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By - Craig Mullins

Burson Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP Rural Internet Options

Do you live in a rural area of Burson, CA that doesn’t get internet? Think again. We can provide the ins and outs of internet and cable—here’s what we do!

Are you trying to find a Burson wireless internet provider?

It can be challenging, especially considering Burson, CA’s proximity to more urban areas like Stockton and Sacramento. You’d think that finding an internet service provider would be much easier.

About 2/3 of rural Americans don’t have access to high-speed internet options. Fortunately, in Burson, CA, you do thanks to wireless internet.

Read on to find out more about finding the right wireless provider for you.

What Are Your Needs?

There are a wide variety of internet needs for families. Some families just want to have access to run their business.

That would entail uploading and downloading files, email, some social media work from only a couple of devices.

Other families want to stream Netflix movies, have a way to do homework or research online, and connect with other family members through social media. You may just want to relax and surf the web for recipes like these deviled egg recipes.

You’ll want to know what your needs are as you’re searching for a provider. Get an idea of how many devices you’ll want to have connected to the internet and what you plan to use your connection for.

What Is Bandwidth?

With any internet service, wireless or not, you have something called bandwidth. Bandwidth is a bit different from internet speed.

Bandwidth is the internet pipeline that serves your home. Some internet providers, even cable or DSL, will use the same pipeline to serve many homes. What happens when you have so many users on the same pipeline is that the pipeline can get clogged with data.

Even when you have a connection that doesn’t share bandwidth with other homes, you still have multiple devices in your home competing for resources from the same internet pipeline. The more bandwidth you have, the more devices will be able to fit.

It’s like the difference between a garden hose and a firehose. With a garden hose, you know that a certain amount of water will come out. In internet terms, that’s a limited amount of bandwidth.

Wireless Internet in Burson, CA

Fortunately, there’s a Burson wireless internet provider that offers 20mpbs upload and download speeds. That would be me. In addition to real estate, SEO, SEM, and website hosting.

This is an ideal solution for people that traditional cable companies don’t service.

You may wonder why privately owned internet providers don’t serve rural areas. It comes down to profitability. They invest a lot of money and resources to build internet infrastructure in rural areas. They don’t think that there are enough customers that would enable them to recoup those funds.

So, they don’t bother, leaving your community without internet service. Until you connect with a Burson wireless internet provider.

Can You Still Stream Movies at 20mpbs?

That’s a common question for many home users. The truth is that it really depends on how you use the internet.

Can you easily stream movies at 20mpbs? Yes, you can with one device. Can you stream movies on multiple devices at a time? That’s not recommended because both devices are competing for resources in the internet pipeline.

Your best bet is to stream movies on one device for the best viewing experience. Otherwise, you may have a bit of buffering, and you could lose patience rather quickly.

What About Email and Regular Business Work?

Farm technologies have been shaping the industry for several years. Will you need to upload or download data to your location?

Are you planning to use your wireless internet connection for email and standard business tasks? If so, you’ll be fine with 20mbps. That speed is more than adequate to handle your business needs.

How Does Wireless Internet Differ from Dial-Up?

Did you know that in 2015, there were still 2.1 million AOL users? Remember the CDs that they would send out to get everyone to join?

That’s because internet connections still work over the phone lines. They may be incredibly slow, but they still work like it’s 1999. Since phone lines have been in existence for years, companies don’t have to build the infrastructure to bring internet services to rural areas.

With dial-up services, the connection is slow, at 56kpbs. Compare that to a wireless provider that offers 20mbps service. That’s actually 20000kpbs, which is much, much faster than a mere 56kbps.

Not only that, you can’t use your phone at the same time as you’re using the internet. If someone tries to call you when they’re online, they’re just going to get a busy signal.

Get Set Up with Your Burson Wireless Internet Provider WISP

You know that getting the right internet connection in a rural area is a challenge, especially in Burson, CA. It can impact your work, education, and how you relate to the world.

Burson Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP
Burson Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP

It seems that everything is done online, and you should be able to participate in the world, no matter where you live.

With wireless internet, you have the speed and the bandwidth to run your business and remain connected to the world around you. The best part is that you don’t have to make a special trip to the local library to check your email.

If you’re looking for a Burson wireless internet provider contact me to find out more about getting your farm or ranch connected.