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Best Cloud Server Hosting

Ready to leap into the future (or really the present) with cloud server hosting? Get it right the first time with these best cloud server hosting providers.

Did you know that the cloud computing and hosting market is increasing at a rapid pace?

After all, its current value is at $118 billion worldwide. Within two years, it’s expected to grow into $156 billion.

With the rise of more competitive cloud hosting providers, people become more confused on how to choose the best cloud server hosting services. There are lots of choices now, but only a few are fit for anything good.

Are you ready to learn the top providers out there? Read on and find out more.

Cloud Server Hosting
Cloud Server Hosting

1. Host Gator

This provider gives the best level of reliability and scalability. Its performance makes it one of the top picks of companies that give cloud hosting. Your data isn’t likely to get lost since it’s backed up thrice in cloud mirrors.

This provider’s cloud hosting plans offer flexibility. They match web hosting plans with unmetered bandwidth and storage. Host Gator also offers unlimited MySQL that works in both Windows and Linux OS.

Their Hatchling Cloud lets them host one domain using a dual-core CPU with a RAM of 2GB. Their Baby Cloud lets you get unlimited domains with a quad-core CPU and 4GB RAM. It’s great for small business use.

Their Business Plan gives unlimited domains with six cores and 6GB of RAM. It’s perfect for eCommerce platforms since it has an SSL feature. It also caters for speed since it comes with full integration of local caching.

2. A2 Hosting

This provider’s main selling point is their fast-loading pages. Their customer service crew is open 24/7 and supported by their own Guru Crew. Their company has a commitment towards protecting the environment by encouraging eco-friendly policies for their services.

A2 Hosting gives the flexibility of resizing your account depending on your current needs. You have the ability to toggle your Cloud VPS on an as-needed basis. That means you only need to pay for your necessary services.

They have three pricing plans that suit whatever budget you have. They claim to have a 99.9% uptime, which is important if you conduct business online. There are about 2 billion websites in the world, meaning you need the uptime to stay competitive.

For beginners, they have the Quick Start Cloud Hosting. It’s a start-up system that’s both intuitive and user-friendly. It gives you the means of choosing your RAM cores, CPE speed, and the OS template.

3. DreamHost

This is a great choice if you’re into quick cloud host launches. With this cloud web hosting company, your website will go online within 30 seconds. It’s great if you want to set up your web presence as soon as you’re ready to launch.

They have a Content Delivery Network feature. It lets you deliver your files to different servers across the globe. That means your website loads faster since it chooses the closest server to your visitors.

Your server runs for as long as you need but you only get charged for 600 hours maximum each month. They give 100GB worth of block storage that you can upgrade by paying $10 per 100GB. They have unlimited bandwidth and costs nothing.

They can give up to 30GB RAM that works in both Windows and Linux. Their storage options offer flexibility since you can choose from five pricing plans. You can scale up your storage if your needs increase over time.

4. GoDaddy

This cloud system boasts stability, performance, and security with its design. GoDaddy issues permanent IP addresses instead of dynamic ones. You don’t need to worry about losing data since it’s backed up in their cloud servers.

You can set up their servers within a span of a minute. It gives you total control over its configuration and other factors. You can take a snapshot of your configuration and make duplicates of it in another server within a matter of seconds.

GoDaddy is one of the top cloud hosting companies that give value. It’s great since you can get a free 30-day trial. They’re one of the most affordable, with their most expensive plan only at $80 each month.

They have five plans that cater to your various cloud service needs. You can get bandwidths ranging from 20-80GB depending on your chosen plan. The RAM can range from a measly 512MB up to 12GB, working on both Windows and Linux OS.

5. Digital Ocean

When it comes to resource management, Digital Ocean uses the droplets concept. Developers use these droplets as a snapshot. This helps them reconfigure a new server in a fast and easy manner.

This provider uses block storage from 1GB-16TB to help scale the resources. It allows you to move it between the droplets depending on your usage needs. It also allows you to have automatic backups to make your data and configurations accessible in a secure fashion.

They have high memory droplet plans that offer larger RAM amounts. It’s a great choice if you need to manage larger databases. It also caters to your business if you have lots of in-memory caching.

It has 10 pricing plans that have unlimited bandwidth. You can get a whopping 640GB RAM for its highest pricing plan. It’s perfect if you’re a large-scale operation that expects a lot of visitors from around the world.

6. Craig Mullins

If you’re looking for a local provider in California, Craig Mullins is the best choice. With more than 20 years of experience, you can get a flexible cloud hosting plan that you can use for your small business. He offers more services like SEO.

The main difference is that he accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Get the Best Cloud Server Hosting Today!

When it comes to businesses, you deserve the best cloud server hosting provider for your budget. It’s important to get the most out of your investment. This is more important if you’re a small business with limited resources.

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