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What Is the Best Free Website Traffic Checker Tool?

Half of all local business websites attract less than 500 visits each month.

A recent marketing strategy survey found that 13% of businesses receive 100 views or less. Traffic sources see 37% of visitors enter the link directly while 50% come from organic search. The average local site receives 2.17 pages per session.

Do you know what traffic your website receives? Or how many visitors go to your competitor’s brand?

This article helps you find out by highlighting the best free website traffic checker tools online.

Read on to discover the essential metrics you need to measure. Learn how to check competitor traffic and keyword searches.

Then see which free tool offers the best service to drive more visitors to your site.

What Is a Website Traffic Checker Tool?

A website traffic checker lets you analyze how many people visit a website and how they got there.

These tools should form part of your strategy to help gain and convert traffic to your site. They identify techniques that work and those that don’t.

For example, if you’re a lawyer in the San Francisco Bay area, you want to know how many people visit attorney sites in your area and why.

Using the free website traffic checker tools in this article, you can see exactly how many views they had. You can identify how long the visitor stayed and if they used a mobile device. Referral information like search, social, and advertising is also included in the statistics.

Comparing this data with your own website traffic statistics will guide you on your future marketing strategy.

Essential Metrics to Measure

Many of the tools listed below offer a wealth of useful data. Here are 5 essential metrics that make the top offerings stand out from the pack.

1. Total Monthly Visits

A ‘visit’ is defined as a single browsing session.

That differs from ‘page views’ which count the number of times a page gets viewed or refreshed. ‘Unique visitors’ measures the visits within a specific time period. Multiple visits from the same source only get counted once.

Therefore, total visits include all browsing sessions over the previous thirty days.

2. Keyword Searches

Keywords are the search phrases visitors type into Google and other search engines. They play a key role in creating content as they identify what users want to consume on your site.

The checker tools list the top keywords used and their sources.

They also break down if the referral was organic, like Google Search, or a paid ad, like pay-per-click. Some even estimate how much money the site spent on keyword advertising.

3. Top Pages

Knowing what pages users visit can improve your marketing strategy by adding similar content. If specific landing pages attract more traffic, then you could create additional pages on the same theme.

Investigating your competitors’ top pages lets you see what works on their site. Copy that success to promote your own brand more effectively.

4. Geographic Distribution

Where in the world does your traffic come from?

Many of these tools create an interactive map to show the geographic distribution of inbound traffic. You can then compare global results with local visits which can lead to promoting your business internationally.

5. Bounce Rates

Visitors that leave within seconds produce high bounce rates. This indicates that the content isn’t what they expected or that it didn’t appeal to them.

Combine this with keyword research to discover potential problems and then fix them.

Best Free Website Traffic Checker Tools

Now you know what metrics to look for and what each does, it’s time to view them!

We’ve gathered together some of the best free website traffic checker tools available below. Some are completely free to use while others have limits in place or offer a free trial period.

We assess each tool’s features and the benefits they can bring to your business.

SEMrush Marketing Strategy Tools

SEMrush is a leading website data analysis provider that offers 40+ digital marketing tools.

Apart from keyword research and on-site SEO, SEMrush provides unparalleled competitor analysis. This particular toolkit includes:

  • Website traffic overview
  • Audience insights
  • Traffic journey
  • Top pages
  • Subdomains
  • Geo distribution
  • Bulk web traffic analysis

The free trial lets you explore all of the site’s features. And although SEMrush pricing may seem steep, the results will more than cover the cost.

Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner

Do you use Google Analytics to track the traffic on your own website? If not, create an account then add the code to each page to take advantage of this free service.

Google also lets you analyze search phrase usage via its Keyword Planner Tool.

It’s designed to work with the Google Ad network but you can use it for your own SEO strategy. The tool also displays relevant alternatives and you can build a list of keywords that actively work.

The HOTH Website Traffic Checker

The HOTH offers a range of marketing services to their clients but provides this tool for anyone to use.

The free website traffic checker tool lets you estimate traffic and other statistics for up to 20 URLs at once. Data incorporates organic traffic sources, ad costs, and keyword count.

You’ll need to add your email address to receive the results but can unsubscribe from their newsletter at any time if you wish.

Similarweb SEO Solution

Similarweb offers a comprehensive guide to millions of website pages including:

  • Global, country, and category ranking
  • Average visit duration
  • Traffic sources including geo-distribution
  • Referral break-downs

The free option produces 5 results per metric. You also get one month of mobile app data and three months of web traffic data.

Award-Winning SEO Service in the San Francisco Bay Area

Using these free website traffic checker tools gives you insight into your own site’s performance. And your competitors’.

You’re able to track where users came from and the keyword searches they used. By identifying the top pages visited, you can recreate that success and attract more traffic.

The SEMrush toolset provides the best results and we recommend their free trial.

As award-winning SEO experts, we know how to drive new visitors to your site. And more importantly, convert them into paying customers.

Contact us today to learn more about Google Ads, PPC management, SEO, and digital marketing.

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