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Godaddy Reviews

A new website may also mean you need a new hosting service. This Godaddy review is where you’ll want to start to make the right choice.

If you are thinking about starting a website, then you’ve probably already started a little bit of research. No doubt you keep coming across the name GoDaddy and want to know if GoDaddy customer reviews are legit.

Don’t let the name intimidate you, most reviews of this company with over 77 million domains registered are legit. Find out the facts about GoDaddy with this 100 percent authentic GoDaddy review right here.

GoDaddy Reviews
GoDaddy Reviews

What’s in a GoDaddy Review?

There are GoDaddy reviews all over the Internet, and with good cause. The company was founded in 1997 as a company called Jomax Technologies before most businesses were even thinking of making a website.

Today it is considered the largest domain registrar in the world.

It became famous when it launched SuperBowl ads in 2005, that showcased scantily clad women and slang terms like, “Go Daddy!” and “adulting = hard!”.

The name GoDaddy stuck, and their millions of customers are the proof in the pudding.

But the name alone and the numbers alone aren’t enough for a business client. You want to know if the GoDaddy reviews you hear are correct.

To ensure you have the best GoDaddy review, you want to see a review that discusses what the business offers, if it is affordable, and if tech support is available when your business hours are peaking. Or even when they are not peaking.

You don’t want to be running a Christmas product website that goes down at 2 AM and not have anybody in support to discuss this with.

You won’t have that problem with GoDaddy, who has support available every hour of every day of the year.

But GoDaddy is more than that. Let’s look at the specifics.

GoDaddy Control for Every User

GoDaddy is a domain registrar, a website builder, and more. You can use one or all of their services.

You can be completely new to website design, or you can be your own expert that just needs a registrar.

No matter your level of expertise, all you need to do is sign up and get your website up and running in minutes. Yes, minutes.

First, you start off with the GoDaddy domain registrar. Pick your website name, and pay for the registry service.

Retail Me Not has a GoDaddy coupon for your first domain, with reportedly 93 percent off and the first free month of your website building using the code “cjcrmnNCC”.

Whether you use this GoDaddy coupon or not, this has your website registered so that you own the name. You will pay an annual fee for this service, usually around $10, but the price will vary depending on the name you choose.

Then you need to decide if you are using GoDaddy to build your website, or if you are taking that to another contractor. Your choice.

If you want to do it all yourself, GoDaddy has a host of business templates and themes. Whether you are an electrician, teacher, plumber, psychiatrist, or at home cat collector, GoDaddy has a theme for that.

While there are many templates to choose from, the one drawback frequently listed is that there are limited themes with GoDaddy. But it is entirely up to you whether you want more advanced website design, or if the themes available are enough for your needs.

Know that if you are adding an e-commerce store online, you will need to do so with the highest tier of prices with GoDaddy as of the time of press.

What Features Are Available for Business Owners?

After having been in business for so many years, GoDaddy now offers almost anything you need for business owners.

WordPress is among the most common content management systems for website builders. This can be used for blogging or regular updates to your site.

GoDaddy has this to offer, and more. And you don’t need to be a WordPress expert to use it.

GoDaddy also offers a wealth of business tools such as accounting, marketing, cloud storage, business email accounts, document storage, Microsoft Office 365, and even an additional phone line if you want one.

And, if you need additional professional help for your website, GoDaddy has a referral system for you for everything you need from software access and development to graphic design.

Retail Me Not offers another GoDaddy promo code that at the time of press offered an additional 35 percent off new products on GoDaddy using promo code “cjcrmn35NP”.

Another GoDaddy coupon code is “CJC10FF30” for 30 percent off of SSL certificates with GoDaddy.

Google Analytics is something you will want to learn about once you have your website up and running. This tells you who is coming to your website, from where, and what they are interested in.

Try these free Google Analytics Academy courses that will help you learn this while you are in website development.

The Bullet Proof Guarantee

8 thousand employees all over the world are providing internationally award-winning customer care and support for GoDaddy. If you read any GoDaddy reviews, one thing you see over and over again is the applause for their customer support which is available every hour of the day and every day of the year.

At the same time, GoDaddy plans all include a bulletproof 100 percent money back guarantee.

You can’t get any more assurance than that. Once you try GoDaddy, you have 8 thousand support staffers all over the world wanting you to succeed.

Start Adulting Easily With GoDaddy

If you can get past the slang and the constant use of phrases like “adulting = hard,” and over 77 million domain owners do, then you’ll love GoDaddy. GoDaddy is a huge name because it meets its customer’s needs plain and simple.

And GoDaddy makes adulting via website design super easy.

The company has over 18 million customers and 8 thousand employees all over the world to meet those millions of needs. You’ll also find that the support this web hosting provides is unparalleled in the industry.

Take charge of your business needs and use this GoDaddy review to become one of the millions of happy business owners in the world. Once GoDaddy has your site rolling, add our Millionaire Business Plan Daily Steps to your to-do list, and watch your success potential grow.

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