By - Craig Mullins

GoPed Super GoQuad 30

Are you looking for an exciting quad for the farm, campground, or backyard? The GoPed Super Go-Quad 30 is what you are looking for. We know you will find this quad to be amazing. The quad features:

– A maximum speed of 22 mph

– A maximum load capacity of 400 lbs

– Heavy duty live rear axle

– Compact size

– Ultra-light steel frame

The quad also has a chain-drive transmission, controls on the handlebar, and replaceable tires. You feel safe on the steel frame, larger seating area, and with two-wheel drive. This quad is what you and your family want for a fun day of play.

Because our super quad is perfect for family fun, we would be remiss not to mention safety. Your kids will be safe when they know the rules for the ride. Here are some safety tips to follow when you drive our Super Go-Quad 30.

You and your children wear the proper safety gear. You wear a helmet with a chin harness and face shield. You also wear appropriate clothing that covers your skin. Boots that cover the ankle and gloves that cover your wrists are also wise.

Know your trail before you ride it. Pay attention to any bumps, dips, and grooves along the path. You understand that you have to adjust your speed. Make sure your kids know this as well. High speeds over rough terrain is dangerous.

Take the time to inspect your quad before the ride. Check cables, fasteners, and brakes. You don’t want a preventable malfunction during your ride to surprise you. Inspect the quad again when the ride is over. Tighten anything that’s loose, replace anything that needs replacing.

Avoid slamming on the brakes when riding. This can send you forward. Your momentum carries you over the handlebars and causes injury. Scan your surroundings for obstacles and brake slowly and evenly.

Do not carry a passenger on your quad. These machines are for a single rider. Carrying a child or other passenger in your lap is dangerous.

Let someone know when you are going to ride and where. When someone knows when to expect you home, they know to come looking if you are late. This is important in the case of an emergency or unforeseen situation.

You shouldn’t horseplay on your quad. Drive it as designed and intended. Unless you are driving in a controlled or sanctioned competition, drive it slowly and with care. Your quad is for enjoyment and entertainment, yes, but it you shouldn’t drive it thoughtlessly.

You’ll have a fantastic time on your quad, feeling the breeze blow through your hair. You’ll feel free as you ride over your chosen course.

You can even order more than one quad for your family so you can all have fun. Everyone will enjoy riding on camping trips, at family picnics, and celebrations. You and your loved ones will have the time of your lives on your quads.

We appreciate your interest in ordering your quad from We strive to provide high-quality products and exceptional service. You know that you are getting a safe machine at a fair price. You don’t go wrong when you order from our store.

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We are able to keep track of your inquiries when you contact us by email. You are confident that we receive your question and assist you promptly. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with your experience at GoPed.

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