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Best Cheap FiveM Dedicated Server Hosting

Wait, FiveM… not 3M? You mean this article is about server hosting and not command strips? Well, it looks like you’re stuck in a streak of bad luck (ha).

However, if you clicked on this trying to learn about a cheap, easy way to host a gaming server, then you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s go over the basics.

What Is a FiveM Gaming Server?

FiveM is a multiplayer mod for GTA V. With a FiveM server, you can play multiplayer on a private and customizable server. Essentially, FiveM allows you to mod GTA V online in a safe place.

On a FiveM server, you’ll find many inventive, player-created game modes and maps.

Want to try out the new sub? There’s a map for that.

So, How Do You Start Using FiveM?

To experience FiveM, you need to find an existing server or start a home server. Think of FiveM like a DIY version of G Mod. Every server is either set up in someone’s home machine or hosted remotely by a FiveM server hosting company.

You can find some good servers by searching FiveM’s website, but the most surefire way to have a good time is to start a game server of your own.

Here are the pros and cons of building a home FiveM server vs. renting server space.

Start Hosting a Server by Yourself

This is the most bootstrap method you can use to start playing on a FiveM server. While it might be worth it if you’re techy, this method can also get expensive.

Pros of Self-Hosting

Let’s dig into the pros of a self-hosted server! The major pluses you can look out for are…

  1. You have complete control.
  2. You can upgrade the server down the line with your own components.
  3. Your server will be located close to you physically, reducing latency. (This also depends on your ISP)
  4. DIY solution nets you free server hosting after the initial cost is paid.

So, to sum up, a home server will be faster and more customizable. Perfect for the techy person.

Cons of Self-Hosting

Now, we’ll dig into the cons of a self-hosted server. The major cons you can look out for are…

  1. The start-up cost of self-hosting gets expensive. 
  2. If the hosting computer is turned off, then the FiveM server will also go down.
  3. Troubleshooting will be completely dependent on your knowledge.

In summary, a home server will be more expensive and more complicated. You’ll need a lot of cash on hand to make it work.

Renting Space From a Server Hosting Company

This may seem a little like a cop-out if you’re technologically inclined. Give us a second to explain ourselves, though, because things aren’t always as they seem.

Pros of Using a Hosting Service

Onto the pros of a remote server! The major pluses you can look out for are…

  1. You would need to rent from a hosting service for years to approach the cost of a FiveM provider with dedicated server hosting. (If you rent from Zap hosting, for example, 16 years of payments would equal the cost of a home server.)
  2. Upgrades to the remote server hardware will be done for you, all hassle-free.
  3. You won’t have to troubleshoot your server.
  4. Your server will stay on all the time.

So, to sum up, a remote server will be always on, cheap, and maintenance-free. Perfect for the average gamer.

Cons of Using a Hosting Service

Now, we’ll dig into the cons of a remote server. The major shorts you can look out for are…

  1. You will have a lot of control, but not total control.
  2. Latency will increase slightly because the server is far away from you physically.

In summary, you’ll trade upfront costs for higher latency. You’ll just need a tiny bit more patience.

Will You Go DIY, or Will You Rent Server Hosting Space?

We recommend signing up with Zap hosting unless you have unlimited money burning a hole in your pocket for an always-on, dedicated server pc.

So, what server hosting solution will you choose? I know my answer.

If you want to learn more about cool tech, check out the rest of my blog!

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