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Best Cheap Modded Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting

Looking to play in an online Minecraft server?

Instead of joining millions of other Minecraft players’ servers, why not host your own? Server hosting isn’t as bothersome or expensive as before. However, it depends on the dedicated server hosting you’ll pick.

Read on as we list some of the traits of a great hosting service provider.

1. Processors

Minecraft needs processing time to run. You calculate these using clock cycles in actual usage situations. It’s why the presentation is at MHz or GHz.

Reputable MC server hosting services use servers with multiple yet powerful processors. The exact processing time depends on your hosting plan. Some offer shared hosting while others use VPS.

VPS or cloud hosting plans offer exclusive certain resource use. If you have the budget and don’t mind the additional fees, go for these plans. You’d also do well to invest in Bitcoin mining for more funding.

2. Memory

RAM is fast, volatile storage for running various processes. Your server loads data into this memory type for faster processing. If you have less memory, your server might swap data in and out of RAM more often.

It results in a lower-performing Minecraft server. Like processor time, getting a shared hosting server uses a large memory pool shared between various accounts. It’s why you must invest in a server with dedicated memory.

3. Storage Type and Space

Compared to other video games, Minecraft won’t take up a lot of storage space. Running a Minecraft server is a different matter, however. It means having a server host with SSDs to boost performance.

Take note, differences within this area can differ a lot. Some web hosts offer SSD-based server software for the operating system and web server. At the same time, they’ll use regular storage for your data storage.

It’s a different arrangement compared with full-SSD server hosting. Ask the best Minecraft game server hosting provider about their hardware before committing.

4. Server Location

One of the most important factors for both paid and free server hosting is the location. If your server is too far from your home, you’ll often experience high latency. In short, your Minecraft game will start lagging.

You can’t do a lot if your server has players from all around the world. Otherwise, hosting for players within your country or region makes it easier. Pick servers within or near that area to ensure maximum performance.

5. Minecraft-Specific Support

With Minecraft as one of the top games of all time, you’ll find no shortage of server providers. Find one that supports the game alone. They often offer additional support for your MC server hosting you can’t find from others.

Find a Great Minecraft Server Hosting Provider!

With these server hosting factors, finding a Minecraft server is a breeze. Never settle for anything less, especially if you aim to run mods.

Looking for a great Minecraft server? Reach out to me and let me help you with my broad skill set.

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