By - Craig Mullins

How To Get A Live Person / Agent At The IRS

How hard is to to get a live person at the IRS? Seems agents are constantly busy and customer service isn’t something they care about. Sometimes I call and I can’t even get on the phone system it’s so busy. Other times wait times are 5 hours.

How to get a live person with IRS

Here’s a cheat sheet or hack on how to get a live agent with the IRS. Hopefully it works for you and I’d love to hear new ways to get thru.

With some prompts you might have to listen to some of the voice mail system before it will let you hit the next number.

Call 1-800-829-1040

Dial 1 for English
Dial 2
Dial 1
Dial 3
Here you have 2 options
Either enter your social security number and then don’t answer any more prompts or
Press the key for what you need example 1 for personal income tax’s. Then don’t answer any more prompts.

My usual wait time is 3o minutes or less.

48q, 0.278s