By - Craig Mullins

Blood Orange Essential Oil, The Amazing Health Supplement You’ve Been Missing Out On

Blood oranges are easily among the most compelling varieties of fruit in the entire world. With their unusual reddish hue, they make a powerful statement even upon first glance. There’s something of a magnetic allure that’s truly one of a kind.

There’s much more at play than mere looks however; blood oranges also have a delectably sweet smell that should immediately remind you of the most delicious, juiciest oranges you’ve ever eaten. Incredibly, it goes even further: blood orange essential oil is actually immensely useful for the mind and body alike. With that in mind, here’s a closer look are some of the most amazing health benefits for this amazing fruit:

1 – Detoxifying The Body

Blood orange essential oil acts as a stimulant for the bladder, kidneys, and lymph nodes. It helps inspire a healthy production of urine, a necessity for ridding yourself of unneeded uric acid, salt, and excess fluid. The reduction of cellulite and overall detoxification is another fantastic byproduct.

The oil also promotes great health in general given these impressive qualities. If your body retains a lot of toxins, your organs are naturally going to have to work much harder to keep themselves running. The downsides there are obvious, but blood orange oils are fortunately quite proficient at helping prevent any issues.

2 – Mood Enhancement

Blood orange essential oil’s aroma alone is enough to help put anyone in a great mood. Most have described the scent as pleasantly uplifting. In fact, it’s actually used quite commonly in aromatherapy sessions to fight grief and depression.

If diffused throughout a home, the oil can help reduce your stress levels as well. Many studies have found that orange essential oils can even fight off the worst known anxiety symptoms. One in particular from 2013 was able to prove that the oil was strong enough to calm the nerves of young children that were about to go in for major dental work!

3 – Stomach Relaxation

If you’re the type to suffer from gas or bloating, you’ll also find blood orange oils quite useful. Alongside everything listed above, it also has carminative (flatulence reducing) attributes. As such, it can easily dilute the symptoms typically associated with gas.

It’s the most common thing in the world to have occasional bouts of bloating, but being plagued with it every day can be incredibly uncomfortable. Excess amounts tend to rise throughout the body and press harshly against your insides, the result of which is a wealth of pain and ongoing problems such as indigestion. Blood orange essential oil can relax your stomach muscles, helping gas to escape in a natural and more comfortable manner.

4 – Stops Cancer Cells From Growing

It’s a well known and unfortunate truth that cancer is among the top causes of death in our modern world. There’s also no definitive cure yet despite seemingly endless hours of strenuous research. As such, it’s important to fill your daily routine with anything that can naturally fight off cancer cell growth.

Blood orange essential oil is ripe with D-limonene, a useful nutrient in many respects. After much study, it has been shown to help prevent cellular mutation of all kinds. Impressively, this can actively help the body prevent cancer cell growth.

5 – Microbial Growth Inhibitor

Whenever you receive any form of abrasion or cut, there’s a chance of potential infection. This is especially likely if the wound is inflicted by an object made of iron. Tetanus germs are the root cause, and they can be incredibly irksome in a variety of ways.

Essential oil from blood oranges helps to avoid fungal and bacterial infections given its ability to disinfect wounds. If you get even the smallest of cuts, you should consider using a dab or two to treat the area. By doing so, you can be doubly sure that no infection takes place.

6 – Effective Migraine Headache Relief

If you suffer from habitual headaches or migraines, you’ve likely found it difficult to locate a medicine that always works. There are quite a few “over the counter” options, but they all tend to be quite harsh on your internal organs. (That’s especially true if you need to take them on a regular basis.) This opens the door to a number of costly health problems that are obviously best avoided.

As it turns out, aromatherapy with blood orange essential oils is an amazing alternative for headache relief. You can even massage the oil directly on the affected area of the forehead for surprisingly fast relaxation. Best of all, this is inexpensive and far healthier than relying on potentially dangerous pills.

7 – Excess Fat Loss

As described above, blood orange oils are unparalleled in their ability to rid the system of toxins and gasses. This in turn will cause you to urinate on a more regular basis as your body attempts to flush everything it doesn’t need. Yet another amazing benefit will emerge from there; your appetite and digestive system will flourish, both of which are essential for excess fat loss.

Blood orange oil acts as a natural diuretic, meaning it will improve the production of your urine. As you urinate more frequently, your system will naturally be flushed of anything unnecessary or unhelpful like excess salt. This will also lead to stable digestive system that can easily help you shed pounds and develop a healthier heart in tow.

8 – Peace And Relaxation

When you’re in need of some rest and relaxation after a hard day of work, it’s important to have a natural means of slipping into a more peaceful state. All of the artificial sedatives that people often turn to are riddled with unhealthy ingredients that do very little good for the body overall. In the long run, relying upon vices can do terrible damage to your heart and other internal organs.

As you might expect, it’s quite a bit better to rely on the likes of blood orange essential oil. It can help relieve you of your depression, anger, anxiety, and discomfort in short order. The natural properties are absolutely amazing in every regard.

Using blood orange oil will even give you many of the same feelings as eating the fruit itself. It has a sunny, sweet quality that’s incredibly alluring. Somehow, it tends to instill a sense of happiness and peace.

In short, blood orange essential oil is amazingly beneficial to the human body as a whole. It can promote better health in virtually every respect. With all of this in mind, it comes heavily recommended across the board.

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