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Valley Springs Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP – Rural Internet Options

Looking for cost-effective rural internet options? Meet your new Valley Springs wireless internet service provider

When homesteaders and settlers moved across the United States prairie in the 19th century, they settled in places that rested near the burgeoning railway system.

Valley Springs Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP
Valley Springs Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP

As much as they loved the open prairie, they also knew they needed a connection to the world back east. The railroad was that connection.

Today’s reliable internet is that railroad. Where reliable internet exists, so will growing communities. Your rural community can survive and even thrive with a reliable internet connection.

The internet is the way to transport goods just as much as railroads, rivers, and airports of the past.

The Valley Springs community and outlying rural areas have viable and reliable rural internet options. You just need to know what’s out there before you move to L.A. for faster internet.

Keep reading to learn more about the wireless rural internet options available in the Valley Springs area.

Rural Internet Options: Satellite vs. Fixed Wireless

Before you understand your options, know the difference between fixed wireless and satellite internet connections.

Satellite and fixed wireless internet both need a dish or antenna affixed to a business or homeowner’s residence. Additionally, both will create a high-speed internet connection with no cables or physical lines going from source to router.

The biggest difference lies in distance, though.

Satellite and Atmospheric Interference

Satellite internet occurs when the provider uses a satellite approximately 20,000 feet in the atmosphere as a way to bounce a signal from the source to the consumer.

As a result, satellite internet is greatly affected by atmospheric disturbances. If the weather is bad, if a storm hits, the internet connection will turn spotty or disappear altogether.

The atmosphere does not affect fixed wireless, however.

Fixed Wireless Closer to the Ground

Fixed wireless occurs when a provider has a tower about the same height as a cell tower. The tower sends a signal usually no farther than ten miles but sometimes up to twenty miles to a consumer’s residence or business.

The aforementioned dish or antenna picks up the signal and sends it through a cable in the home to a router. The router then converts the signal into something the computer can read.

And you have the internet.

When you upload something, such as when you send an email out or put a post on Facebook, the process works the same except you’re sending it out to that tower rather than receiving it.

Because the tower rises usually no more than 500 feet above the ground, clouds, storms, and general atmospheric disturbances do not disrupt the signal.

Understanding Speed

Understand megabits per second as well when you look at internet speed. The term “mbps” or megabits per second refer to how fast your information will travel through the air and your cable.

So when you’re considering a lower internet speed, picture a horse and buggy moving on a low maintenance road versus a sleek, sportscar on the autobahn.

Also, realize that not everyone needs a sportscar at autobahn speeds, especially if the transport will cost you more than you can afford.

Viasat Satellite Connection

Viasat Internet, an international internet provider, provides high-speed internet for both home and business. Their speeds vary from 12 megabits per second to 50 megabits per second with the cost ranging from $50 a month to $100 a month.

Viasat also boasts of their service being available to 100 percent of the Valley Springs area. So you can get their service virtually anywhere in the Valley Springs area.

Hughes Net

Hughes Net is a well-known company that provides high-speed satellite internet to 100 percent of Valley Springs as well.

Their speeds all rest around 25 megabits per second. However, their prices vary according to the amount of data you will use.

You can spend $59.99 a month for 25 Mbps with 10 gigabytes of data on up to $149.99 a month for the same speed but with 50 gigabytes of data.

The amount of data you will need will vary depending on both the size and age of your household. A family with four school-age children who access the internet regularly for studies will have different needs than a retired widower who enjoys Netflix documentaries.

Calavares Internet

Do not let Calavares fool you. They do not just provide DSL, but fixed wireless also with download speeds up to 10 megabits per second. You can pay anywhere from $49.95 a month for 1.5 megabits per second on up to $79.95 for 6 megabits per second.

Calavares offers some sweet packages with fixed wireless internet, television, and home phone services.

Remotely Located

Cleverly named for its clients’ location, Remotely Located offers services specifically in El Dorado County, Amador County, and Calaveras County.

They vary their prices as well based on speed from $50 a month for 1.5 megabits per second to $300 a month for 20 megabits per second.

Installation costs will vary as well with the lowest at $200 and then moving to $300 for the “Extreme” and higher package that promises 6 megabits per second of download to 2 megabits per second of upload.

Remotely Located also promises to have towers no farther than 20 miles from your home compared to the 20,000-mile distance to a satellite.

Like its competitor, packages range in speed and price. from $54.94 a month for 3.0 megabits of speed to $159.95 for 25 megabits per service. also has bundled packages that offer their customers phone service, giving them a nice little package for all their connection needs.

Additionally,, unlike some of the other home internet services in the area, has no explicit data caps.

