

With free server hosting dedicated to RUST, you choose the security. Most providers also offer fully or semi-managed maintenance plans to keep your details secure.

2. High-Speed Loading Times

No one wants to be stuck in a loading screen when they could be surviving in the thrilling Rust landscape. The wait could cost you valuable in-game resources. A dedicated game server hosting platform will significantly reduce wait times between gameplay.

3. Customization Control

A key component of cloud-based dedicated server hosting is the customization control that you are given. You can choose the software you prefer. Plus the hardware and operating system options are yours to determine.

The Best RUST Server Hosting Options

With a private MC server hosting application, you can build your base, collect top-notch assets, and explore the world without worrying about betrayal and looting. While there are plenty of hosting partners out there, here are the ones at the top.

1. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming has been hosting RUST servers since the game launched in 2013. The powerhouse control panel makes navigation and customization simple, whether you’re an expert or beginner. Features of the option include,

  • Scheduling options
  • Mod Manager
  • Offsite backups
  • DDOS protection

Price plans start at 15 pounds per month for 50 player slots and go up to 120 pounds for 400 players. Set up is instant and the company offers 24-hour full-refunds for those unsatisfied.

2. ScalaCube

ScalaCube hosts RUST in addition to a few other games, Minecraft and ARK included. With free set-up and 24/7 uptime, the option gives you flexibility. The dedicated server hosting platform offers you,

  • Full FTP access
  • DDOS protection
  • No lag
  • SSD drives

ScalaCube offers a free single-player server if you don’t want to host others. The other plans include $24 per month for 150 players and $40 per month for 250 players.

3. HostHavoc

HostHavoc has RUST server hosting options available in 11 countries. You get 24/7 network support, DDOS protection included, and an FTP/file manager. With this option, you also gain:

  • Command-line manager
  • 99.9% average network uptimes

With HostHavoc, plans range from $16 per month for 30 players to $72 per month for 400 players. Customers have 72 hours to test out the server and return it.

Ready to Host a Private RUST Server? See The Website Today!

With private RUST server hosting, you gain complete control of the play arena. Want to skip the frustration of experimenting and choose the ideal RUST server platform?

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