By - Craig Mullins

Best Space Engineers Dedicated Server Hosting

Want to play Space Engineers with your friends, but you’re unsure which third-party host to use?

Space Engineers is an amazing game filled with endless possibilities where you’re limited only by your imagination, and the game’s physics engine. It’s a great game to play with different people since you can establish your own colony with their help in no time. However, it’s not enjoyable when you need to worry about lag.

Worry no more! Check out these five hosting servers for a faster connection and great multiplayer performance with less lag! With dedicated server hosting like these, you’ll have the gaming experience of a lifetime.

1. Survival Servers

If you’re looking for a server that allows you to customize your Space Engineers game server, then Survival Servers is a good hosting server option. With one click, you can install supported mods/maps, switch locations, and change any setting. Also, it’s not only compatible with PC, but with Xbox Crossplay too!

It offers access to Space Engineers Forum where you can connect with other players. The best part is that it’s a global network with many hosting locations. All these features for only $0.73 per slot!

2. Host Havoc

For only $0.75 per slot, Host Havoc is your go-to server hosting option. It guarantees 99.9% network uptime as they use data centers with the most reliable uplinks.

It provides a web-based file manager perfect for users who prefer to self-manage. They give their customers the ability to configure their server’s launch command line.

First-time user? Don’t worry they’ve got you covered with their 24/7 technical support team that responds within 15 minutes!

3. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming has Torch support, a dedicated server that gives server owners great tools to make server maintenance easier. With their easy-to-use control panel, you can change settings.

They even have an auto-save feature that allows you to rest easy knowing your progress is safe. This is an important feature to have since the crazy physics engine of the game can cause the game to crash from time to time.

Worried about memory space? GTX gives unlimited memory along with dedicated cores so you can use as many plugins as you want. It also has an offsite backup machine that will auto-save clone backup of your server.

4. LogicServers

LogicServers comes with an instant setup service allowing you to start right away. With great Mod support, you can enable mods on all their game servers.

Don’t worry about speed as they use the best hardware and processors giving you a fast connection. It also comes with automated protection from attackers, so that your servers are safe.

Having problems with your server? Their fast and friendly support team is there 24/7.

5. ServerBlend

As a dedicated server hosting for Space Engineers, ServerBlend uses high power processors ensuring the best and reliable performance for your game server. Their control panel allows you to configure and customize your game server switches, boxes, and dropdowns.

Here’s a bonus, their Space Engineer servers use a high-quality network to ensure you achieve the lowest ping and the best gaming experience! Want more? They offer auto mod installing and updating file manager, and performance check!

Try These Space Engineers Server Hosting Companies Today!

These five are among the dedicated server hosting for Space Engineers. Why not give them a try? Experience a high-quality game server and have a blast playing Space Engineers!

Still not sure which to pick? I’ve got you covered! Get in touch with me and let me know how I can help you today!

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