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By - Craig Mullins

Law Firm SEO – Search Engine Optimization For Attorneys

It’s the era of online business, which means a scramble for first-page browser rankings among law firms. Use these law firm SEO tips to stand out.

You’ve started your own law firm? Looking to upgrade your current online business capability? Well, as an attorney – law firm SEO plays a big part in your visibility and reputation in this digital age.

In most cases, your online presence precedes your real-life reputation – so it is important to purpose an image that you would like to have.

With law firm SEO – you are able to bring your website and brand to the first pages of a search engine, in order to increase your conversions and click-throughs.

Keep reading to find out some simple ways you can improve your SEO now!

Law Firm SEO
Law Firm SEO

Data Is Everything

Listen, most people don’t even think about SEO, you’re already well on your way to securing your positional success. You’re forward-thinking and moderately tech advanced, so you must know that data is everything.

Whether you are building a new website or revising your current one – data should be collected ASAP. You will need data to target, and counteract the search activities.

Make sure to get your Google Analytics set up. It’s terribly easy, so don’t get overwhelmed.

You can start with Google Tag Manager, which helps show which posts attract the most traffic. And connecting your Google Analytics to the tag manager will help you track user behavior.

Set some filtration goals on your Analytics dashboard. Create a focus on form completion, newsletter signups, phone calls, or messages. Track these from the beginning to see your current conversion rates.

Don’t forget to connect to Google Search Console, which is used to crawl your website and determine outbound/inbound links, and keyword queries.

These are some basic ways to collect information, however, there are plenty of other modern technologies to use for the purpose of data collection.

Mobile Precedes Desktop

In 2020, Google will be indexing mobile-first. Not to mention, the other metric determinations, which are based on the mobile usability of your website.

Having a website that is completely mobile-responsive, in terms of speed, layout, device viewports, graphics, fonts, plugins, and themes – will separate you from the rest of the attorney websites. Most people completely neglect the mobile aspect of the internet.

By having your mobile version appropriately set up, Google will index your website and rank it accordingly. So spend an equal, if not an overbearing amount of time on your mobile website.

Nowadays, everybody uses their phone for most things – so you might as well make it easy for them.

Conversions Are Your Metric

Each business has a metric that befits their needs. For example, an affiliate website is most interested in click-throughs and traffic. And as an attorney, you will need conversions – making visitors into clients.

Law firm SEO focuses on conversions, so should you. You want your customers to get in touch, ask questions, schedule appointments.

In order to do so, you can implement:

  • Web Copy with targeted verbiage (headers, footers, global pages)
  • Simple to use contact forms/pages
  • Having call-to-actions in each piece of content (Naturally placed)
  • Chatbot or live chat
  • Capture pop-ups (suggest connection or appointment)

Once again, as a law firm – you deal in real-life interactions most likely. Unless you are an entirely online law firm.

For the sake of argument, you are not – so conversions should always be the primary concern for your SEO efforts. Make sure to consult, determine, and analyze all of your decisions and the direct implication they have on conversion rates.

And by doing so, you will secure your organic position and help possible clients become assured in your quality of service.

Collect Positive Reviews From Clients and Colleagues

The biggest issues in law firm SEO stem from using fake reviews and black hatting their way to success.

You should strive to acquire positive online reviews from past clients, and mitigate negative reviews as if you actually care for your image. Online reputation management is extremely important for attorneys and Lawyer SEO.

Having a great SEO software can help you easily post, organize, and recommend your content, based on peer review on the largest platforms. Not to mention, that having direct control over reviews on Avvo, Facebook, Google, and Yelp – will prevent and upset not knowing what’s being said behind your back.

Law firm marketers don’t have legal backgrounds, and they severely lack the understanding – making you get in trouble with your attorney seo work.

Here are some things that can go wrong:

  • The marketer creates fake positive reviews
  • The marketer creates negatives reviews for competitors
  • The marketer changes reviews in spelling and grammar, changing the meaning
  • The marketer solicits reviews, causing a negative outreach
  • The marketer creates a markup rating on your site, which doesn’t meet your reputation

The reputation is yours, therefore – it is important for you to become responsible for it. Nobody else. You manage and cultivate your image with lawyer seo marketing.

And the beauty of doing yourself is that it is simple. Have access to all of the accounts and check in regularly. Or use software that connects all of your accounts in a single dashboard.

Cultivate Your Social Media

The work of an attorney is social, to say the least. Social media plays a big role in law firm success, especially if you are a small firm working on your attorney seo marketing.

However, you must approach social media strategically, like any other part of the law firm SEO.

Your social media should not replace your website and enterprise, it should supplement and empower your image further on the internet.

Not to mention, that having social media helps you improve your brand presence while increasing your visibility to potential clients. Also, social media allows you to send directed AD campaigns, and connect with people on the basis of relevance.

Make sure that you have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s enough to get you started or you can always use our seo services for lawyers.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you are a singular attorney, you should retain a singular social media presence. Use your personal accounts, as it adds a human element to your firm – making it easier to share and communicate online.

Direct social media marketing will not get you business, so don’t shell out on social campaigns. However, you should announce any new posts on your website. They help spread and bind interesting content on various channels.

If people decide to share it, you get a link back on the premise of value, which creates lasting results for your search engine optimization for lawyers.

How Long Does Law Firm Seo Take?

Many people get stuck in the thought of SEO duration. SEO is an on-going process with accumulative results. The time it takes for the efforts to pay off is stringent on the effort and resources you had used to implement the strategies in your search engine optimization for attorneys.

Using a proactive and strategic SEO approach, with a genuine lack of bad SEO practices – you can look to gain traction and big conversions within two to three months.

However, some firms that are very successful waited longer and the patient certainly paid off.

There are so many things that affect the duration of appropriate law firm SEO results. For example:

  • The quantity of unique content.
  • The quality of your unique content.
  • The structure and layout of your website.
  • The format and design features of the content.
  • The individuality of your content.
  • Accessibility and simplicity of the website.
  • Your direct market competition.
  • Geographic and demographic targeting efforts.
  • Whitehat or blackhat approaches to previous SEO efforts.

In any case, in order to create a powerful and consistent web presence, organic law firm SEO takes some time. Attorneys who have the ability to be patient, and not fall for a quick solution – will remain the winners of the long race.

Law Firm SEO Done Slowly, but Surely

Now that we have covered the most impact-potent methods and implications of such methods on law firm SEO. You are well on your way to securing your reputation, web presence, and brand while developing a sustainable flow of interactivity with potential clients.

Remember that this is just a general overview, and law firm SEO extends so much further than the approaches outlined in this article. Nonetheless, remember that even though SEO takes time – in the end, it is up to you to determine how effective your efforts will be.

By taking a proactive approach, seeking out clean and organic ways to acquire links back to your website, positive reviews, and structure design choices – you will secure an effective SEO journey map.

And this is very valuable. Google loves a clean track record, so pick your battles. Interact with positivity, and abolish the negativity with appropriate non-emotive responsivity.

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