By - Craig Mullins

GoPed GTR46 Interceptor Flat Black

You remember how much you loved to ride your scooter when you were a kid. However, today, we expect everything to be faster, better, stronger, and more powerful. Step in the GoPed GTR46 Interceptor Flat Black. The traditional push style scooter has a new, electric or gas version, that kids, and adults alike, are bound to love.

The GTR46i series of scooter has the quality construction and frame that the GoPed family has been delivering for years.  With the CIDLI suspension system, the high-performance scooter has an impressive chassis and mechanical components. This sets it apart from other electric and gas-powered scooters available in the marketplace today.

In comparison to some of the prior versions of GoPed scooters, the GoPed GTR46 Interceptor Flat Black has a new, redesigned deck. It is wider at the base than the original scooters, allowing owners to stand with their feet side-by-side on the scooter base. It also has a smooth ride, street tires, which roll seamlessly up and downhill. Additionally, the tires are durable, and the pneumatic design allows them to roll quickly over rough and smooth terrains.

Some of the design specifications which set the Interceptor apart from other GoPed scooters, and other manufacturers as well, include:

  • The solid base construction can withstand heavier weight capacities than other brands
  • Street ride tires operate smoothly on all terrains
  • A wide base increases rider comfort when using the scooter for long periods of time
  • Patented CIDLI suspension maneuver seamlessly over bumps and hilly roads
  • A new kickstand design allows owners to prop the scooter virtually anywhere when they’re not riding it.

The high-performance GoPed scooter has a long running life. With a larger gas tank than other scooters of a similar size, you’ll get to ride longer without having to refill the tank as often as with other product lines. The “Sinister” black color and the brown foot base look excellent together. The patented suspension system ensures riders will always experience a fully suspended ride atop their scooter. No matter what the road brings, or what twists and turns they encounter, the scooter can handle those tough challenging roadways.

It is perfect for riding on smooth as well as unpaved surfaces. With the higher suspension base, users will experience a smooth and easy-flowing ride, no matter where they are riding their scooter. The suspension system provides owners up to six inches of clearance space off the ground. They’ll always have full control of their riding experience no matter how bumpy a road gets.

The 4.5 horsepower engine and mad dog disc brakes afford riders full control of the scooter. The brakes will stop in dangerous situations or when riders need to make an unexpected deviation in their track. The lightweight frame and engine make it easier to maneuver compared to large, bulky gas scooters that boast a much larger gas tank at the base.

The scooter can achieve a top speed of 33 miles per hour and has a maximum user capacity of approximately 300 pounds. The 47-cc engine is powerful enough to sustain speeds when riding uphill. With “firm to plush” suspension adjuster options, every rider can custom-tailor their experience for the types of roads or unpaved areas they plan on using their scooter on. The chrome frame and fork are rust-resistant, so the scooter is going to last for several years as long as owners take care of it.

You want to get around town quickly, but don’t want to rely on public transportation. Kids and adults alike can appreciate the quality and construction of the GoPed GTR46 Interceptor Flat Black scooter. It is efficient, has a high-top speed of 33 MPH, and a heavy user-capacity making it perfect for adults who need to carry items with them.

If you’re tired of public transportation or are looking for something fun for the kids, a gas-powered scooter fits the bill. We have several great products on our site. Come and see how the GTR46 Interceptor stacks up, and how it can enhance the scooter-riding experiences you’ve had in the past.

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