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Law Firm SEO Services

Implementing law firm SEO services into an online platform provides you with the ability to bring more traffic to your website. Our experienced and professional team of marketing specialists follow our specially-designed processes of determining your ideal clientele and objectives within your law firm to come up with effective SEO marketing strategies that meet these specifications.

It doesn’t matter if you want to rank as the go-to law firm in your specific area or establish your law firm as specializing in a particular, we hold the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a specialized SEO marketing campaign that helps you achieve these goals.

How Can a Law Firm SEO Marketing Agency Help You Grow Your Law Practice?

 Most of the population receive their daily dose of information online. In addition to this, 97 percent of these individuals choose to use search engines when searching for legal aid. Due to this, law firms may want to have a website that appears first when someone searches for legal advice on the internet.

 How is this top suggestion generated? Investing in law firm SEO services provides users with a way of increasing website visibility by incorporating certain search engine optimization-related practices.

Law firm SEO services are going to determine which keywords you should incorporate into your content. Combining these keywords in your content allows you to optimize your law firm’s website for potential clientele.

Research has shown that more than 80 percent of people use online maps as a method of locating local law practices. Due to this, SEO services for law firms ensure that your law firm’s website is placed above your competitors on these online map searches.

Thereby, in many cases, law firm SEO services hold the ability to reduce your competition while giving your law firm an ‘edge’ over other practices. We have the expertise to assist you in reaching these goals of increasing website traffic, gaining more and quality leads, enhancing brand awareness, bettering website visibility, as well as improving your revenue. Not to mention, our law firm SEO services offer custom solutions that increase your search result rankings and help you attract your targeted audiences.

Our Law Firm SEO Services

 We offer a wide array of SEO services that are specifically catered to law firms. Here are some of the top few services we provide to law firms:

Site Audit

 One of the first services we provide in our law firm SEO services is a site audit, which involves getting well-acquainted with your law firm’s website and business. Our goal in offering this site audit is to critically analyze the specific prospects you want to target, as well as the objectives you wish to accomplish.

Our professional on-site SEO expert conducts a site audit on your online website to fully understand your law firm’s website’s current state. After doing this, our SEO expert is going to map all of your content and analyze your use of keywords.

In doing this, we’re able to identify your law firm’s website’s strengths and weaknesses. Thus, allowing us to create the best SEO marketing strategy for your law firm.

Strategies and Goals

 After thoroughly conducting a site audit, we’re going to summarize all of our collected findings. This is going to help us build a customized SEO strategy for your law firm. The goal of this is to provide a strategy that’s going to develop a site that’s search engine optimized.

After this strategy’s successful implementation, your site is going to hold the ability to overtake your competitors as a result of the relevant keywords being used that align with what clients most search for when looking for legal advice.


 This step involves preparing and ensuring your website is ready for the increased traffic it’s about to receive. We partner with a specialized team to incorporate software, as well as other features, as a way to track analytics. This helps provide a check on the amount of success being gained from this SEO strategy being used.

On-Page Initial Execution

 The process of optimization begins with on-site strategies. We start this process by cleaning up your website’s structure, mapping, and code.

We make use of commonly searched and relevant keywords and implement these into the content we create for your website as a method of bringing high-value features into your site’s content. This informative and relevant content aids in attracting your targeted audience.

Off-Page Continuous Optimization

 Law firm SEO marketing is a specialized process that requires constant monitoring and updating. Doing this ensures that the content available on your site is up-to-date. This is important as all of the search engine requirements are forever changing.

We’re able to offer this constant updating, monitoring, and optimizing through strategy changing, blogging, ongoing keyword research, and backlink building. All of this helps us provide you with an optimum result.

The Main Benefits of Using Our Law Firm SEO Services

 You gain a number of benefits from partnering with us as your law firm SEO service provider. These are the main advantages:

Your Law Firm’s Website Is Placed in the Top Rankings

 Your law firm’s website ranking is on the first page of all the major search engines. These include Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We ensure that our clients remain in these top listings as a method of attracting maximum traffic.

Control of Your Leads is in Your Hands

 Our effective law firm SEO services practice in-depth keyword research to ensure that your site appears in the searches made by qualifying leads who are needed your legal services.

It Increases Site Traffic and Helps Achieve Long-Term Benefits

 Your law firm is going to be one of the first suggestions that clients see when looking for legal representation when implementing the law firm SEO strategies that are generated by us. As a result of this, your law firm’s website is going to get increased traffic as your brand awareness increases. The long-term outcome of this is that your firm’s SEO strength is going to grow and constantly win against your competitors.

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