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Best Woocommerce Hosting Web Servers: Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated Options

You can’t afford to deal with unreliable hosting for your ecommerce site. Check out the best Woocommerce hosting web servers this year.

An estimated half-a-billion dollars is lost annually due to slow loading web pages. If you are the owner of a WooCommerce shop, you can’t afford to take such risks. Which is why knowing which Woo Commerce hosting option is right for you, is an absolute necessity.

Types of Woo Commerce Hosting Options

Later in this article, we’ll dive into our favorite options for WooCommerce hosting, but first let’s break down the difference between Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated hosting options to help you better understand what’s available.

WooCommerce Hosting
WooCommerce Hosting


Yes, we’re going to talk about the cloud! Over the last few years, cloud hosting has grown n popularity, and for good reason. For those looking to backup data-heavy websites, cloud hosting is a smart choice.

Cloud hosting configures servers in a way that actually combines servers to store a larger volume of data.


Often people confuse cloud hosting with VPS hosting, however, the two have quite a few differences.VPS hosting doesn’t work on a shared or dedicated hosting space. Instead, VPS hosting works more like a Virtual Box.

It could also be described as several operating systems honed into one. So whether you’re a fan of Winox XP or Linux, you’re able to switch between both without having to switch users on your computer.

Dedicated Options

Dedicated hosting is one of the more popular types of web hosting among major businesses. A dedicated host (or dedicated server) is typically set up in-house or is backed up through some type of data center.

There are a number of benefits that come from dedicated hosting, including the ability to customize your server, strengthened security, and of course more speed.

Best Choices for Woo Commerce Hosting

Now that you have a better idea of how the different types of hosting services differ, we recommend reviewing your hosting options.

It’s important to remember that all hosting services are not created equal. When choosing the right hosting service for your Woo Commerce site, consider the size of your business, the amount of traffic, and how much security you’ll need.


When you run a search for “hosting services” chances are BlueHost is one of the first sites to appear. That’s because BlueHost has been recommended for years by web giant WordPress. As a result, the hosting service is now home to thousands of sites.

There are several prices ($100, $150, and $300) depending on your budget, each with a varying amount of website space and bandwidth. This especially comes in handy if you have product videos or a YouTube channel that you share through your site.


If you’re just starting off your business, chances are you’re working with a smaller budget. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should have to sacrifice quality. Hostinger is one hosting site that offers great quality at the low price of just $2.15/month.

If you’re not a web pro, don’t worry, the hosting service also offers a one-click installer that does the job for you.


Fast loading times are essential for any WooCommerce sites, especially considering customers current retention time and “cart abandonment” rates. Fortunately, Kinsta is one choice that offers their customers both speed and anytime support.

The hosting is practically geared to WooCommerce, with server level caching and free white-glove website migrations.


SiteGrounds stays true to its name by helping e-commerce business quickly get off the ground. Their products are ideal for those with any level of experience, and their customer service is available 24 hours a day.

In addition to their quality hosting, SiteGround also features and easy to use page builder with premade templates.


Nestify is one service that comes packed with plenty of features that are ideal for WooCommerce. These features include free CDN, daily backups, SSL, and even free site migration to make it incredibly easy to get started.

Nestify is also an ideal choice if you’re concerned about the quality and speed of your mobile page.


If you’re looking for affordability and reliability, TMDHosting is worth looking into. With several plans to choose from you’re able to find a package that fits your needs, whether your business has been running for years or you just launched today.

It’s important to note that TMDHosting also offers WooCommerce users free installation.

WP Engine

WP Engine may not be the most price efficient option on the block, but it is one of the few built specifically for WordPress. WP Engine has data centers that span across four continents, offering speedy loading wherever your site is based.

You can also rely on the backups and several firewalls that are set in place if you find yourself concerned about security.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion may not be geared specifically to WooCommerce, however, they did create their offerings with eCommerce business in mind. While they offer several plans, the VPS plan is the one most adept for WooCommerce pages.

If you’re still not sure about InMotion being the right hosting service for you, we recommend taking advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee to give them a try risk-free.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting takes speed seriously, which is mandatory when hosting your WooCommerce site. With several pounds, all within an affordable price range, A2 Hosting allows your audience to easily switch from category to category to find what they need, no matter what device they’re shopping from.

To sweeten the deal even more A2 Hosting also receives WooCommerce pre-installed, making it a win/win option.


When real-time monitoring meets the fastest loading times on the internet, you know we’re talking about Cloudways. This cloud-based hosting service runs off of major data centers around the world. Your store will be hosted from whichever data center is closest to the shopper, for unbeatable site speeds.


HostGator is neck-in-neck with major hosting names like BlueHost, thanks to their totally customizable hosting approach. While the hosting moguls may not offer a specific WooCommerce plan, there are still a number of options including a VPS plan that works well with WordPress users.

The hosting service will also help you build and grow your website through custom support.

Getting Started

Fortunately, you don’t need to enroll in a web class to know which Woo Commerce hosting option is right for you. It’s all about knowing what your business needs are and finding the right fit.

Most of these options have customer support that is helpful and easy to reach, so feel free to ask questions before committing to a service.

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