By - Craig Mullins

GoPed GTR46 Trail Ripper Flat Black

Off-roading is one of the most exciting ways to ride any vehicle. Whether it be a car, motorcycle, moped, or anything else, off-roading is dirty, bumpy fun that the adventurous truly love. It makes you feel alive and gives you that extra boost of adrenaline while giving you true freedom.

For the longest time, motorized scooters have been unable to go off-road because their shocks and other components couldn’t handle the stress. While there have been off-road models, they were often too bumpy to effectively ride. The GoPed GTR46 Trail Ripper Flat Black is a literal gamechanger that finally gives you access to get off the roads and paved surfaces to have the time of your life. Whether you’re a new or advanced ride, the Trail Ripper lets you ride in any environment. Best of all, the ride will be much smoother than any other scooter you’ve used before.

The GoPed GTR46 has years of development behind it. From meticulous engineering at Skunk Werks to using the innovative and patented CIDLI suspension system, this is a scooter that can go through the toughest terrain without any issue. Whether you’re a new rider or have years of experience, the GTR46 gives you a great experience.

This is a pure off-road scooter. While you could always drive it over paved surfaces, why would you want to? It’s built for dirt and mud, for fun tricks in the desert, woods, or anywhere else you want to ride. Get your scooter off the street and start having fun where it counts. From doing tricks to riding around in any environment you want, this is the best scooter for getting off boring paved roads and doing something exciting.

While off-roading is a major benefit by itself, the Trail Ripper does more than that. This is an exceptionally light and powerful motorized scooter that surpasses many others in the market. It has a strong 4HP engine that gives you a good amount of power and speed, and the whole scooter only weighs 46 pounds. You’ll have no problems bringing it anywhere you want to go.

The CIDLI suspension system is what separates this from other scooters in the market, it’s also what makes the off-road riding possible. This is a unique suspension system that reduces the shock of bumpy or uneven terrains while also making it possible to do tricks on small ramps.

Many other motorized scooters have used traditional shocks for off-road riding. If you’ve tried this before, then you know the problems associated with these shocks. While you could go off-road, it wasn’t exactly a fun experience. It can be exciting if things are a little bumpy, but traditional shocks were heavy and often made riding too bumpy and difficult. The CIDLI system evens out the riding so that you can enjoy the terrain, not feel nauseous from it.

The height of the front arm is 44 inches and the length of the whole board is about 47 inches. The handlebar width is 24 inches, which should give you plenty of room for your hands no matter how rough your riding. The load capacity stands at 400lbs, ensuring that nearly anyone can ride this scooter.

Some assembly is required when you receive the GTR46 Trail Ripper, but we promise it’s easy. It won’t be long until you have the scooter ready to ride. Follow the instructions and you’ll be ready in less than an hour.

Here are some of the GoPed GTR46 Trail Ripper Flat Black’s best features:

-Uses the revolutionary CIDLI suspension system for smooth off-roading

-Lightweight at only 46lbs, making it easy to transport

-Comes with a strong 4HP motor that can go fast and hard

-This is a pure off-roading motorized scooter that specializes in rough terrain

-Gives you the freedom to ride anywhere

While other off-road scooters exist, none are as effective and fun as the GoPed GTR46 Trail Ripper Flat Black. This scooter allows you to do tricks, ride in any terrain imaginable, and it has a good amount of power while being exceptionally light. If you want a scooter that gives you the excitement of off-road riding, then the GTR46 is the perfect one for you.

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