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GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

GoDaddy Hosting Review: What GoDaddy Really Offers

Everyone has seen the famous GoDaddy commercials. But what does the service actually offer? Check out this GoDaddy hosting review to find out.

Whether you recognize their uniquely branded Superbowl commercials or you’ve heard the company come up in conversation at your office, chances are, you’ve probably heard of GoDaddy.

But, there’s a chance you aren’t aware of the variety of services that the domain registrar actually offers its customers.

GoDaddy Hosting Reviews
GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

From 24/7 support to affiliate programs to an array of online marketing tools, GoDaddy is more than just the hot girls on their commercials. And the company must be doing something right if they have over 17 million customers.

This GoDaddy hosting review will provide you with insight to all the company’s helpful services, and it’ll help you decide if GoDaddy is the web hosting company for you.

Hosting Packages

If you’re trying to save some money on your website, GoDaddy might just be the place for you.

Their shared web hosting means that instead of having your own, specific website, your domain would be placed on a server that’s shared with other domains. But, if you’re expecting a large amount of traffic, you’ll want either a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server to avoid traffic spikes.

As for pricing packages, if you’re positive that you’re going to on keep your website running for a long period of time, you can buy a multi-month package or even an annual package to save some money. These pricing packages can be as low as $5.99 a month when billed annually.

But, there are also month to month packages for Windows or Linux based hosting. If you choose this option, you’ll be required to fork up a little extra cash than you would with a multi-month or yearly package.

If you’re a large corporation, this extra cash might not affect your decision. But, if you’re a blogger or a small, local business, the month to month packages might not be the most effective for you.

WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy has premium WordPress hosting packages that are specifically designed to optimize speed, security, and reliability. This also allows you to customize your website as much as you want to with thousands of free themes and plugins to choose from.

Even if you don’t know anything about WordPress, HTML or website designing, GoDaddy has you covered. There are a variety of expert services that you can choose from to take your website from average to top-notch.

With expert website designers, logo designers, e-commerce web designers, and premium support, you’ll never have an issue creating and branding your site.

Hosting and Server Uptime

One thing to be wary about with GoDaddy is their uptime, which is the time that a server is up and running.

The company has a basic 99.9 percent uptime, but there have been some complaints about servers going down for a few minutes. Please note that this doesn’t happen all the time. But it’s still a factor you should keep in the back of your mind when shopping for a domain and website hosting.

Web Security For Hosting

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a domain and website hosting is website security. This is because you want to go to sleep at night knowing your website is safe and your information is protected. GoDaddy offers automatic website monitoring along with guaranteed malware removal.

Being such a large company with such a vast internet presence, GoDaddy can be a rather large target for hackers.

But, at the same time, being a large company also means that GoDaddy has the resources and staff to manage large security problems. GoDaddy also has restrictive policies implemented, which allow them to stop spam and attackers right in their tracks.

Along with a free security assessment on your website, GoDaddy also offers SSL certificate packages that allow you to secure your website and boost your ranking on Google.

24/7 Phone Services

At one point, GoDaddy was notorious for their horrible customer service, but with a new CEO and an updated agenda, their customer service is better than ever.

They also added 24/7 phone support, which isn’t exactly popular among website hosting companies. So, if you’re ever experiencing a technical problem, you can rest easy at night knowing there will always be someone to answer your questions.

Affiliate Programs

Have you ever wanted to monetize your blog or website? If so, GoDaddy has an especially great program to do so. They offer their very own affiliate program, which means you can promote GoDaddy on your website and earn cash from the sales you make.

GoDaddy provides you with a variety of text ads and banners to place on your website where your traffic will see. And, with each qualifying sale made through your ads, you get cash! It’s as easy as that.

While many affiliate programs require you to have steady website traffic or reach minimum purchases, GoDaddy’s affiliate program doesn’t require anything other than your support. Since there are no fees required, you basically have nothing to lose.

And, at the end of the day, you’re more likely to make money with a brand that’s widely recognized much like GoDaddy is as opposed to a brand that not many people have heard of.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is essential when it comes to running a successful website because if your audience doesn’t know that your website exists, how are they ever supposed to find it. And, some people don’t have time to keep up with the constantly changing online marketing rules.

Fortunately, GoDaddy offers do it yourself online marketing packages along with expert online marketing packages that can help lead tons of traffic to your website.

GoDaddy Hosting Review

There are a variety of hosting companies and domain registrars on the market, and we know it can be intimidating to have to choose one. But, whether you want to launch a small blog, an e-commerce site or a website for a corporation, GoDaddy has a little something for all of their customers.

This GoDaddy hosting review scratches the surface with everything the company has to offer. So, feel free to click through their website to get a full understanding of their services.

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