By - Craig Mullins

ESR750 Go Ped Electric Scooter

The ESR750 Electric Scooter from GoPed is one of the hottest and smartest street scooters you will come across. If you already own a GoPed, you will be familiar with the high manufacturing standards of the GoPed range of scooters. GoPeds are perfect for any age, and if you love tinkering, they are perfect for all age groups.

Compared to other modes of transport, GoPeds are both reasonably priced to invest in and to maintain. As a matter of fact, when you are learning to tinker, you will find the GoPed range of scooters perfect. The motor is easy to access and you can easily pimp your GoPed.

But, do you need to pimp your ESR750 electric scooter? It comes packed with many exciting features. All in all, it is one of the best electric scooters that you can invest in when you want to be part of the GoPed family.

Top product benefits:

  • Comes complete with Lithium-Ion batteries

  • Top quality product

  • A perfect GoPed starter model

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Onboard diagnostics

  • Dual performance mode

  • High-quality manufacturing

  • GoPed electronic controller

  • Manufactured in the United States

  • Benefits from chain-drive

Who Should Buy an ESR750 Electric Scooter?

This electric powered GoPed scooter is perfect for anybody. If the environment concerns you, this is the best scooter for you. You don’t have to worry about putting gas in this GoPed. Plug it in and you will be good to go after it charges. Perhaps this is one of the most attractive features of the ESR750 Electric Scooter.

What Makes the ESR750 So Exciting?

There are many features which make this scooter exciting. The Li-PO4 batteries provide you with a 12 – 22-mile range when in economy mode. You need to be aware of what kind of terrain you are going to be “scooting” around. If you have a lot of hills in your area, the battery will have to work a little better harder and cut down on the amount of mileage you can do. However, the top speed of 12 mph is what sets this scooter apart. You also have a range of 10 – 17 mile in Turbo mode.

The ESR750 Electric Scooter weighs only 47 pounds which is the right weight ratio when compared to other similar scooters. It is reliable, has a great power unit and fantastic performance. As an electric scooter, it is one of the most exciting models available on the market today.

What Else Do You Need to Know About The ESR750 Electric Scooter?

The GoPed brand is well-known for its top quality products. But, what you need to know is that the GoPed brand is not only about scooters. It is about so much more than that.

The dealership support you get from GoPed is second to none. All dealers have the full back up and support of the GoPed company. You can upgrade your scooters by adding exciting products from the GoPed brand. Not only do you have more technical upgrades available, but you also have the accessories range.

Is the Future Electric?

The GoPed Co Company future seems to be electric. The company is focusing on producing more and more electrical scooters using its own exciting innovative technology. If you want to get in on the ground level, the ESR750 Electric Scooter offers you the perfect opportunity to do so.

The environmental factor is important to take into consideration when you buy a scooter. As this scooter is completely electric, you don’t have to worry about pollution. An electric motor is easy to look after and cost-effective to maintain in the long run.

Day to Day Usage of the Scooter

Once you have bought your ESR750 Electric Scooter it will only cost you about $0.10 per charge. That is fantastic value and means that this is a very economical mode of transport.

You don’t need to worry about running out of charge with the ESR750. The energy monitor will help you to keep an eye on the charge you have available at all times. This makes it easy and safe to use this scooter for your daily commute and traveling around your home town or city.

Ordering is easy. Place your order with us today, and your exciting ESR750 GoPed Electric Scooter will soon be with you.

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