By - Craig Mullins

ESR750 Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Looking to ditch the normal bike commute and try something a little more fun? Concerned about your global carbon footprint with an alternative like a motorized bike? Or maybe you just want to get around town without the constraints of dealing with parking and paying for gas?

Whatever your situation is, the ESR750 Hoverboard Electric Scooter is the alternative vehicle for you. Not convinced just yet? Check out these top features of the scooter:

– A completely custom suspension system that lets you go off-road with this scooter

– Adjustable suspension to let you choose how firm or plush your ride is

– The cost of recharging the battery is less than $0.10 at any normal power outlet

– Advanced Lithium-Ion battery for a long battery life

-Rear and front fenders protect you from puddles and other road debris

– Front disc brake gives you amazing stopping power

– A throttle and energy monitor provides a reliable reading of current battery life so you don’t need to guess anymore

– Can carry up to 400 lbs

– Accelerates up to 20 mph

– Dual Performance Options allow you complete control of your experience

– Auto-adjusting chain tensioner takes the guess work out of maintenance

Sounds like something you might be interested in? Keep reading for more info on this one-of-a-kind scooter.

The ESR750 Hoverboard Electric Scooter offers unparalleled power and performance. You may be ditching your normal bicycle for this scooter, but you are not compromising. This scooter has the umph to tackle any steep hill or terrain. No more huffing and puffing up a hill for you! Now you can glide up with ease.

The ESR750 carries a lot of weight (up to 400 lbs) without giving up speed or power. You can roll along at 20 mph – easily faster than you can move on a bicycle. It’s definitely more than enough speed to cruise downtown to grab a coffee or a happy-hour cocktail.

The Dual Performance Options let you make custom choices between speed and range. Do you need to go further on less battery? Slow the scooter down a little by choosing to ride in Economy Mode. This will maximize your battery life.

Are you looking to get somewhere nearby in a hurry? Crank the speed and get there now. Choose Turbo Mode to maximize speeds. Remember to check the monitor before your next trip. You may have drained the battery in Turbo Mode need another charge before you hop back on your ESR750 Hoverboard Electric Scooter. Thankfully, a charge is only $0.10!

Economy Mode provides you with an average 12-22 miles of cruising. Turbo Mode hands you an average 10-17 miles of quick acceleration.

Want even more customization? You can choose to add-on an Electronic Controller Programmer. This gives you even more control over your experience. The variable speed and programmable controller lets you program your own custom functions. You can check on-board diagnostics and decide on performance parameters that meet your unique needs.

The Chain Drive system transfers power from the front to rear wheel. The chain tensioner adjusts automatically. It does the work for you. It keeps the maintenance to a minimum and the fun to a maximum. Chain adjustments have never been easier than this.

The best part of the ESR750 Hoverboard Scooter is the feeling of floating on air. It is not called a “hoverboard” for nothing. The ride is so smooth and comfortable, you won’t even notice potholes or other bumps in the road. Unlike the bumpy ride you experience on your bike now when you are riding through torn up or poorly cared for streets, your ride on the ESR750 Hoverboard Scooter will be smooth like butter.

The patented technology that makes this possible is completely unique to the ESR750. You won’t find a ride this smooth and comfortable with any other scooter on the market. You have to try it to believe how unbelievable it is.

The ESR750 Hoverboard Electric Scooter is the most fun you will have getting somewhere, guranteed. You’ll wish the drive never had to end. This scooter is economically- ,and environmentally-friendly. It’ll keep a smile on your face and spare change in your pocket. Now is the time to invest in freedom.

Check out the ESR750 Hoverboard Electric Scooter. You won’t regret it.

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