Know Your Options

When you understand your rural internet options, you can rest a little easier where you live.

Reliable internet isn’t about catching up with the latest gossip on Facebook. More now than ever employers are giving their employees the option to work from home. Most just need a reliable internet connection.

So if you want to have an amazing job and still enjoy the beauty of rural, northern California, you have some great options for reliable internet.

To learn more about random stuff relevant to those living in northern California, check out my blog.

You love living far from the grind of major city life. You also love having peace and beauty around you. But you hate not having reliable internet service.

Valley Springs is beautiful and it gives you an area where you can unwind or enjoy the peacefulness around you every day. But Valley Springs also has a technology gap in internet service providers.

To find the internet service provider you need we want to share some information about internet services in rural areas like Valley Springs. What you don’t know, may surprise you.

How to Get Internet in Rural Area

The world of rural internet with area provider services is much different than many of us are used to.

There are some crossover points which are the same regardless of what area or region you are in. They are;

  • Broadband internet services have limited penetration in some cases
  • In rural areas, you do not have a wide range of internet provider services to choose from
  • The internet’s connectivity in rural areas tend to work within an infrastructure which is old or not reliable

The FCC completed a broadband deployment report in late 2018. It stated there are 14 million people who live in rural areas within our country who still don’t have mobile LTE broadband at speeds of 10 Mbps/3Mbps.

Valley Springs has many areas where fiber, DSL or cable internet may not be available. What happens and what do you do?

That’s where we come in. We try to meet your technology need by providing you with the services which match it. Even if some of those services are in a different format than you are used to.

We are affordable. We work in an almost seamless fashion and we provide the technical functionality you need.

Rural Internet Service

Rural internet service is not for those who think life should be free of all hiccups. Rural internet service can be a stop and start system no matter who the provider is.

Internet service may also have less speed than you are used to. But it does work and meets all your internet service provider needs.

The best Valley Springs internet service can still have fluctuations sometimes. But that can happen in the inner city too. It depends on what is going on in and around the service provider.

One of the questions we ask our new customers and need to know is about their bandwidth needs.

It is important for your internet service provider to know if, for example, you are going to have two televisions and three computers needing service in your home or office.

Or maybe you have five televisions and seven computers which will need service in your home or office. The rule of thumb is the more devices, the more bandwidth you need.

Where are the Big Internet Service Provider Companies?

There are many new rural residents who want to know where are the internet service providers?

Sometimes it is difficult for them to understand why there are not more internet providers in rural areas.

In 2018 it was estimated there were about 2,000 companies providing fixed wireless broadband access across all 50 states. Those companies on average served 1,200 customers each.

It’s at least part of the solution for rural areas. But there are still millions of rural residents in the United States who do not have any internet connectivity options at all. Many of those residents won’t be serviced anytime too soon.

Because big internet service companies who can give rural residents the most in connectivity, provide it the least in those areas. It’s called the connectivity gap.

Lawmakers have special committees studying the issue this very minute. But they, like the big internet companies, may not have answers to suit your needs anytime real soon.

Internet Service Provider

There is an internet service provider who can give you what you need at affordable rates. We found out that sometimes when you live in a rural area you have to take the bulls by the horn and figure it out yourself. That’s what we did.

We figured out what we needed, when we needed it and made it happen. That’s how you can get things done sometimes in rural America.

Valley Springs needed someone to bring reliable and affordable internet service to those in need and that’s what we created.

We offer Valley Springs wireless internet with 20mpbs upload and download speeds. We also have a maximum monthly data plan which is 20 gigs max in data.

We are the ideal solution which eliminates the gap of connectivity issue so many other rural areas have. If traditional cable companies and internet providers don’t or can’t serve you, we step in.

We make sure connectivity happens for you. No matter what you need the internet for we can make connectivity match your need.

We can bring the world to you while you are in your home or business far away from it all.

How Do I Get Connected?

We keep trying to make internet service progress in Valley Springs and other connectivity gap rural areas. But the differences in the haves and the have-nots in speed and quality keeps getting worse.

But for those in Valley Springs, if you want to get connected, reach out to us today. It doesn’t matter how far away you live from the nearest city or where you are at Valley Springs. We can make it happen.

With our internet service provider services, you can still stay relevant to the people, places, and events you prefer.

If you decide to leave everything else by the wayside, you can do that too. Because you live in the beautiful and peaceful Valley Springs.

You won’t even have to leave your swing on your front porch or the entertainment center in your living room. We bring an internet connection to you.

Conduct your business or interact with family and friends. But to get there you need to contact us. We will let you know why we are the best internet service provider option in Valley Springs.

Our internet services merge the best of two worlds. Connectivity on your terms and only when you want it.

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