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Law Firm SEO

There’s no doubt that word-of-mouth advertising and traditional marketing tactics were enough to encourage new customers to take up services from law firms when conducting business in the 20th century. However, times have changed, and the 21st century has brought its own challenges to client acquisition.

Implementing SEO that’s specific to lawyers refers to particular marketing techniques that are used to manipulate search engines as a way of gaining more traffic to websites involving established law firms, attorneys, or lawyers. By taking out effective SEO services for your legal business, you hold the ability to outrank your competitors in Google in an organic manner while directly increasing the inbound leads for your website.

What Is Law Firm SEO?

 Law firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves implementing tactics, techniques, and strategies that are used to help attract prospective customers to a specific law firm’s website. This attracting of potential clients is done by gaining the first-page ranking positions in the various search engines. These include Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It’s already incredibly clear that people’s first method of having a question answered is to search it online. There’s no doubt that word of mouth and social play a significant role in enhancing a law firm’s exposure. Nonetheless, the most powerful method of increasing traffic to a law firm website is online search capabilities.

In addition to this, many search engine optimization factors hold the ability to enhance or compound its initial benefits over time. An example of this would be content that’s present on a law firm’s website.

This content has the ability to rank well when implementing the optimal keywords. The second benefit of incorporating high-quality content on a law firm website page is that it offers natural link building.

 Why Is Law Firm SEO Important?

 Law firm SEO is becoming incredibly more useful as time goes on and more technological changes occur. This is largely because the way that consumers are finding, researching, and ultimately choosing a law firm has changed as technology has transitioned.

Due to the current environment, searching is the main channel people are using to find information online. Since the founding of Google in 1998, online searching has grown to a level that it’s no dominating the inquiry space.

Don’t believe this? Well, the stats don’t lie and data collected shows that 51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic methods of searching. Only 10 percent of this website traffic is from paid search, while five percent is coming from social searching. The remaining 34 percent is from other sources.

From this information, we can see that the most effective method of gaining website traffic and interacting with new, potential clients would be implementing strategies that promote organic search rankings.

How do you achieve these organic search rankings? The most effective way to accomplish this is to implement SEO tactics, strategies, and techniques into the content incorporated into your law firm’s website.

Why Do You Need a Website for SEO?

 The way people find businesses has changed. Law firms need to be in possession of a website because this is the best way customers can find their required services.

Using a medium as a means for your business to gain exposure, like the internet, isn’t anything new. The Yellow Pages was around before the internet was, and it was used as the go-to source for research.

A law firm needs the best resources to ensure that they are the ones who are answering searchers’ queries, as well as effectively showcase the business’s expertise.

A website, especially for a law firm, acts as the central hub for all of your search engine optimization strategies. Your website works as the foundation of everything you’re going to do to put your law firm in front of its ideal prospective clients. In addition to this, a website also provides your law firm with the right platform to promote your brand.

Having a website provides you with the ability to gain the first position in Google search results when you correctly implement SEO tactics and strategies. This first position in Google search results is important because it holds a 35 percent click-through rate on mobile and 34 percent click-through rate on desktop.

Sponsored ads and pay-per-click ads are used to enhance your marketing visibility. However, this visibility is immediately taken away once you stop paying for such features. SEO investment provides long-term visibility.

How is this possible? Backlinks and content that you incorporate into your website have an evergreen and long-lasting effect.

As a result of this, these rankings offer dividends into your business’s future. Overall, SEO is an incredible asset that provides exceptional visibility for your law firm. Your law firm owns this visibility. It’s not leased like other methods used to improve visibility.

 Why Should You Choose Us?

 We provide extensive experience in the legal SEO field, with expertise in employing the correct techniques to optimize your law firm at local and national levels. We hold the ability to effectively combine our wide array of knowledge to establish strategies that work exceptionally well with the latest changes to search engine algorithms.

One of the beginning steps in any effective SEO campaign is distinguishing the specific geographic region you’d like your law firm’s website to rank. After establishing this, we can analyze how competitive the respective market is while auditing your existing website and sending a detailed proposal describing the strategies we plan to implement to achieve these SEO objectives.

The majority of law firms we have worked with in the past and continue to work with generally wish to implement SEO solutions for the local level. This is known as Local SEO services. We can cater to this.

However, we have also worked with larger, nationally-established law firms that opt for SEO solutions that appeal to national levels. This type of service certainly does require more resources, but we hold the ability to execute such services effectively.

We understand that every law firm is different. That’s why we place a huge amount of emphasis on thoroughly analyzing your business.

We do this to ensure we provide you with the best strategies in line with the SEO objectives you wish to receive. It’s because of this that we are the best SEO service provider for law firms.

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